Narration of a short story: Because

Narration of a short story: Because

A tri-alogue on Polyamory

In this segment, I invite some of my faves to talk about Polyamory and why it may (or may not) be an interesting alternative to Monogamy within certain circles in this part of the world.  

A chat on self-esteem

In this episode, I talk about self esteem issues with my sister; the possible reasons for low self esteem and the possible ways to address it.  

Narration of a Short Story: Gone Girl

In this episode, I narrate the story of a lover who's contemplating leaving her lover, as she concludes that there is nothing simple about goodbyes.  

The idea of musing: the muse and the mused

In this episode, I talk about the idea of wanting or expecting to be a muse to an artistic significant other.  

My book and related shenanigans

It's my birthday tomorrow, guys! So, in this episode, I talk about my book, Birdsong, which I gifted myself during my birthday last year. This year, I am sharing the magic with you by giving out free copies. I also read some of my favorites from the book and talk about the inspir ...   Show more

Sometimes, it's just hard to keep up

I have been away for almost a month! Life happens in ways we don't expect sometimes. And in this episode, I talk about my standing struggle with consistency in my creative life. Please share your thoughts with me if you can!  

Musings on mixed signals and the long winding journey to love and happily ever afters

In this episode, I share some past experiences with mixed signals and my most vulnerable moments in the quest for love.  

Valentine tips and other shenanigans

In this episode, I talk about the scare of the virtual world invading our private lives and I also share my thoughts around valentine and gifting during the season.  

Say you don't know when you really don't know. Na one dey we go learn new thing.

In this episode I talk about the many times I had failed to speak up about not knowing something, and ended up saying things that sounded stupid. We learn everyday and not knowing is not a bad thing.  

Random banter and thoughts on the stingy people's association

This week's banter is light. I bring you some random cool gist of what happened to me over the weekend and what I think about my fellow citizens that have sworn to stinginess for the rest of their lives.  

Letters to me and you: Reflections and mid-life quizzing sessions of a twenty-something year old

This episode moves away from boy girl relationships to a self reflection and introspection; highlighting the less fancy dilemmas that a lot of us face when we are not bothered about who we wish to be spending the rest of our lives with. Other than our own selves, of course.  

For all my 'God when' friends

This is a short episode! To wish you compliments of the holidays and send a quick reminder your way.  

The place of money in relationships: say no to entitled folks!

In this episode, I talk about the sense of entitlement people often feel in relationships and the concept of paying your partner monthly stipends.  

Physical/ sexual attraction: Can you love his/her tired?

In this episode, I talk about why I think sexual attraction is just as important as physical attraction.  

The concept of trust in romantic relationships

This episode discusses the reasons why most people have trust issues in their romantic relationships and explores practical steps to surmounting them.  

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