Do your job

Do your job

Happy Mother’s Day .. ft Jasmine (Bae)

happy Mother’s Day from 3rd Perspective Productions . Hear some great stories about our moms and some funny ones .  

It’s all coming together

Recapping a crazy week in ghetto America ... life before and after 30 , fears as men.... and so much more this is 3rdPerspectivePodcast  

Couples therapy pt 2

We go deeper into bf/gf. , marriage , and dating life . We really dive into some deep problems on this one ... joins us for some couples therapy .. this is something new ...  

Couples therapy

Values , listening more , accountability and so much more . Welcome back to Something New  

Groom yourself and mind ya business

Good convo on , lessons learned in 2020 , what do you want your negro powers to be ? And a lot more ... This is the 3rd perspective Podcast   

The truth vs the delivery

Do women wanna hear the truth or does only the delivery matter ? Cool conversation about this topic , laughter and so much more . This is the 3rd Perspective Podcast  

Would you rather be lied to?

We will be giving our thoughts on the legendary Nikki Giovanni’s interview with James Baldwin speaking on what she wants from a man, and so much more. This is the 3rd perspective . Happy one year anniversary to us   

What is your reason ?Bre CEO of Plen-Tee clothing

Cool convo with Bre .. the creator and owner of Plen-Tee clothing .. talking about her journey and her reason for starting her brand and much more .. this is the 3rd perspective  

So you trying to limit my sex drive ?

Giving our perspective on, if sex is a chore , why do women force monogamy on men. Could you be in a polygamist relationship ? Plus so much more.. this is the Third Perspective   


Having great conversation about the Breonna Taylor case  . Protecting black women and a little more . This is the 3rd Perspective   

Wakanda Forever- When is it appropriate to joke?

Cool convo about the passing of Chadwick Boseman , when is it appropriate to joke , mental and physical health , pet peeves and much more . This is 3rd perspective   

Stay focused, but first entanglement

A cool conversation getting our focus back on black lives, police, and more. The big word for now-Entanglement. Also, welcome Ashton to the family...This is 3rd Perspective  

Always 5 o’clock perspective

Joining the Always 5 o’clock podcast , to y’all about B Simone , the climate of today and some great jokes .. check it out   

We are tired

Cool convo about personal feelings about the George Floyd Death and the feelings behind the events after.   

Wipe Me Down

Cool convo about the Lil Boosie situations, Tekashi 69 getting out and a lot more.WELCOME TO THE 3RD PERSPECTIVE PODCAST   

Got To Be Mo Careful

Cool convo about COVID life, work relationship, and communication in new relationships.Welcome to 3rd Perspective!  

City Boys

Convo on the male perspective of the dating phase. Welcome to 3rd Perspective!  

Hot Girl Summer

Convo on the female's perspective of the dating phase. Welcome to 3rd Perspective!   

Where You From?

Cool convo about sports, COVID-19, and relationships. Welcome to 3rd perspective  

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