Jolt 73: Awe Inspiring Moments-Unique Creators

Jolt 73: Awe Inspiring Moments-Unique Creator...

Jolt 75: Awe Inspiring Moments-Collaborative Creativity

Sarah reflects upon her conversation with Barbara Gruener from episode 120 and the power of collaborating in creativity. Connect with Barbara: Barbara's Website Barbara on Twitter Episode 21: In AWE of Barbara Gruener-Motherhood Series Sarah Johnson: Sarah's Website Sarah on Twit ...   Show more

Episode 120: In AWE of Barbara Gruener-Creator Series

Author of The Corner on Character blog and the book, What's Under Your Cape?, Barbara Gruener is a beloved school counselor, speaker, mentor and coach who works passionately to influence school culture and climate change while helping to foster healthy habits and nurture caring c ...   Show more

Jolt 74: Awe Inspiring Moments-Sharing Creations

Sarah reflects on her conversation with Nichole "Nicki" Burton and shares a message meant to inspire you to consider how you can take what is creative and unique inside you and share it with others. Connect with Nichole: Nicki's Website: Kincs By Nicki Kincs By Nicki on Facebook ...   Show more

Episode 119: In AWE of Nichole "Nicki" Burton Creator Series

At the age of five, Kincs by Nicki, Founder and Designer Nichole “Nicki” Burton began her journey as an artist. A Columbus, Ohio native; Burton is a self-taught artist and designer who has turned her passion for drawing and painting into a sustainable enterprise. Burton’s creativ ...   Show more

Episode 118: In AWE of Lindsay May--Creator Series

Lindsay is the founder of The Truly Co and publisher of Truly magazine, a print publication that shares the truth of the Gospel, encouragement, and faith stories. She is a speaker, teacher, and writer and holds a Master's degree in Strategic Leadership. Based in the Minneapolis, ...   Show more

Jolt 72: Awe Inspiring Moments-Protective Factors and Thriving

Sarah reflects upon her interview with Dr. Michele Borba and the THRIVERS model she shared. In reflection, Sarah illustrates the power of protective factors to mitigate generational trauma and connects to a personal story from her own family. Her call to action is to review your ...   Show more

Episode 117: In AWE of Dr. Michele Borba-Creators Series

Michele Borba, Ed.D. is an internationally renowned educator, award-winning author, and parenting child expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children’s character, resilience, and reduce peer cruelty. A sought-after motivational speaker, she has spoken ...   Show more

Jolt 71: Awe Inspiring Moments-Courage to Release and Take Action

Sarah shares her reflection on the power of Lisa Gaede's message from Episode 116 and reflects upon the impact of our choice to learn to release and take action. #InAWEtoRISE Episode 116: In AWE of Lisa Gaede-Courage Series Episode 46: In Awe of Lisa Gaede-Gratitude Series Sarah ...   Show more

Episode 116: In AWE of Lisa Gaede-Courage Series

Lisa Gaede is a passionate and purposed leader who has learned to use her strengths as her superpowers to serve others. In her new role as business growth strategist for the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, she uses her abilities to encourage others to reach their dreams. Prior to this ...   Show more

Jolt 70: Awe Inspiring Moments-Courage to Trust Your Gut

In this episode, Sarah reflects upon her interview with Emily Nelson in Episode 115, and shares the alignment that Emily's story of courageously trusting herself to make a decision was timely with her own decision to release and embrace in her own life. A main idea is that we nee ...   Show more

Episode 115: In AWE of Emily Nelson-Courage Series

Emily Nelson is a diagnostic imaging assistant at a hospital in Minnesota. She is also a full-time college student, majoring in Pre-Sonography at St. Cloud Technical College. As a young woman who is learning to develop her voice, she is learning new ways of being courageous in he ...   Show more

Jolt 69: Awe-Inspiring Moments-Courage to Release

Sarah shares her plans to release her running streak and embrace healthy nutrition habits as part of her Balance Quadrant goals for the year tied to her #oneword Become and encourages listeners to consider what they may need to release, both good and those things holding them bac ...   Show more

Episode 114: In AWE of Angie Bodzislaw-Courage Series

Angie Bodzislaw is Director at Spooner Memorial Library in Spooner, Wisconsin. She is Vice Chair of WLA’s Wisconsin Small Libraries and serves on the Cooperative Children's Book Center Advisory Board. She earned her MLIS degree from UW-Milwaukee and is a graduate of both Wisconsi ...   Show more

Jolt 68: Awe Inspiring Moments-Courage

Sarah reflects upon the concept of courage and the connection to her interview with Dr. Chaunte Garrett in episode 113. She encourages listeners to consider courageously engaging in self-awareness deeply enough to get to self-love. #InAWEtoRISE --- Send in a voice message: https: ...   Show more

Aspire to Rise Ep. 6: Ashley Duda

As a leader, are you taking on too many projects and responsibilities? If you tell someone you have too much on your plate, do you feel guilty for being transparent? In today’s episode featuring Ashley Duda, Sarah Johnson and Joshua Stamper tackle the topics of setting healthy bo ...   Show more

