Episode 10: Teachers as content generators in their lessons.

Episode 10: Teachers as content generators in...

Episode 9: What is an International School?

In this episode we discuss the challenge in defining an International School.  

Episode 8: Recruitment

Episode 8 of Ed Talks discussing 'Green Flags' and 'Red Flags' in the teacher recruitment process from the perspective of schools and teachers.  

Episode 7: Building Resilience in Schools through Stoicism.

In this episode we have a chat with Donald Robertson, a writer on resilience and Stoicism. We discuss the benefits that Stoicism can bring to schools as a way of building resilience amongst our students and teachers. Donald Robertson can be found on Amazon and we highly recommend ...   Show more

Episode 6: Mindfulness in Education

Episode 6 where we discuss mindfulness and resilience within our school communities.  

Episode 5: Should schools teach faiths?

ED Talks discusses the role of religious education in schools today.  

Episode 4: How are schools embracing a digital future?

Episode 4 discussing the use of mobile phones and laptops in the classroom. We discuss how schools are embracing the digital future.  

Episode 3: A 'No Punishment' Discipline Approach?

Discussions on Positive Discipline in the school.  

Episode 2: What makes a great teacher?

Discussing the features of a great classroom practitioner.  

Episode 1: Why become a teacher?

Discussing the motivation of why teachers continue to teacher. This episode features a memory recall exercise. The proceedure is as follows. Richard Kopps Memory Recall exercise: Alfred Adler (1939) believed that early recollections (ERs) were projections of the present-day self ...   Show more

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