23 - Gagarin to Control

23 - Gagarin to Control

25 - Same App Different Apple

Apple’s Spring Loaded event is not only loaded with new products, but also with talking points. Marco’s new laptop sparks a debate: should you go with Windows or MacOS? Android or iPhone? Dez crosses the pond with his beer, was it worth it? Tune in on to hear the answers to all t ...   Show more

24 - Kickstart it?

An episode of many firsts; First thousand listens, First flight on another planet, and First Season of Ted Lasso. Whilst we love the american coach learning real football, we’re not sure we love crowdfunding. Despite many fairytale success stories, have crowdfunding sites become ...   Show more

22 - Strange Beasts

As Godzilla fights it out with Kong on our screens, Monster Hunter Rise has grown from niche to all conquering gaming behemoth. Digital giants are not the only ones being slain as once colossal mobile company LG bows out of the market. And while Godzilla vs Kong gives hopes to th ...   Show more

21 - A Sea Of Troubles

We are swept off our feet by the CURRENT wave of automotive electrification. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi lets slip plans to enter the electric car market and German car giant VW plans a rebrand, but all is not what it seems! Like everyone, we are amused at the Suez canal saga, but ...   Show more

20 - Silicon & Snyder

The automotive industry has delays. The tech industry has delays. Graphic cards are unfindable. Did you know these are all related? That's right, the whole world is scrambling for silicon semiconductors. Your phone has them, your car has them, your alarm clock, fancy doorbell and ...   Show more

19 - Its a Me, Marco...and Dez

With March 10 being proclaimed Mario day by fans, and St. Patrick's day being the world's unofficial Guinness day, we look at the iconic power of mascots. From Mario to Master Chief, from Sega to Sony, we look at the origins, transformations, rise and fall of several mascots. Mar ...   Show more

18 - Dez and Marco get Reel

WORLD PODCAST EXCLUSIVE! Jay Alberts, Founder and CEO of brand new personal media app Reel You, joins the team for a special interview episode! Reel You website - Home - Reel You (reel-you.com) How do you create a new app? What is the creative process?  How do you navigate privac ...   Show more

17 - Stereotypical

Watch us Reel You in with news and a sneak announcement to an upcoming big interview episode! Also the sequel to district 9 is in the works and a trailer for Pixar's Luca is out! We are hyped for both! For better or worse both these movies seem to perpetuate certain stereotypes a ...   Show more

16 - Daft Reboot, Punk Remake

NASA nails the landing on Mars and leaves us in awe! After 28 memorable years, Daft Punk call it quits, but we won't forget them anytime soon! We also haven't forgotten the movie and gaming hits from the last couple of decades, so why is everything being remade and rebooted? Is i ...   Show more

15 - Head in the Clouds

The future of gaming seems more and more likely to be in the cloud. Is this a good thing or a wolf in sheep's clothing? The industry seems poised for success, so why is google shuttering yet another service? Is TVs superstore's Cloud 9 somehow related? No, but we talk about it an ...   Show more

14 - Space Cowboys and Crypto Fanbois

News that three missions from three countries will be landing on Mars reminds us that a new space race is on! Do you want to take part? The European space agency is looking for recruits! Will they pay you in crypto? Who knows, but Dez and Marco discuss Tesla, Bitcoin, Elon and Do ...   Show more

13 - Crashing the Market

What does a subreddit have to do with a hedge fund nearly going bankrupt? Join us and catch up with the story! Did you know shows can have the same name but be completely different? Listen to Dez and Marco find out the hard way! Beer of the week: Dez - Estrella Damm - S.A. Damm M ...   Show more

12 - What's up with WhatsApp?

In this episode we answer some of the hottest questions: what is Whatsapp doing? Is it safe to use? Should we be using something else to message? What are the alternatives? Can I pick a beer based on the label? What is cooler than cool on Netflix - Snowpiercer! Listen to find out ...   Show more

11 - Bendy Bondy

In this episode, Dez and Marco ask themselves whether you should judge a book (beer) by its cover (label), discuss the next big trend in mobile phones, bendable screens! Finally, Marco rants about 007 movies in 2021… while still being hyped about them. Beer of the week: Dez - Ste ...   Show more

10 - OMG That's so Hubris

A week of big tech news is topped off by learning how swear words came to be and finding the right swear word to describe some of streaming 's offerings. Dez and Marco discuss HUGE revelations of tech history and what could have been. Beer of the week: Dez - Hoppy Ness - Loch Nes ...   Show more

9 - Cut Mii Some Slack

In this episode we talk about what to do when your favorite productivity tool is down, character design in a popular game and how to escape hell! Beer of the Week:  Dez - Hitachino Nest - Kiuchi Brewery  Marco - Guinness West Indies Porter - Guinness  Beer database - https://docs https://docs ...   Show more

8 - 20 20 Vision

In this episode we take a look back at 2020 and talk about lengthy games, stag parties in Kazakhstan, and psychopath sports personalities. Stay tuned til the end as Dez gives his highest beer score yet! Beer of the Week - Beer Database - Google Sheets Dez - Staropramen Lager - St ...   Show more

7 - Vaccine and a Bucket of Gaming

In our first ever holiday special, we go over classic Christmas movies and their quirky Italian translations. Dez becomes immune to everything and celebrates by drinking two beers and a fast food company becomes a gaming powerhouse! Beer of the Week - Beer Database - Google Sheet ...   Show more

6 - Prime Time

In our first themed episode we talk about how Amazon changed our lives and all the services they offer, from buying beer to unifying Ireland. Tune in and make sure to listen to the very end as Marco gets more and more drunk. We have a brand new Instagram account! Follow us @dezan ...   Show more

5 - Loosey Goosey

In this episode we talk about naughty geese, reminisce about past food challenges and rant about ridiculously expensive headphones! Also, we find out that Chicago and Seattle are indeed different cities. Beers of the week Dez - Midway Session IPA - Goose Island Brewery Marco - IP ...   Show more

4 - I Pink Therefore I am

In this episode we get hyped about a theme park and a videogame first announced years ago, we question the I in AI and argue about shades of pink! Beers of the week Dez - Punk IPA - Brewdog Marco - Blondie - Brouwerij 't IJ Hype! Super Nintendo World opening in Osaka on February ...   Show more

3 - The Sound of Hype

Sound quality is no longer an issue thanks to fancy new microphones. Also, new logo! In this episode we discuss the best way to spend time in lockdown, party games! We start a new segment called Hype and comment on the latest David Attenborough documentary. Beers of the week: Dez ...   Show more

2 - Grooving, Tubing and Commuting

No longer novices, Dez and Marco expand the conversation. We discuss Indie strategy games on the Switch, popular gaming Youtube channels and wondering what is the best way to go places when no one can go anywhere!  Beers of the week:  Dez - Innis and Gunn, The Original  Marco - L ...   Show more

1 - Apples and Chips

In our maiden episode we talk about Apple's decision to build chips for its own computers, the launch of the new PS5 and Xbox, and Chernobyl. We have no idea how those topics are connected! Beers of the week: Dez - Birra Moretti Marco - Heineken  

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