Rock me, Amadeus! s2. episode 16.

Rock me, Amadeus! s2. episode 16.

The Losening. s2. episode 20.

Things feeling weirder and weirder as things get back to normaler and normaler but the two try to suss out confusing mask mandates and dish on celebrity culture!   

Resolutions. s2. episode 19.

The duo share the conclusion to the previous episode's dilemma! They also talk about medical tests with strangers and predictable opinions about unwarranted back rubs. Get the best official podcast merchandise EVER at! Love y'all!  

Watch-along: MALICE *bonus content*

Hey y'aaaaaalllllll!! Our watchalong to the 1993 film MALICE is well-intentioned and absent of malice! Find the movie  (we found it on HBOmax at the time of this publishing), sync it up to our voices/instructions and watch a thriller with hot movie stars in it along with Jan ...   Show more

JERRY. s2. episode 18.

Jerry came into our lives. Then, swiftly left.   

The Hustle Muscle. s2. episode 17.

Paul talks about his appearance on the brand new Peacock original comedy series RUTHERFORD FALLS. Janie reminisces about talking her way onto studio lots. And the duo keep their meandering conversation going...and going...Check out their CUTE official STAY F. HOMEKINS podcast mer ...   Show more

Audition Passover. s2.episode 15.

Satan himself tries to make us do things. Paul discusses his cult joining requirements. Janie is ready to resist joining any cult.   

Hate Buckets. s2. episode 14.

Janie talks about school daze. Paul rails against free free speech but not free speech. And the duo wax poetic over the City of Angels.   

Breaking Bad. s2. episode 13.

Janie's lost her mind. Paul keeps things on track? Together, they Homekins OUT! New sweatshirt announcement at   

Happy (?) Anniversary. s2. episode 12.

This is kinda a heavy episode. Welcome to 2021! BUT  there is some talk about NORBITT. Happy paper anniversary, Homekins!   

Watch-along: REVERSAL OF FORTUNE *bonus content*

Hey y'aaaaaalllllll!! "You have no idea" how FUN our watchalong is to the 1990 film REVERSAL OF FORTUNE! Find the film (we found it on HBOmax at the time of this publishing), sync it up to our voices/instructions and watch Dersh brainstorm away with Janie & Paul in your livi ...   Show more


Questions begin on the future of THIS PODCAST. Paul grapples with his younger self. Janie grapples with Armie Hammer. And the two may just feel....optimism?   

TriKidTory. s2. episode 10.

Janie & Paul discuss their childhood nannies. (spoiler alert: It was television). They reminisce about travel and ponder if they will ever end this podcast? (spoiler alert: They hope so!)  

Our Worst Episode. s2. episode 9.

Escape with a Pina Colada with Paul and Janie! Janie remembers a horrific news story. Paul receives a grocery delivery. And the two opine on Allen v Farrow with ZERO NEW INSIGHT!  

All Failures Are Spooky. s2. episode 8.

P&J remember a dispiriting  casino. The duo send Texas much love while wishing for wrinkle placenta, and recommendations this week include things that haven't even been released yet!   

A Rat Whistle. s2. episode 7.

An update from the squirrel bench! Plus the two find where pop and political culture merge. Recommendations and singing!  

Pugs Need Help. s2. episode 6.

Paul finds new dog friends. Janie learns new methods of getting ahead in Hollywood. And the duo continue chipping away at the pandemic wall with a sharpened spoon they hide in the air ducts.   

I'm From Offensive. Season 2. episode 5.

Paul and Janie romanticize Hollywood. Paul hits his pandemic wall and Janie tries to hold the duality of hope and despair.   

The Horse & The Whale. s2. episode 4.

Some Se7en talk. Hawaii is discussed. Other things, too. And then recs!   

Cuge. Season 2. episode 3.

PFT shares his kink. Janie makes sure they still recycle. And the two parse imaginary comedy incomes.   

CuCoup. s2. episode 2.

This week's been an emotional roller coaster. Paul reminisces about loss. Janie rants about extremism! The duo are DEFINITELY buzzed on this one. Better Help Chef Spoon ...   Show more

MmmHmm. s2. episode 1.

Paul learns Janie has the 'second sight.' Janie learns maybe it is just the second time she's said something, and the two ring in 2021 with appropriate trepidation.   

And He Was Evil. episode 41.

Janie solves The Black Dahlia Murder. Paul bids adieu to a certain fatigue. And the duo wish ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Check out for our official podcast merchandise!Episode sponsors and promo ...   Show more

Watch-along: IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE *bonus content*

Stream the Christmas-y film IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and sync up the audio of this 'episode' to watch the movie along with Janie & Paul! It will be like having us in your living room, without having to buy us any gifts or share your Weekend Water! SPOILER: Bells figur ...   Show more

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. episode 40.

The two toot their top ten horn. Paul reminisces about being taken down a peg. Janie ponders her shortcomings. They prepare for Christmas a week away. Brought to you by Usual Wines, visit and use our promo code: STAYFHOMEKINSOfficial STAY F. HOMEKINS merchandis ...   Show more

All That Jazz. episode 39.

We're exhausted, and we did it anyway! Plus, we announce four lucky winners of the Kin Ship Goods + Stay F. Homekins Holiday Instagram Giveaway!   

Instrumation. episode 38.

The couple describe their Christmas decorating nightmare. Paul remembers Hugh Jackman. Janie remembers a reader. And together, they announce an exciting giveaway with Instagram through @KinShipGoods at @StayFHomekins!  

Two Tears in a Bucket. episode 37.

Janie's in a surly mood. PFT recounts some of his standup adventures. And the duo get ready for Christmas in a 2020 world. Visit for our official podcast merchandise!!  

Watch-along: URBAN COWBOY *bonus content*

Stream the film URBAN COWBOY and sync up the audio of this 'episode' to watch the movie along with Janie & Paul! It will be like having us in your living room, without having to feed us snacks or share your weekend water! URBAN COWBOY is 40 years old this year! Be safe ...   Show more

We're Doin'...WE? episode 36.

Are you Down to Crown? We discuss auditions and try to muster some gumption for holidays 2020 style. Official podcast merchandise available at  

Bud Light. episode 35.

Cohen, Covid, Christmas and Country.   

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