Parenting Vs Us...

Parenting Vs Us...

Let’s Talk Business :- Investment with Custodian...

Hey guys, It’s time to get serious and make better choices. Today I sit with a Financial Advisor of Custodian Investment, Ms. Brenda Egbedewu. We discuss the right way to save, invest and grow your income for a better tomorrow. You do not wanna miss this one. Let’s listen, educat ...   Show more

Health Talk(Vasectomy: Facts and All)...

Hey guys, So today we are educating one another by chatting about our health, and with the help of our beautiful host and friend, Ofoegbu Chigozie Cynthia, who’s also a podcaster, we discuss Vasectomy and try to tell you the facts and myths about the dreaded birth control procedu ...   Show more

The Father’s Thoughts...

Hey guys, sorry that Weirdly Dramatic pod has been off for a while, but we’re back or rather, I’m back today with an explanation and thoughts about certain issues. So let’s sit back for a couple of minutes, get a cold drink, relax and listen. Please share to others and lemme know ...   Show more

Chat with Tosin Brown...

Today, I sit with a new friend of mine and one of my favorite YouTubers right now, Ms. Tosin Brown of “Browns TV” YouTube channel. Join me as I put her on the hot seat and ask her certain questions as regards ladies and their relationships. It’s one fun episode, so sit back, rela ...   Show more

Music & Vibezz...

Today we chill with a couple of drinks, talk music and vibe all the way. Join I and my friends, @jordanstyls23 the artist, @__uglyboy_gram_ the talent manager and @iam_lucasgram the cinematographer, on our chill out zone which happens like once or twice every year. lol.. Enjoy, C ...   Show more

Men’s Corner 2.0...

Hey Guys, what’s good?? So I sat down with a couple of guys and we tried to chat about the concept of Being A Man in these modern times.... Join @YummieBoi @DGK @DaddySweetDeals @DRhino69 and I @timi_thefather as we have fun and educate ourselves about toxic masculinity. Enjoy an ...   Show more

Val Special with the Adeyeye’s... 💞

Happy Lovers season guys. ?? Today I sit with the witty lovebirds, my parents, the Adeyeye’s. Listen to us talk about their love journey, valentine plans and advices to the new generation. So just sit back, relax, enjoy the episode and please don’t forget to share. Stay jiggy? We ...   Show more

Relationship Palava...

Hey guys, Today we talk about “Relationships”. Join I and my friends, the king of nasty diversions @DRhino69, the ever lovely @thatgirljenny__ and crazy ass @ghracey, as we try to give our ideas on the matter. Enjoy ✌? We would love to hear from you, so please message us on: Inst ...   Show more

New Year, New Cruise ...

Happy New Year guys and welcome back to the Weirdly Dramatic podcast. How you doing? Join our Igbo Queen @quinn_lor3n and I @timi_thefather as we chat about the “cruise control” year we’ve all found ourselves and how fast the month is...? Sit back, relax and vibe with us. Don’t f ...   Show more

Xmas Palava ...🎄

Happy New Month guys and Merry Xmas in advance. Hope y’all are preparing for a fun and detty Christmas celebration cos I and the gang are. Join my co hosts, @DRhino69 , @quinn_lor3n and I as we chat about the Christmas celebration and our plans for it. Enjoy, share and drop ur co ...   Show more

d’Roast of The Father...

Heyyy guys, it’s my birthday, send me love.?. So my friends decided to put me on the “Hot sit” with their crazy questions and advices for my new age. Listen and enjoy. P.S. I’m actually a good guy? *Hey Siri... Play Good Boy by Blaqbonez* Message us on Instagram @weirdly_dramatic ...   Show more

Religion & Relationships ...

Now this is one topic that definitely has a never ending conversation. Join Rhino, I and the beautiful Loren as we try to tackle the issue of religion and relationship. Listen, Enjoy and please share your views. Stay safe. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest wa ...   Show more

We Are BACK!! ...

2020 has been one hell of a year but our podcast is FINALLY BACK and we promise epic episodes upon episodes. We also have new co-hosts with the introduction of one of them today, @Rhyno. Get ready guys cos this season is one you would not want to miss..... --- This episode is spo ...   Show more

In The RedRoom ...💦

There’s no other way to describe this episode than, Bi-curiously Fun... Join me, Timi the father, Nessa, the curious Cat, and “Anon”, the shy Cat, as we talk about sexual preferences. ?? This is gonna be more like a series, so get ready for “explicit” RedRoom fun. #whathappensint ...   Show more

Masks Off ...

It turns out that a larger part of our generation are a little too quite, reserved and kinda depressed, crazy right?? So today I’m joined with our counselor, Kennie and a friend Joe and we discuss issues and ways to try to overcome depression. This is one episode that’s fun and y ...   Show more

Thrustin’ Issues...

Join me, timi the father, with my favorite co-host Lil Ryhno and two beautiful guests, @thatgirljennie and @therealjuwonlo, tackle the issue of trust in relationships and a few sexual issues. Listen and enjoy cos this is full of crazy, crazy fun. --- This episode is sponsored by ...   Show more

Sit with Styls

Here with me is my friend, a rapper, singer, comedian, voiceover artist and actor, Jordanstyls. #jackofalltrades. Listen to us talk about his music and lifestyl, get it?.. Enjoy --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. -- ...   Show more

Ladies Corner...

Sooo, my promised guest Eldera, got tied up with a lot of things but surely I was able to get Crazy Seyi to come on the show with Kennie and Renyhie and it was FIRE? cos these ladies had so much to say. Listen and Enjoy. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way ...   Show more

A Father in d’Car 2.0

Sit, relax and let’s chat... ? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:  

Men’s Corner..

Listen to young adults talk about societal norms and the hardships they believe comes with being “A Man”.. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: S ...   Show more

“Scum-posture”.... the Do’s & Don’ts

A “dramatic” episode with Lil Rhyno and Renyhie, chatting about male and female life and relationship issues. You don’t wanna miss this. P.S. Who are the real scums? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a ...   Show more

A Father in d’Car

Sit in the car with Timi d’father and have fun talking about what’s trending, music, everything and anything. It’s a bi-weekly episode, so prepare to be blown away --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a vo ...   Show more

dFather, a Son and 2Daughters

I Timi_dfather joined by Didi_dise, YummieBoi JY & Maggi with d’Sauce just decided to have fun and say what we like. This is just a tryout but subsequent episodes will let u know more about Weirdly Dramatic --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podc ...   Show more


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