Episode 113: In AWE of Dr. Chaunté Garrett--Courage Series

Dr. Chaunté Garrett is an instructional leader with building and district level experience in transforming schools. She designed curriculums, developed and implemented instructional initiatives, helped develop district policies promoting teacher quality and student access to oppo ...   Show more

Jolt 67: Awe Inspiring Moments-Timing

Sarah reflects on her interview with Marita Diffenbaugh and the power of perfectly timed interactions on our path. She shares two powerful stories with deep impact on her from a stranger and an acquaintance whose timing was so perfect it was anything but coincidence. #InAWEtoRISE ...   Show more

Episode 112: In Awe of Marita Diffenbaugh

Marita Diffenbaugh believes that hope is a prerequisite for learning and looks for ways to help others see their value, which is why she welcomed the opportunity to write a book through a partnership with Jimmy Casas and Jeff Zoul via ConnectEDD. Her recently published book, L.E. ...   Show more

Jolt 66: AWE Inspiring Moments-Pathfinding Voice

Sarah reflects on Salma Hussein's interview and the message of finding your voice and taking up space. She encourages listeners to consider what might be holding them back from using their voice at all as well as thinking about how they use it if fear is not an issue. #InAWEtoRIS ...   Show more

Episode 111: In AWE of Salma Hussein--Pathfinder Series

Salma Hussein, LICSW, is a Somali American who has called Minnesota home since migrating from Somalia in 1995. She currently serves as an assistant principal at Central Senior High School in Saint Paul. Salma is deeply committed to social justice and is active in the Minnesota co ...   Show more

Jolt 65: AWE Inspiring Moments-Pathfinding Navigating Learning Curves

Sarah reflects upon her conversation with the PrincipalED Crew from Episode 110 about learning curves. She encourages you to consider a time when you have navigated through a learning curve and grown as well as to encourage you to be aware that you are in a curve now. Sarah also ...   Show more

Episode 110: In AWE of PrincipalED Crew--Pathfinder Series

Dr. Rachael George, Kate Barker, and Kourtney Ferrura make up the PrincipalED Crew! With their individual backgrounds as award-winning influential leaders out of Oregon, these ladies team up to bring a powerful message to those navigating their leadership learning curve.  In this ...   Show more

Jolt 64: Awe Inspiring Moments-Pathfinding Defining Conversations

Sarah shares her reflection about a defining conversation in her own life after reflecting upon this month's episode with Dr. Shalise Taylor. She challenges you to think about a conversation of your own and share it with her and the community. #InAWEtoRISE Sarah Johnson: Sarah's ...   Show more

Episode 109: In Awe of Dr. Shalise Taylor--Pathfinder Series

Dr. Shalise Taylor is an educational leader with a passion for equity and culturally responsive practices. She has dedicated her research and work to empowering students to achieve at their highest potential. She was selected as a 2020 ASCD Emerging Leader. Dr. Shalise is current ...   Show more

Jolt 63: Awe Inspiring Moments--Overcoming without Toxic Positivity

Sarah shares a message about resilience without toxic positivity. Taking off from Episode 108 with Dr. Jenny Serverson, Sarah reflects upon their conversation about toxic positivity and ties the need to balance optimism and reality with the Stockdale Paradox. She challenges liste ...   Show more

Aspire to Rise Ep. 5 Kelly McMahon

In today’s episode featuring Kelly McMahon, Sarah Johnson and Joshua Stamper tackle the topics of creating relationships in new professional settings. In this episode, we discuss: The importance of relationship building when entering a new position Strategies for developing relat ...   Show more

Episode 108: In AWE of Dr. Jenny Severson--Overcomer Series

Jenny Severson played college hoops at Lake Forest College, (Lake Forest, IL) and was part of two state championship runs at Madison East High School (Madison, WI). She’s a mom of three growing children (1st to 6th grade currently), married to Todd Johnson and lives in Long Lake, ...   Show more

Jolt 62: Awe Inspiring Moments--Overcoming

Sarah shares a reflection about overcoming by facing reality and setting boundaries to heal. Specifically, she reflects upon her interview with Amanda Florence Goodenough and her inspiring message about overcoming her own childhood trauma from overt racism against her family. Sar ...   Show more

Episode 107: In AWE of Amanda Florence Goodenough--Overcomer Series

Amanda Florence Goodenough (she/her/hers) is a dedicated educator operating from a cultural humility framework to center and elevate historically marginalized voices, promote belongingness and mattering, disrupt structural inequities, and advance intersectional social and racial ...   Show more

Jolt 61: AWE Inspiring Moments-Overcoming

Sarah shares in this month's features some deeper insight into overcoming, prompting you to consider a small gem in your own history of overcoming to focus on for some joy. #InAWEtoRISE --- Send in a voice message:  

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