EP21: What's In Your Hand?

EP21: What's In Your Hand?

EP26: Risk and my love story that was never meant to be

Learn about my high school love story that was never meant to be and embrace the call to take God-centred risks as you fulfil purpose.  

EP25: Dear Pastors Series - Loyalty

When you demand personal and/or denominational loyalty to build your ministry at the expense of Christ and the integrity of the gospel, we have a problem.  

EP24: Brothers, Pray For Us

Spiritual leadership is delicate. The expectation on the leader is huge. That’s why Paul pleaded Brothers, pray for us 1 Thessalonians 5:25. How we ought to heed the counsel with more seriousness.  

EP23: What is the Gospel?

We are surrounded by expressions of the Christian faith that is not consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let’s go back to the basics. What is the gospel? Listen to find out.  

EP22: Dear Pastors Series - Be Accountable

When you fail to stay accountable to your members and other leaders around you but see yourself as being above them, we have a problem.  

EP20: 3 Reasons You Must Redeem Time

“Only one life, t’will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last!” C.T. Studd  

EP19: Dear Pastors Series - Circle of Influence

When you fail to surround yourself with strong leaders who can speak truth to power in humility and respect but without fear of retribution, we have a problem.  

EP18: 3 Realities of Easter Weekend

In this episode, I share three life-changing realities I've come to experience as result of the events that took place 2000 years ago on the outskirts of Jerusalem. I'm eternally grateful for the mercy that Calvary made possible in my life. Have you been to Calvary?  Here's prayi ...   Show more

EP17: Dear Pastors Series - Don't Control the Narrative

When you set out to control the narrative about other people’s lives to suit your own cause, we have a problem.  

EP16: There is hope for you

God can restore the broken pitcher of your life. He can make life beautiful again. Out of the broken pieces of your life, God can restore a great masterpiece. Believe God.  

EP15: Dear Pastors Series - Be Consistent

When you measure others with a high scriptural yardstick but fail to apply the same to yourself, we have a problem.  

EP14: Religion Got in the Way

We are not called to uphold traditions that have no eternal consequence but to embrace the grace of God that brings salvation and express that grace in a way that exemplifies the nature and love of Christ to the world around us.  Are you letting 'religion' get in your way of know ...   Show more

EP13: Dear Pastors Series - Whose Image?

Dear Pastors,  When you become pre-occupied with protecting your image and ministry at the expense of speaking, upholding and defending the truth and being transparent (whatever the cost to you), then we have a problem.  

EP12: Introducing Dear Pastors Series

Dear Pastors series was inspired by a blog post I wrote in late 2020, a plea for personal integrity among the pastorate in the body of Christ. My utmost desire is that this series ignites in every believer a burning passion to see revival in the church in a way that transcends th ...   Show more

EP11: Knowing God: A Matter of Grace

"What matters supremely, therefore, is not, in the last analysis, the fact that I know God, but the larger fact that He knows me" - J.I. Packer There is an inherent danger in measuring our spirituality on the basis of our outward commitment and ‘what we do for God’ on the public ...   Show more

EP10: The BIG Question

In the end, you will have to answer God just one question "Did you do what you were supposed to do on earth?" Nothing else matters than knowing you fulfilled your purpose on earth. Remember, “If you lose your purpose, it's like you're broken.” - Invention of Hugo Cabret. In thi ...   Show more

EP9: 7 Life Lessons from Judas Iscariot

There is a danger we look at Judas Iscariot's rise in ministry and tragic fall and point finger at him. True, he betrayed Christ. However, let’s not overlook the life lessons his sad outcome presents to us today. In this episode, I share 7 key lessons we must take to heart.  

EP8: Keep Looking Up feat Isabel-Juda

My 8-year old daughter joins me in this week's episode to share one of her favourite poems from my collection Even in the Well. Here's to finding much needed encouragement from her words in the days ahead of you. Keep looking up!  

EP7: Here We Stand

The church of Christ is experiencing an inward revival and God is working with men and women who have studied and honour the sacrifices of our fathers BUT have determined to go where the Spirit of the Lord leads them. Get ready for inconvenience. It’s time to stand where God stan ...   Show more

EP6: How to Develop Deep Resilience

When I was a teenager, I experienced significant personal hardships. Life didn't give me a chance. But through the power of resilience, empowered by the 3 practical tips I share in this episode and coupled with the resolve to fulfil purpose, I was able to develop the capacity to ...   Show more

EP5: Conversation with my 8-Year Old

During a recent evening walk with my 8-year old daughter, we talked about her progress with remote learning and the impact of lockdown on her personally. In this episode, I share some life lessons from our conversation.  

EP4: Dealing with Discouragement

Have you been discouraged lately? I have. The world is wired to discourage. The news, world events, natural disasters, personal loss, health issues, etc. But God has not left us without antidotes for dealing with discouragement and depression. In this episode, I share four tips o ...   Show more

EP3: While You Wait

What is God teaching you in your waiting season? What’s God up to in your life while you're waiting for that breakthrough? In this episode of Purpose Guy Podcast, I encourage you to use your waiting season to do three things. Listen to find out.  

EP2: 2021 - Beyond Prophetic Declarations

Beyond all prophetic declarations you will hear about 2021, the single most important charge for the believer is this: “Live each day like it’s your last. Jesus is coming very soon. Let us not sleep. Let us not slumber. Let us not lose heart. May Christ be our vision now and ever ...   Show more

EP1: Just Start - Quit Waiting for Permission

On a recent video call with two young leaders, I was asked how they can sustain momentum in 2021. My answer was simple: "Just start!". You don't need man's permission to fulfil your God-intended purpose.  

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