Learning From One's Self - Critiquing My Own Ukulele Playing

Learning From One's Self - Critiquing My Own ...

Getting a Better Plugged-In Sound

Tips and tricks for EQing an ukulele to sound better and how to understand different types of pickups and their implications.Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/store/) https://liveukulele.com/store/)  

Tobias Elof

My fun and interesting chat with one of Europe's best ukulele players, Tobias Elof.Episode resources: https://liveukulele.com/podcast/s2e9/Support https://liveukulele.com/podcast/s2e9/Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/store/) https://liveukulele.com/store/)  

Dominator - The Art of Transcribing Ukulele Tabs

Ukulele tabs are common these days, but not many folks give much thought to how they're made. In this episode I sit down with Dominator, a pioneer in the field of high-quality ukulele transcriptions and find out some of his tips and stories about creating his amazing databas ...   Show more

The Journey of Learning Ukulele

How we all learn is as unique as how we all sound when we play the ukulele. In this episode I talk story with my friends Pam Mandel and Higgs about some of their biggest learning moments when studying the uke.Episode resources: https://liveukulele.com/podcast/s2e6/Support https://liveukulele.com/podcast/s2e6/Support the sho ...   Show more

Uke Building Magic with Brad Donaldson

Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/store/) https://liveukulele.com/store/)  

Performing With the Ukulele: Tips and Tricks

This episode journeys through some of the things you can practice to improve your stage presence. Brad share some personal stories and tips and tricks that will help make your ukulele performance more engaging and interesting.Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/store/) https://liveukulele.com/store/)  

Teaching the Masses on YouTube with John Atkins (aka The Ukulele Teacher)

The Ukulele Teacher is one of the most well known uke players in the world and has taught thousands, if not millions, of people how to play the ukulele through his popular YouTube tutorials. In our interview John Atkins talks about his goal with the channel, some of the challenge ...   Show more

Playing Nicely With Others: How to Fit Into a Musical Situation

Practical demonstrations on how you can interact responsibly with other musicians. I'm joined by friend and bandmate Ryan "Higgs" Higgins to discuss the dos and don'ts of fitting in.Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/store/) https://liveukulele.com/store/)  

Playing Ukulele Easier & Happier with Konabob

Join myself and Konabob Stoffer in a journey through finding a more intuitive way of playing music. We talk about coming to music later in life, becoming content with your skills, how to be a passive observer as you play, and much more.Episode notes and resources: https://liveuku https://liveuku ...   Show more

Variety Show/Talk Story

Some random thoughts and stories in a more free-form episode than normal. Tune in for a couple tunes and holiday wishes from Brad.Episode notes and resources: https://liveukulele.com/podcast/s1e10/Support https://liveukulele.com/podcast/s1e10/Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/store/) https://liveukulele.com/store/)  

Neal Chin on Jazz Ukulele

Neal Chin is one of the most smooth-sounding jazz ukulele players I've heard. He joined me on the podcast to share some of his experiences in music and some thoughts and tips on improving and learning to incorporate jazz into your playing.Episode notes and resources: https:/ ...   Show more

Unpacking the UAS Myth

Ukulele acquisition syndrome - or UAS: cute acronym or troublesome mindset? Join Brad on a jaunt through some sticky territory in this episode as he shares some personal opinions on what's most important in the process of acquiring ukes.Episode notes and resources: https://l https://l ...   Show more

Life OFF the road with Herb Ohta, Jr.

A guide to staying home and connecting with the world's best ʻukulele players during a time of no touring. Herb shares his experiences with being Hawaiʻi-bound, releasing an album, getting to know Jake better, and many more stories.Show notes: https://liveukulele.com/podcast https://liveukulele.com/podcast ...   Show more

The Adventures of James Hill: Life on the Edge of ʻUkulele

An interview with ʻukulele master musician James Hill. Join us on a tour through some of his latest pursuits and stories: a new style of songwriting, playing baritone, teaching beginners and more. Show notes:  https://liveukulele.com/s1e6/Support https://liveukulele.com/s1e6/Support the show ( https://liveukulele.com/ https://liveukulele.com/ ...   Show more

Tips for Improving From Beginner to Intermediate

Thoughts and tips on giving yourself musical options to increase your participation in music as an ʻukulele player. In this episode, Brad talks about what differentiates a beginner from an intermediate player along with ways to transcend the border between them with some fun, pra ...   Show more

ʻUkulele Artistry: Recording, Producing, & Songwriting - feat. HIGGS

Join Brad and Ryan "Higgs" Higgins as they discuss the process of recording an album and what goes into writing a song. Higgs is a hip-hop artist who plays ʻukulele as his main instrument. Follow along as he shares his expertise and even walks us through writing an example song.H ...   Show more

Learning ʻUkulele Hawaiian Style: Playing by Ear and Watching Others

In this show Brad talks about the beauty of simplicity in learning ʻukulele. Introduce some Hawaiian style intuition into your practice and follow these tips to become more comfortable playing by ear. We explore the meaning and application of the saying <em>nānā ka maka, hoʻolohe ...   Show more

A Teaching RevolUKEtion: ZOOM - feat. Kevin Carroll

What&apos;s it like to switch from a huge roster of in-person ʻukulele classes to teaching everything online? In this episode Brad is joined by Austin-based Kevin Carroll to break down how he&apos;s been adapting his teaching style and what he recommends for new virtual students. ...   Show more

Cultivating a Positive ʻUkulele Playing Mindset

In this pilot episode, join Brad as he talks through some observations he&apos;s made about playing trajectories and what helps an ʻukulele player succeed. This includes things like finding your learning cadence, stigmas, practice, and building consistency.Episode notes and resou ...   Show more

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