Druids DLC Info & Dream Setting - Assassin's Cast 47

Druids DLC Info & Dream Setting - Assassin's ...

Big Druids DLC Leaks, Third Expansion & Jordan Is Back! - Assassin's Cast 50

Jordan is back to discuss topics he missed while he was gone. Plus we got big Druids DLC leaks, talk about the potential third expansion, share Druids predictions & more!  

Voicing A Druids DLC Character & New Valhalla Update - Assassin's Cast 49

German YouTuber joins Jordan to talk about his Druids DLC character (he voiced), the new Valhalla update & way more!  

Getting Hyped For The Valhalla Druids DLC - Assassin's Cast 48

Jordan is joined by Dennis this week to discuss the new Druids pictures, trophy images & more!  

Rumors hint at big third Valhalla Expansion - Assassin's Cast 46

Joyce joins to talk about a potential third expansion coming to Valhalla, the Ostara festival & newly revealed Valhalla secrets!  

Darby leaves, Reda Changes & More Valhalla News - Assassin's Cast 45

Jordan & Jordan might joke about the April Fools video... but also discuss the news that Darby is leaving, Reda is changing & touch on the upcoming Druids DLC.  

One-Handed Swords, Big Valhalla DLC Leaks & More - Assassin's Cast 44

Jordan & Jordan discuss the big Valhalla news that happened these last few days: one-handed swords, dlc leaks & way way more.  

Ostara Festival Review, Big Valhalla Update & More - Assassin's Cast 43

Jordan & Jordan share their impressions of the Ostara festival, discuss the transmog system & way more Valhalla news.  

New Valhalla Update Coming & New AC Leaks - Assassin's Cast 42

Jordan & Jordan talk about the next big Valhalla update & the recent new AC rumors.  

What Is Going On In Valhalla & Fake AC Rumors - Assassin's Cast 41

Jordan & Jordan discuss some weird things that are going on in Valhalla (yes the purple pink boxes are already gone, but this was recorded before that). Also there are some fake AC rumors + more!  

Did Valhalla Season 1 Deliver? - Assassin's Cast 40

Jordan & Jordan discuss some Valhalla news & then move on to discuss season 1. What did they like & didn't like about the post launch strategy.  

River Raids Update Review & More Valhalla News - Assassin's Cast 39

Jordan & Jordan share their early impressions of the River Raids Update, is it a missed opportunity?  

Ubisoft Reveals More About Future Of Valhalla & Assassin's Creed - Assassin's Cast 38

Jordan & Jordan have some big news to talk about regarding the future of Valhalla & Assassin's Creed in general.  

New Valhalla Mystery, Bugs & Helix Problems - Assassin's Cast 37

Jordan & Jordan answer some questions that got send in, discuss a new mystery & talk about how there are now more helix armor sets than main gear sets in the game.  

Latest Valhalla News & SPOILER DISCUSSION - Assassin's Cast 36

Jordan & Jordan first go over some recent Valhalla news before going into spoiler mode & discussing their overall feel with the story of the game.  

A lot of Valhalla News, New AC Rumors & Way More - Assassin's Cast 35

Jordan & Jordan discuss recent Valhalla news, look at new rumors about the new AC & have some breaking news at the end.  

New Update & Future Of Valhalla - Assassin's Cast 34

New Update & Future Of Valhalla - Assassin's Cast 34 by JorRaptor  

Valhalla's Lack Of Communication & Assassin's Creed 2021? - Assassin's Cast 33

Jordan is joined by Dennis this week to talk about the recent Valhalla news & recent rumors about a next Assassin's Creed.  

Big New Years Episode (Valhalla News & More) - Assassin's Cast 32

Jordan & Jordan discuss recent Valhalla news, answer some questions & recap predictions.  

Is The Yule Festival In Valhalla Good? - Assassin's Cast 31

Jordan & Jordan discuss their Yule Festival experiences & more!  

Valhalla One Month Later & Future updates (Assassin's Cast 30)

Jordan @ Jordan discuss Valhalla one month later, asnwer questions & talk about upcoming updates  

Recent Valhalla Updates & Spoiler Free Impressions - Assassin's Cast 29

Jordan & Jordan talk about recent Valhalla news & their spoiler free impressions after playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla for a month now.  

New Valhalla Patch & State Of The Game - Assassin's Cast 28

Jordan & Jordan discuss the first post launch Valhalla patch & the overall state of the game.  

What We Want Improved In Valhalla - Assassin's Cast 27

Jordan & Jordan really like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but apart from the bugs there are also some things that they want to see improved.  

Spoiler Free Valhalla Review & Tips So Far - Assassin's Cast 26

Jordan & Jordan discuss their impressions of Valhalla so far and share some tips + predictions  

We Played Valhalla (Full Game) No Spoilers - Assassin's Cast 25

Jordan & Jordan played the full game of Valhalla and discuss new things they learned (without any story spoilers).  

Missing Weapon, Predictions & More Valhala News - Assassin's Cast 24

Missing Weapon, Predictions & More Valhala News - Assassin's Cast 24 by JorRaptor  

Is Valhalla's Post Launch Enough? & More News! - Assassin's Cast 23 + Post Show

Jordan & Jordan talk about the new Post Launch plan for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, is it enough? We also discuss Ubisoft Connect & More!  

We Played Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Assassin's Cast 22

Jordan & Jordan both got hands-on with a brand Assassin's Creed Valhalla build & discuss their initial impressions & way more!  

Valhalla News, File Size, Info & More - Assassin's Cast 21

Valhalla News, File Size, Info & More - Assassin's Cast 21 by JorRaptor  

Valhalla Trailer & Way More News - Assassin's Cast 20

Valhalla Trailer & Way More News - Assassin's Cast 20 by JorRaptor  

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