How to Help your Child Find Pleasure in Feeding through a Secure Attachment Style (FEEDING)

How to Help your Child Find Pleasure in Feedi...

How do you not go nuts when your child is losing their bananas? (MOM LIFE)

Patience can be so hard. Day in and day out our children say mean things to us, ask us to feed them a specific food but then do not eat any of it, make a mess without cleaning up, or talk back to us. How do you not go nuts when your child is losing their bananas? Let's discuss. W ...   Show more

Colic or Persistent, Frequent Crying in Babies (FEEDING)

I want to provide a better definition of colic when it comes to your baby. Let us break colic down into a definition like the following. First, colic is prolonged, frequent, and persistent crying of a specific character in an otherwise healthy infant (baby).  Second, colic is an ...   Show more

What is your parental feeding style? (FEEDING)

When most of us go into parenting, we have a very specific goal in mind: not to irrevocable screw up our children. There’s no perfect way to parent, but parents tend to fall into four different types of parenting: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved. I gave y ...   Show more

ADHD, Autism, and Allergies - Are They Linked? (FOOD ALLERGIES)

Researchers say that they have found a link between ADHD, autism, and allergies - especially food allergies. Some people link this to the role of mast cells, macrophages,and other immune cells. I want to discuss that controversial topic further. If your young child has food aller ...   Show more

Workplace Bullying When You Need to be There for Your Child (MOM LIFE)

Workplace bullying is on the rise, and one of the groups most likely to be bullied is parents who need to also be present for their children. When you have a demanding child and a child with special needs, food allergies, or significant feeding challenges, you may face bullying. ...   Show more

Your Baby Skin Care Routine and Why Your Child Has Sensitive Skin (FOOD ALLERGIES)

Children with food allergies, picky eaters who drool, and babies with feeding tubes are prone to rashes. Today I bring on a dermatologist to talk all about what you can do about your baby's rashes and share some interesting tidbits. We talk about sensitive skin even in the contex ...   Show more

Epinephrine or Epipen (FOOD ALLERGIES)

Want to know the ins and out of the medication epinephrine? It's used for IgE mediated food allergic reaction. It's also known as adrenaline and is produced naturally by the body when a bear is chasing you. Listen to useful tidbits all about the epinephrine that might have been p ...   Show more

The Link Between Acid Reflux and Food Allergies like FPIES When it Comes to Vomiting (FOOD ALLERGIES))

Both food allergies and reflux in babies can be associated with vomiting. However, some people say that food allergies and reflux are not related. A more accurate statement is that the vomiting in these conditions can be due to different mechanisms. Let's discuss more about this ...   Show more

Trust Your Intuition as a Parent and Here is Why (MOM LIFE)

Parental intuition is real. It can be a good idea to trust your intuition as a parent, and here is why. What's the scientific explanation behind intuition, and how can it really help you to parent your child?  

Five Love Languages in Children and How They can be Used to Motivate (FEEDING)

Let's talk about your child's five love languages. Let's define the way that your child most wants to receive love from you. As parents or as mothers whose children have challenges around food or feeding, I also want to discuss how a child that feels loved may be more amenable to ...   Show more

When Parents Get Bullied for Having Children with Special Needs (MOM LIFE)

Caregivers of children with food allergies, feeding challenges, or other special needs get bullied. Find out how.. I surveyed mothers in multiple groups about their experiences with bullying when their children have special needs.  

Facing Defeat - What the Super Bowl has to do with Feeding your Child (FEEDING)

If you ask me what the Super Bowl and American football have to do with feeding and food-related challenges, think food. Lots of it being consumed while watching television for hours and enjoying the game... or the commercials... all of it! There's excitement in the air, and I wi ...   Show more

Eating Meals Together as a Family (FEEDING)

Let's talk about the mealtime table and the importance of a family eating meals together. For some, eating a meal with the family has changed in meaning since COVID-19 started. Regardless of this, there are multiple reasons why families are told to eat together.. You and your chi ...   Show more

The Effects of Food Allergies including FPIES on Feeding (FEEDING)

Your child has food allergies. Does having a food allergy affect mealtime behavior? Are children with food allergies more likely to not like eating, become picky eaters, not want to go to the mealtime table, or show a low appetite?  

