Kiva 23 & 24 - A Balanced Diet of Souls and Not-Souls

Kiva 23 & 24 - A Balanced Diet of Souls and N...

Amazon Riders 07 & 08 Commentary - That Time Haruka Drove into a Dude

Adam and Annah return to the grimdark realm of Amazon Riders and get dealt a heavy-handed parable about how humans can be more monstrous than actual monsters. Such novelty. In the midst of all this, Adam continues his descent into V-Tuber hell. Annah facepalms from the knowledge ...   Show more

Kiva 25 & 26 - Yuruse nai!

This week on KRAA, Adam demonstrates that he does not understand human facial expressions and how they relate to emotions. Annah recounts a terrible sight she beheld shortly before they started recording. They both go on a Star Wars tangent. Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: http ...   Show more

Kamen Rider ZO & J Double Feature Commentary feat. Cassidy

The A's are joined again by Cassidy (@madlobotanist) for a double feature extravaganza of Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J! Adam falls in love with the creature and suit designs of the films' era. Annah proposes a new signing-off catch phrase. Cassidy unleashes the bits. Rhinocer ...   Show more

Kamen Rider Black 01 & 02 - Horny is the New Black feat. Charlie

In recognition of Kamen Rider's 50th Anniversary, we're reviewing the first two episodes of Kamen Rider Black. Joining us in our celebration is Charlie (@magical_pride). Report to processing, inmates! Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: ...   Show more

Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 01 - Two Sad Men Being Sad

01000001 01110000 01110010 01101001 01101100 00100000 01000110 01101111 01101111 01101100 01110011 00101110 Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Logo Art by Vladimir Duran @Vla ...   Show more

Kiva 21 & 22 - Going to Pound Town

Love is in the air here at Kamen Rider AA! Both Adam and Annah fawn over the adorable friend-shaped creature called Mio. Adam tries to lay out what he thinks a good romantic relationship needs while Annah fondly remembers Moby Dick. Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incom https://incom ...   Show more

Kiva 19 & 20 - The Aso Women Appreciation Hour

Annah gets angry. Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Logo Art by Vladimir Duran @VladWrites. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. htt ...   Show more

Amazon Riders Commentary 05 & 06 - Time to Rev Your Groin feat. Emily

We're joined again by friend of the podcast, Emily for another commentary track! Adam and Annah bust out their in-joke of an OC to annoy Emily, while Emily herself sings Nanaha's praises. Also, all three of them quite enjoyed the fight choreography and Haruka's rise to badass sta ...   Show more

Kiva 17 & 18 - Ever Punch Something so Much, Your Knuckles go Blood?

The A's return to cover the Button Saga. Adam despairs over the pronunciation of a new character's name, while Annah delights in Keisuke running himself ragged for the justice of buttons. Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: Lice ...   Show more

Kiva 15 & 16 - Turns Out, IXA Gives You Kidney Stones

This week, the A's bear witness to Rook's debut. In all its terror, all its glory, all its... disappointment. Adam nails it with his Tarot assignments (I assure you, this episode description is not biased) while Annah tries turning Adam around on Rook as a character. All this, wh ...   Show more

Kiva Episodes 13 & 14 - Make a Blood Pact and Get Married

This week, the A's cancel Jiro on account of his eugenics program. The Rhinoceros Fangire gets canceled too for being a con artist. We didn't cancel Keisuke though yet. He must first suffer more. Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: ...   Show more

Kamen Rider Gaim Movie Commentary Track feat. @madlobotanist

The A's are joined this week by Cassidy (@madlobotanist) to watch the Kamen Rider Gaim movie, "Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!" Adam and Cassidy struggle to get by without context for what is going on. While Annah learns the correct pronunciation of the word, "locusts." T ...   Show more

Amazon Riders Commentary 03 & 04 - Come Back to Human! feat. Emily

The A's are joined this week by friend of the show, Emily. They watch episodes three and four of Amazon Riders and get into topics like: Haruka's body odor, capitalism and its relation to the Law of the Jungle, and how dorky the Junglaider looks. Y'know, the usual. Rhinoceros by ...   Show more

Kiva Episodes 11 & 12 - Seize the Means of IXA

This week, the A's give Yuri all their acclaim while kicking Keisuke to the curb. Annah explains some of the IXA Armor's inner workings while Adam gets educated a bit more on the Kamen Rider franchise as a whole. Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: ...   Show more

Kiva Episodes 09 & 10 - Moonwalking in a Tengu Mask

After an off-week, the A's return to behold the glory of IXA's debut! Adam tries (not terribly hard) to relate to Keisuke while Annah discovers a strange fascination with knives. They both mourn the rise and fall of the Frog Fangire and try their hands at a new catch phrase. Rhin ...   Show more

Kiva Episodes 07 & 08 - So it was you who stole my Secret Sauce!

This week, the A's dive smack dab into the middle of the morality spectrum as they meet a Fangire with sympathetic qualities while learning that a character who was previously thought to be a hero isn't actually all that squeaky clean. Adam speculates on the lifecycle of the Dora ...   Show more

Kiva Episodes 05 & 06 - Kamen Rider Boston feat. Tokuswag

We upgrade to Triple A this week as Amber (@tokuswag) joins Adam and Annah in discussing episodes five and six of Kamen Rider Kiva. Annah and Amber gush over the Wolfman known as Jiro, while Adam learns that he'll be revisiting a lot of the same filming locations. Rhinoceros by K ...   Show more

Amazon Riders Commentary 01 & 02 - Scraping! At! The! Door!

Annah takes Adam into the grimdark world of Kamen Rider Amazons as they watch the first two episodes of the show. Annah gushes over Jin while Adam draws comparisons to God Eater. Theme Music Credit: Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: ...   Show more

Kiva Episodes 03 & 04 - This Spot Looks Good

This week, the A's recap Episodes 3 & 4 of Kiva. Adam discovers what is simultaneously the best and worst Kiva has to offer. While Annah gets pissed off at how nonsensical the writing gets. Theme Music Credit: Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: ...   Show more

Kiva Episode 02 - Trisylvanian Nights

This week, the A's recap and review Episode Two of Kiva. Adam warms up to Otoya, while Annah's soul gets sucked into the blackhole that is Kamen Rider's supplementary material. Theme Music Credit: Rhinoceros by Kevin MacLeod Link: ...   Show more

Kiva Episode 01 - The Longest Con

Adam and Annah kick things off by recapping and reviewing the first episode of Kamen Rider Kiva. During which, Annah insists on calling Fangires by their proper, overly long names and Adam speculates on the Spider Fangire's funeral-goer eating habits. Theme Music Credit: Rhinocer ...   Show more

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