Vancouver The Beautiful and Ugly. Part 5

Vancouver The Beautiful and Ugly. Part 5

Alexandra, my final thoughts and advice.

My final thoughts and advice for someone in my situation and how I was able to manage my sanity during his most challenging time of my life.  

Alexandra February 28 1981 - April 19 2020

This podcast I talk about the tragic events that led up to the death of my wife. The last two years of Alexandra life she suffered more that anyone I ever seen in my life. Alexandra was suicidal, she suffered from many regulation disorders, eating disorder, autism, borderline per ...   Show more

True Crime Gangster Stories. Part 3, Putting in the work.

In this episode we talk about David’s transformation from a tough street kid to a serious gangster. Violent assaults, shootings and hired hits for organized crime groups. David V breaks it all down in a very raw and forthcoming way.  

David V, Gladiator School.

David breaks down life inside Canada’s hardest prison. Collins Bay know as Gladiator School.  

Vancouver the beautiful and ugly. Part 4

Continuing my stories of Vancouver in the 1990s. 1995 I’m living back in Kitsilano life is good. I’m now 25 years old. I get invited to a fancy party and a meet a cougar. She’s 35 years olds. Strawberry blonde that has multiple personalities. A nymphomaniac and a serial cheater. ...   Show more

Part 1. The Making of a Canadian Sicario.

David V Break down his former life. 14 years old he was sentenced to a adult prison. 17 years old he was working as a bouncer for the popular Toronto nightclub the Gasworks. Working at the Gasworks is where David met Mafia enforcer and Pro Boxer Eddie Melo. The two developed a cl ...   Show more

Vancouver The Beautiful And Ugly 3

In this Episode My Girlfriend is battling depression. I work as a bouncer in a New Westminster Night Club that has a clientele of pimps and prostitutes. My first night I get into a fight with a naked hillbilly wanna be rock star and fake hillbilly karate master on cheap beer nigh ...   Show more

Vancouver the beautiful and ugly part 2

Vancouver the beautiful and ugly part 2. A city that’s so beautiful but has a very dark seedy underbelly. In this podcast you will hear stories about a haunted house and a sleazy cheating wife when her husband was away at work. A tragic story of a woman I dated, her heartbreaking ...   Show more

What Happened Tamaira Part. 2

In this podcast, I update new information and my personal experience trying to file a missing person report The hostility I have face in trying to find answers. Why reporting someone missing shouldn’t should not be difficult especially after the Willy Picton aftermath who murdere ...   Show more

What Happened to Tamaira Nadine Thompson?

The disturbing disappearance of Tamaira Nadine Thompson. She met a man name Darcy Kozak on a dating website. Tamaira was manipulated into putting a truck in her name that Darcy used to run over a commissionaire security guard and crashing the truck through a furniture store windo ...   Show more

Clifford Robert Olson, The Psychopath. Part 1

One of Canada’s worst serial killers who murdered Children, Olson was not a typical serial killer he had a whole range of victims boy and girls and young adults. His crime were extremely monstrous and he financially benefited by the government of BC paying for him 100k for a guil ...   Show more

1981 The House

1981 Ten years old I lived in a creepy hunted house in East Vancouver with a creepy old lady that summer I witnessed a vicious dog attack, my neighbor was raped violently, a pedo child serial killer haunted the City of Vancouver (Clifford Robert Olson) I had a close call myself w ...   Show more

Vancouver 1990s The Green Gold Rush.

BCbud 7 billion dollar industry. Guns Gangsters are becoming more powerful and cocaine Is more widely available. I explain the BCBud culture, operations, and smuggling methods. A audio clip from the documentary BC bud the union of getting High that breaks down the economics and i ...   Show more

East Vancouver 1980s Part.1

In this episode I break down my inside knowledge of the origin of East Vancouver culture of the 80s. Auto thief, Cross Boarder Arm Robbies, Gansters. My home being a target of Arson.  

Who Murdered Craig Abrahams? Cold case homicide.

I was close friends with Craig Abrahams, who was brutally murdered in his downtown Vancouver apartment. Craig started selling cocaine at the Odyssey Gay Nightclub, he got involved with Neo Nazis and love triangle with a transgender woman and hot headed Russia woman, who threaten ...   Show more

Vancouver the Beautiful and the Ugly.

One of the worlds most beautiful cities with a deep dark underbelly of crime, drugs and murder.  

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