What Moms Might Want to Know about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine (MOM LIFE)

Answers to popular questions that moms with young children might find important about the COVID-19 vaccine and COVID-19. Two COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States: Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech. What are some common questions that local moms have about the vacc ...   Show more

When Your Child Eats Slowly (FEEDING)

Your child eats so slowly that you often wonder, "Is there such a thing as a slow eating disorder?" You research the question, "How long should it take for a toddler to eat?" and discover that your child is taking way too long to eat. Your child eats more way more slowly than the ...   Show more

How to Have a More Productive New Year When Your Child Has Food or Feeding Challenges (MOM LIFE)

At the beginning of the year, many of us make New Year's resolutions. Yet many of us don't make it through the whole year while holding on to these resolutions. Life gets in our way. What happens if you have all of these goals for this year, but it is hard to find the time to do ...   Show more

Creating a Community of Other Parents (MOM LIFE)

What happens when your life makes a 180 degree turn? Prior to the birth of your baby, you worked a lot. The people who you saw the most - who made up your community - were the other people with whom you worked. Then your baby is born. Your baby has food allergies, colic, picky ea ...   Show more

Loneliness When Your Child Has Challenges Around Food (MOM LIFE)

Thank you for listening to my 10th episode! In this episode, we discuss the difference between being alone and being lonely. So many new parents feel lonely. In fact, it's been said that parenthood can be a busy time of profound loneliness when you are never alone. We discuss par ...   Show more

What to Do When Your Family Member / Parent Doesn't Get It (MOM LIFE)

You know that your child has a medical diagnosis, a food allergy, FPIES, picky eating, or some other concerns around food. You try your best to help your child, and it feels like an uphill battle. You believe that your parent or other family member is trying to sabotage your effo ...   Show more

How Different Personality Types Respond to Stressful Situations including Significant Weight Loss in a Baby (MOM LIFE)

How does your personality type affect your ability to handle stressful situations? What if you just left the hospital with your newborn baby and had difficulty with breastfeeding? What if the baby's doctor checked your baby's weight at the medical visit that happens right after l ...   Show more

Lactation Consultant Visits in the Hospital (FEEDING)

What happens when a mother gives birth to her baby and has difficulty with breast feeding? She may have the opportunity to see a lactation consultant in the hospital, but those visits might not go as planned. In today's episode, we explore the importance of lactation consultant v ...   Show more

Complications of Too Much Weight Loss in a Breastfed Newborn (FEEDING)

If your newborn says that your baby has lost too much birth weight, is the doctor right? What's considered to be "too much" weight loss? Why does weight loss in breastfed babies happen? What are the some of the medical complications of weight loss in babies?  

Weight Loss in Breastfed Newborn and Your Reaction (FEEDING)

What would you do if you just gave birth and were discharged from the hospital with breast feeding difficulties? Within a few days of discharge, you visit the baby's doctor who seems concerned about the baby's weight loss. You are told that unless the baby starts gaining weight w ...   Show more

How to Solve Medication Refusal (FEEDING)

Your child really needs to take a medication. You are keenly aware of what might happen if your child does not take the medication. However, your child just plainly refuses the medicine. What are you to do? How do you get a child to take a medicine when they do not want to? I wil ...   Show more

Doctor Internet but Limited Insight (MOM LIFE)

Let's say that you have read tons of research papers about a specific medical diagnosis. You have gone to various websites that you believe are factually accurate and have compiled a list of research articles. You have read like there's no tomorrow. Now what? Are you good when it ...   Show more

Doctor Internet and Misinformation: Which Websites Might Be Better (MOM LIFE)

Many of us use the internet all day long. I'm sure that many of us have tried to find all kinds of information through Wikipedia and other medical websites. The internet seems so exhaustive. The information is right there, but it might not be correct. What should we be using inst ...   Show more

Your Fearful Brain and Your Child's Concerns (MOM LIFE)

What I want you to focus on is fear. Here are some quotes from fear. This is fear of talking. Fear says, “What if there is not much more that you're able to do? What if the rest of the feeding therapy appointments will go poorly? No matter what you do, this fearful voice is going ...   Show more

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