Episode 321: Episode 321 - Aftershocks - Globalism and YOU

Episode 321: Episode 321 - Aftershocks - Glob...

Episode 326: Episode 326 - How to Survive When a Storm Hits Your Life

An old ad campaign once quipped, "Life comes at you fast." Very true. But what can you do when a sudden storm threatens to sink your "life boat?" Here is a massive does of encouragement and hope from Mark 4.  

Episode 325: Episode - Aftershocks - What to Do While the World is Shaking

How can you keep yourself together while the world is falling apart? And are things going to get even worse? What does the Bible say?  

Episode 324: Episode 324 - Aftershocks - The Signs of the Times

Can we actually see some signs that tell us planet earth is on the front porch of Revelation? Yes! Jeff tell us about some of them in today's podcast.  

Episode 323: Episode 323 - Aftershocks - Reading the Signs of the Times

How can we know if something is biblically "prophetic" and related to the last days? The good news is that you Can know! Jeff explains in today's podcast.  

Episode 322: Episode 322 - Aftershocks - Technology and Satan's Superman

What aftershock is impacting the acceleration of the mark of the beast? And what form might it take?  

Episode 320: Episode 320 - AFTERSHOCKS - The Moral Landslide

This first episode launches a series of podcasts where Jeff gives you some sneak previews into his new book, Aftershocks. What is happening to our world right now? And how can you make sense of it, biblically speaking?  

Episode 319: Episode 319 - Billy Hallowell - Demons, Ghosts, and the Supernatural

Well-known Christian Journalist Billy Hallowell joins Jeff to discuss his latest book, Playing With Fire - A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcisms, and Ghosts.  

Episode 318: Episode 318 - The Urgency of Bible Prophecy - Part 5 - Jesus is Coming Back!

How should the imminent return of Jesus impact our present lives? What's the difference between urgency and panic? Where is the balance between longing for His return and living our lives day-by-day?  

Episode 317: Episode 317 - The Urgency of Bible Prophecy - Part 4 - The Signs of the Times

What prophetic signs have already been fulfilled or are currently in formation now that tell us we could be at Revelation's doorstep? Jeff answers those questions in this podcast.  

Episode 316: Episode 316 - The Urgency of Bible Prophecy - Part 3 - The Rise of False Teachers

How does the emergence of false teachers signal the end of the age?  

Episode 315: Episode 315 - The Urgency of Bible Prophecy - Part 2 - The State of the World

Like a plane spiraling downward toward the ground, our world is spinning out of control towards total destruction. Here are some of the specifics that motivate us to spread the word of Bible Prophecy in these last days.  

Episode 314: The Urgency of Bible Prophecy - Part 1 - The Condition of the Church

AT no time in the last 2,000 years has Bible prophecy been more relevant than it is right now. This series will reveal 5 Reasons why every Christian should be paying attention to God's Word concerning the last days.  

Episode 313: Episode 313 - Paul's "BIG LETTER" Bible

As the Apostle wraps up the Galatian letter, he leaves us with some solid counsel on ego, boasting, and "brand-marks."  

Episode 312: Episode 312 - Pastors, Teachers, Oxes, and Offerings

As Paul begins wrapping up the book of Galatians, he delivers a straight up challenge to all Christian who hear God's Word being taught. Every Pastor should hear this message.  

Episode 311: Episode 311 - Keys to Following the Spirit

What happens when we sin? How do we get back in step with the Spirit? And how do we help others do the same when they fall away?  

Episode 310: Episode 310 - How to Experience Real Freedom in Christ

So now that I've been released from sin and the OT Law, how do I manage my new freedom? Can I just do what I want now? And how does the Holy Spirit help me overcome sin?  

Episode 309: Episode 309 - Paul Goes "Postal" on Legalists

Paul takes the gloves off and gives legalists a theological pounding with truth. His most severe language. You don't want to miss this!  

Episode 308: Episode 308 - Paul's Struggle with the Puzzling Galatians

Yes, ministers and pastors can become frustrated at times, and typically it's because of people. Attacks against Paul's ministry and straying sheep are some of the themes covered in this episode.  

Episode 307: Episode 307 - Moving Towards Intimacy with the Father

God wants us to experience intimacy and closeness with Him. But in order to do that, we have to understand a very important spiritual principle. Paul explains it to us in Galatians 4.  

Episode 306: Episode 306 - Why Did God Give the Law?

Why did God give His law to the Jews if He knew all along they could never live up to it? What's the purpose of the Old Covenant?  

Episode 305: Episode 305 - Bewitched or Believing? Which Are You?

The Galatians fell for a subtle lie, and this led them down a rabbit hole of delusion and defeat. Paul explains why faith is better than all our self-generated efforts.  

Episode 304: Episode 304 - The Greatest Insult to Jesus

Paul publicly confronts Peter about his hypocrisy concerning the gospel, and in doing so, teaches us something about law and grace.  

Episode 303: Episode 303 - Grace, Legalists, Liberty, and the "Rules" of God

In this episode, Jeff unpacks how legalism threatens to rob you of your newfound liberty and freedom in Christ. So just what is our relationship to God's commands? And how do we respond to legalism?  

Episode 302: Episode 302 - Apostles, Revelations, and Your "Arabia Experience"

Paul wasn't always "Paul." He had a past. Like many today, he was determined to prove himself to God. But he would learn that being a "good Jew" simply wasn't enough.  

Episode 301: Episode 301 - What Does It Mean to "Desert the Gospel?"

Many today are preaching "another gospel." What does that mean? What's at stake here, and what does Paul say about such individuals?  

Episode 300: Episode 300 - Jesus' Divine Deliverance

*NEW SERIES! There is only one thing that can save us from this present evil age. Find out what it is and how it works.  

Episode 299: Episode 299 - 8 Decisions the Church (& Christians) Must Make in 2021 - Part 2

How can 2021 be our best year ever inspire of growing challenges and obstacles? Listen in as Jeff wraps up this 2-part podcast with a strong exhortation to Christians and spiritual leaders.  

Episode 298: Episode 298 - 8 Decisions the Church (& Christians) Must Make in 2021 - Part 1

American Christians stand at an unprecedented moment in our nation's history. What must we do right now in order to rescue the perishing and purify the bride of Christ. Jeff explains in Part 1 of this series.  

Episode 297: Episode 297 - How to Have "Great Faith"

Critical times call for courageous faith. And a massive spiritual storm is brewing, requiring our root system to be deep and strong if we are to survive. In this episode, Jeff shares how you can grow your faith to meet the challenges you face!  

Episode 296: Episode 296 - A New Home for Me. A New Home Waiting for US!

The New Years begins with a new location for Jeff and the Vintage Truth Podcast. But what does that mean for the ministry? And what does Jesus say about our future home together? This is exciting!  

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