Bridging the Military and Civilian Divide

Bridging the Military and Civilian Divide

Power of Perception W/ Police Chief Matt Brown

Matt Brown has been in spent 20 plus years in Law Enforcement. His time has given him an amazing ability to look at all perspectives, apply it  to community relations and  leadership. In this episode Matt talks about how his pursuit of being a life-long learner and the service of ...   Show more

The 15-Year-Old Crime Reporter

Colin Scroggins is a Crime Reporter for the CNAW Eyewitness News, covering crime in the Chattahoochee Valley. If that is not impressive enough, he is 15 years old. He has amassed a large following for his ability to report on the scene and taking feedback from the community. Incr ...   Show more

Mentorship and Perspective W/UW ROTC

In this episode we talk with LTC Miller and Cadet Rosenthol from University of Washington in Seattle. We have a dialogue about leadership from the Junior Officer, Senior Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer. A multi-faceted episode with some great perspectives about how to build ...   Show more

The One and Only Jax Scott

Jax defines the phrase burning the wick at both ends. From Podcasts, Blogs, Cyber Security in and out of uniform. She is making a huge impact in a lot of arenas. We were fortunate enough to get some of her time to talk about mentorship, business and Cyber Security. A wealth of kn ...   Show more

The Italian Chef Philosopher

Lucas Migliorelli is an Italian Chef that travels and impacts people around the world. Him talking about his life, journey and lessons learned is incredibly insightful. He has found a gap and moved to fill it, finding a niche that has allowed himself and others to thrive. Towards ...   Show more

Your Passion is Worth It

Brent and Tracey Shaw have an amazing story. He was a Police Officer, she was a Real Estate Agent and investor. After the market crash in 2008 they knew something had to change. They found themselves leading thousands and paving a way neither of them ever expected. Amazing leader ...   Show more

Naked and Unafraid part 2

In part 2 Chad Jenkins serves as the host and we walk through my life. We deep dive on it all, the good, bad and ugly. This is for two purposes; to inspire others to do the same with people they trust. Also, to show that transparency is the key to connection. Leaders need to do t ...   Show more

Naked and Unafraid part 1

In part 1 of 2 episodes Chad Jenkins serves as the host and we walk through my life. We deep dive on it all, the good, bad and ugly. This is for two purposes; to inspire others to do the same with people they trust. Also, to show that transparency is the key to connection. Leader ...   Show more

Trauma, Veteran's Hill and Living with it all W/ Chad Jenkins

Chad Jenkins is a leader we should all strive to be, humble, intelligent and inclusive.  In this episode we talk about success he's had and some of the realist talk we've had so far on AIP. This episode is the one that we all need to hear, if we don't realize and d ...   Show more

Live Life on the Offense with Jay Tiegs

In this episode we talk with Jay Tiegs, a CPT in the United States Army.  We discuss leadership and how to take life head on. A very insightful leader full of energy it’s no surprise he has a thriving coaching and consulting business. Jay is also part of a program called 75 Hard ...   Show more

Founder of From the Green Notebook, Joe Bryerly

Joe Bryerly is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army and also the founder of From the Green Notebook. A blog/forum where leaders from across the world share leadership lessons, experiences and tips. An innovative leader and entrepuner this episode is a treasure trove of ...   Show more

Strategic Foresight w/ Matt Thompson

Matt is the definition of success, accomplishing a ton in his life and he is still moving forward in big ways. In this episode he talks about how his life has shaped his mentality and work ethic. Working through adversity has strengthened his desire and given him purpose. Also he ...   Show more

My mate from Australia, Ben Horton

Ben Horton is the founder of Ironside Coffee and podcast, also a former veteran himself. In this episode we talk about successes, failure and how to take feedback as a leader. Incredibly intelligent, Ben provides insights all of us can learn from. I'm huge fan of his company ...   Show more

Keep Climbing/ RIP Matt, We will miss you

Matt Nyman is a man that you will stand in awe of , his accomplishments prior to his injury are amazing such as being a Ranger, SFOD operator. He worked on cyber-security with American Family and with a veterans group that summits the worlds highest mountains,  Adaptive Grand Sla ...   Show more


Will Dinwiddie (UltraBeast) is a man that has competed at Strongman, Arm-wrestling, MMA and even Ultra-Marathons. His ability to push through adversity, injuries and self-doubt is inspiring. In this episode we unpack his mentality, drive and deep-rooting desire to help people. Hi ...   Show more

No Road Map to Success W/ Eric Gordon

In this Episode we talk with Eric Gordon. He talks about his life and how there has been multiple audibles called throughout. He highlights the mistakes made and what he has learned from them. we talk about some of the issues plaguing our country and what each one of us can do to ...   Show more

Martin Luther King Jr Message

Quick episode about today and the power of words.   

Trust Yourself w/ Steve Corcoran

In this episode we talk with Steve Corcoran, my father in law. His travels of the world, mistakes made and opportunities seized. He truly is one of the most interesting people in the world. A fun and educational episode. Hope you enjoy!   

Kaffee Klatsch w/Mike Hefti

Army Major Mike Hefti is one of the best officers in the business. This conversation is packed with tons of tips on how to stay at the top of your game. He has managed organizations with 4,500 people. His experience isn't just in the military as he has time in Law Enforcemen ...   Show more

We must Thrive with Daren Koehler

In this Episode Michael Burke talks with Daren Koehler a resiliency expert and coach. Talking about connection, the challenges it develops and what we all need to do to be a little better. Great episode to get this journey started. Hope everyone loves listening to Daren as much a ...   Show more

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