Eleanor Ford on the magic of people

Eleanor Ford on the magic of people

Florian Klaass shares secrets of High Performing Teams

Florian Klaass is an accomplished, passionate senior marketing expert with over 20 years of experience and success in the development and implementation of global brand & marketing programs in the FMCG segment. Florian has spent more than 10 years at Red Bull. In his career he ha ...   Show more

Julian March on digital leadership and burnout

Enjoy a conversation with consultant and former CEO / MD / SVP, Julian March. He talks about his experience of professional burnout, digital leadership and how he "loves helping vibrant organisations do amazing things!" ?  

Victoire Mbala on mentoring and knocking down barriers

We are lucky enough to call Victoire a client and she was also an absolutely wonderful guest for this podcast. Victoire talked about her passion for mentoring others, having benefitted from it herself early in her career: "It was the first time someone dedicated their time to emp ...   Show more

Karen Rivoire on home and humanity

Karen Rivoire - another wonderful webinar guest of 2020.  Karen is Competence Flow Leader at the Inter Ikea Group: "Not sure I know what my title means! It's purposefully ambiguous... But I love the notion of flow. We all battle with challenges and capabilities, at work or elsewh ...   Show more

Alessandra Lariu on the power of communities

Alessandra Lariu is a brand and experience consultant, co-founder of SheSays, and a SheEO activator. She's a woman helping the next generation of creative female leaders. We spoke with Ale in October 2020, with Coronavirus still very much making its presence known throughout the ...   Show more

Jen Emery on organisational change

Jen Emery is truly multi-disciplinary. She's an author (Leading for Organisational Change), leader, thinker, speaker and last, but not least, a parent too. Rubens and Jen talked about how change needs storytelling and rituals, just like magic does. If you give people the right to ...   Show more

Jax Quinn: the power of self worth

How do you start to feel more worthy? We had an amazing chat with Jax Quinn on how we can rewire and rewrite our narrative to feel proud of who we are. Jax is founder of The Worth Place - empowerment coaching and career support. She's an inspiration, helping people achieve their ...   Show more

Victoria Stoyanova: on how to build wonderful communities.

Victoria Stoyanova  is the Founder and CEO of Hito Labs, a company exploring the future of community systems. She is Strategic Partnerships Manager for Facebook’s Community Partnerships team. And she recently created the Institute of Belonging, a newsletter that talks about the p ...   Show more

Patricia Corsi: on positive leadership

Patricia is an Executive Board member, Global Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Bayer Consumer Health /NED so we talked about leadership with her. Particularly her own style of leadership. We asked Patricia: If you had a magic wand, what would you change? “I’d make sure al ...   Show more

Eliabeth Hahnke: we are all mentors!

Elisabeth is founder and CEO of Rock Your Life! They're one of Germany’s largest mentoring networks dedicated to fostering positive social change . RYL's mission is to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Elisabeth believes that change starts with individuals. She ...   Show more

Satish Kumar: the power of believing in magic

Satish Kumar is a former monk, a peace and environmental activist, and co-founder of Schumacher College - a place for ecological and and social change. Satish once walked 8,000 miles to meet Martin Luther King. He talks with Rubens about cultivating a different society one wher ...   Show more

Kevin Braddock: the magic of asking for help

Kevin Braddock is a writer, storyteller and mental health advocate. His book, Everything Begins With Asking For Help, is a must for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of mental health. This episode celebrates World Mental Health Day 2020. Together with Kevin, we talk ab ...   Show more

Tim Leberecht: beauty and magic in the workplace

Tim Leberecht is a magical human indeed. He's an author, entrepreneur and visionary. He is co-founder and co-CEO of The Business Romantic Society; co-founder and curator of the House of Beautiful Business - a global think tank / community. Their annual gathering brings together e ...   Show more

Geoff McDonald: the wonders of talking about mental health

Geoff McDonald is an advocate, campaigner and consultant for all things mental health. He's passionate about addressing the stigma of mental ill-health at work. Until his own experience of mental ill-health, he was Global VP of Human Resources at Unilever. He's now involved with ...   Show more

Liam Forde: a potion for great organisational culture!

Liam Forde wants to make organisations more human. He believes that high performing culture, game changing innovation and winning strategies are unlocked by organisations that balance people, profit, potential, performance and planet. Rubens and Liam talked about professional bur ...   Show more

Sarah Gregersen: learning from nature

Sarah Gregersen is Program Director and Learning Designer at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. She also runs a company called Genius of Life. Inspired by solutions that nature has evolved over 3.8 billion years, they bring sustainability strategies to life. Sarah talks about a cir ...   Show more

Dr Matt Pritchard: how to cultivate wonder and curiosity

Dr Matt Pritchard is an actual Doctor of Wonder! He's a scientist and magician fascinated by the elusive feeling we call wonder. What is it? How is it related to curiosity? How do we cultivate it? How can it help us cope with 2020 and the pandemic? How can we bring more wonder to ...   Show more

Dr Gustav Khun: the science of magic

Long time Abracademy friend and collaborator, Gustav Kuhn is a Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is also president of the Science of Magic Association (SOMA) and a member of the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS), and the Magic Circle (MMC).  As well ...   Show more

Nathalie Trutmann: the magic of learning organisations

Nathalie Trutman has spent over 20 years transforming and redefining learning experiences. She wants to create healthier, more innovative working and learning environments. She is ex CEO of Hyper Island. Nathalie talks about the magic of learning organisations. What does it actua ...   Show more

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