102: What Really Matters…

102: What Really Matters…

105: Why is Bridge Livwat?

Bridge tells a bit of his story and how Bridge Livwat came to be.  

104: Kootenaygirl – Jesus and John Wayne Part 2

Bridge and Kootenaygirl continue their discussion about Kristin Kobes Du Mez’s book “Jesus and John Wayne”.  Tweets by Kootenaygirl7 Tweets by danwhitejr  

103: Tirefall – Jaywalk

Bridge talks to Tirefall about their debut album “Jaywalk”. Link to the album: https://album.link/ca/i/1560869873 https://album.link/ca/i/1560869873 Tirefall’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tirefall/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/tirefall/?hl=en Tirefall’s Twitter account: Tweets by tirefallband  

101: Jesus and John Wayne Part 1 with Boudica Kootenaygirl

Bridge & Kootenaygirl talk about Kristin Kobes Du Mez’s book: Jesus and John Wayne. In Part 1, they talk about how the current conservative Christian form of masculinity came about. For the book, “Jesus and John Wayne”: https://www.amazon.ca/Jesus-John-Wayne-Evangelicals-Corrupte https://www.amazon.ca/Jesus-John-Wayne-Evangelicals-Corrupte ...   Show more

100: Love and Anger with Mystic Pirate Kootenaygirl

Mystic Pirate Kootenaygirl shares what she learned about love and anger when dealing with a toxic family member and how the church made this challenging for her and what they could do better.  

99: Social Media, Traffic Laws, COVID & Minimum Wage

Bridge talks about social media, how traffic laws apply to COVID-19 and his thoughts on minimum wage.  

98: Our Constantine, Our Nero with Amy Burdett

Amy Burdette talks to Bridge about how Christians want to live under their own version of Constantine and do not want to suffer under their own version of Nero. For Amy’s twitter account: https://twitter.com/AmyEBurdett1 https://twitter.com/AmyEBurdett1 For more on the Weird Christian Twitter Podcast: https://po https://po ...   Show more

96: War and Building Bridges

Bridge talks about the challenge of building bridges when polarized people have different rules of engagement.  

96: Some Useful Social Constructs

Bridge Livwat talks about flags, borders and money as useful social constructs and explains when they become problematic.  

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