Hype or Hope: Blockchain  in Construction

Hype or Hope: Blockchain in Construction

GBuilder: Improving the customer journey

How often do you wish you had a 3D model of your home that could connect to furniture stores and builders for your next home improvement projects? Why hasn’t the customer experience changed that much in the built environment and yet so many of our experiences in other transaction ...   Show more

Digital Threads: Lessons from Lockheed Martin

By now you will have heard many episodes from BeyondBIM that talk about digital twins, but what about digital threads? In this episode, Dr. Don Kinard from Lockheed Martin explains to us what the digital thread is and how it is used by Lockheed Martin. We also discuss what it mea ...   Show more

Dasher - Connecting Digital Twins to Generative Design

Many organizations are contemplating on digital twin journey perhaps wondering what the transition looks like from #BIM to #DigitalTwins. Very few know what resources and tools are available to begin designing digital twins to help close the loop of occupant feedback into buildin ...   Show more

Connection Profiles: Engineering System Integration for Buildings and Beyond

How often do we hear about the problem of interoperability discussed ad nauseam? And how often do we feel as though a discussion on the solution is missing, we’ve all heard about IFC’s and Semantic Web. But what about connection profiles? In today’s episode, we are pleased to bri ...   Show more

Evolution of BIM Policy

Today’s episode is a discussion about the evolution of BIM and the transition towards digital twins. Erika Pärn had the pleasure of speaking to none other than David Philp. Listeners in the UK will have come across David as a prominent lead figure in the UK BIM mandate. David was ...   Show more

Macro BIM and Beyond

Macro BIM and Beyond by Dr Erika Pärn  

Construction 4.0 and Uncovering New Value

Today’s episode is a deeper look into Construction 4.0 from an academics perspective. Erika Pärn wanted to dig deeper and find out if Construction 4.0 is just another consultant catchphrase or is there more to this transition. Erika had the pleasure of speaking to Professor Paul ...   Show more

Cambridge Zero Talks: Four Futures, One Choice

Today you have the pleasure of hearing from all of the authors of a recently published book, entitled: Four Futures, One Choice. Four Futures One Choice is an e-book, written in laymens terms by researchers from the Centre for Digital Built Britain in Cambridge. This book present ...   Show more

Keeping Pace With the Future State of BIM 2021

Today’s episode is another look into the state of BIM in 2021 and beyond, from an academics perspective. Erika had the pleasure of getting Professor David Greenwood to join her and share his thoughts and projections on the ever-changing landscape of construction management. David ...   Show more

BIM 2021 and beyond

Today’s episode is a look into the future state of BIM in 2021 and beyond, this is a practitioner’s perspective. I had the pleasure of getting Vicki Reynolds to join me and share her thoughts and projections on the ever-changing landscape of the built environment. Vicki is the ch ...   Show more

From BIM to Digital Twin

In today’s episode, we discuss the state of digitalisation in the built environment and the inevitable transition from BIM to digital twins. A topic we have covered numerous times on this podcast, but today's guest is a widely recognized academic and entrepreneur. I will be speak ...   Show more

BIM Automation with Dynamo and Beyond

We're sure many of you when you think about Beyond BIM and the technologies that really push technicians in their day to day jobs, it will inevitably fall upon design automation. Automation with BIM has become increasingly more accessible due to visual programming tools such as D ...   Show more

Constructing your career in the built environment

You have probably started 2021 thinking about your career and goals or ambitions for the upcoming year. Today's interview will hopefully give you much-needed inspiration and kick you back into action on making your career path your own. I sat down to speak with Elinor Moshe. Elin ...   Show more

CLOI-NET: Geometric digital twinning

In today's episode, we explore digital twins in more depth. I spoke with a fellow University of Cambridge alumni Dr. Eva Agapaki. Eva is currently working at PTC as innovation lead and senior software developer. There she applies cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning alg ...   Show more

Boston Dynamics: Robotics in Construction

When we think of robotics today, there is only one company that almost everyone can agree will come to mind, Boston Dynamics. Whether it was their clever SPOT robot seen on construction sites or their entertaining Christmas dance performed by robots - Boston Dynamics has remained ...   Show more

Fizure: Construction budgeting platform

The construction field is being introduced to an increasing number of digital platform solutions. In today's episode, we speak to Andres Kuuse, founder of Fizure, a platform that supports Job costing tools for Real Estate developers & General contractors & Engineering companies. ...   Show more

Digital Building Lifecycle framework

The digitalisation of the entire building #lifecycle has been talked about for quite some time. But if to reach its vision, it requires transformative services and experiences. In today's episode, we delve into the Digital Building Lifecycle framework introduced to us by Salla Ec ...   Show more

Flourishing Systems

Today’s interview we delve deeper into systems thinking and flourishing systems in the infrastructure domain. I sat down with my fellow colleague Dr Jennifer Schooling who is the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC), at the University ...   Show more

Competency of People at the Heart of Productivity

Today’s interview we delve deeper into knowledge ecosystems and competencies in the wider built environment context. Making sense of noise amidst the technology frenzies is increasingly complex and so is keeping up competencies and skills of workers. Today I sat down with Debbie ...   Show more

Digital transformation of AECO industries

Today’s interview Erika Pärn sat down with Dr. Ivanka Iordanova, an accredited architect and Professor Construction Engineering Department of École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal Canada. She is an experienced academic contributing to research related to digital media and b ...   Show more

Converging Psychology with Technology

In today’s episode we dive deeper into the topic of psychology and technology. I’m really excited to bring this interview with a fellow researcher whom I have had the pleasure to collaborate with. We looked into the future of work and how to incorporate machine vision with the wo ...   Show more

Business Model Innovation and the Productivity paradox

Over the last decade, as huge advances have been made in digitalisation, productivity growth has slowed in all the major economies. Known as the productivity paradox. Research suggests, a lack of business model innovation is the main culprit, and Dr. Chander Velu is one such acad ...   Show more

Business Ecosystems in Construction

Todays episode we discuss how competitors and rivals can cooperate to in an ecosystem and how competition has moved from firm to firm into ecosystem vs. ecosystem. I sat down to discuss the ecosystems (of both knowledge and business) in AEC industries with Dr.Gulnaz Aksenova. Gul ...   Show more

Computational and generative design

Today's episode is with Bill Allen the CEO, and President of EvolveLAB, Disrupt Repeat, and On Point Scans. He has over 15 years of experience managing technology for buildings in the AEC industry for cutting edge firms. Bill Allen has been a keynote speaker as well as featured s ...   Show more

Nature and human delight in architecture

In this episode we dive deeper into the field of architecture. I sat down to discuss the state of architecture with Laurie Chetwood who is an innovative artist and designer with colourful ideas and a radical vision for architecture. He believes in questioning convention, taking r ...   Show more

Digital Twin Buildings

In todays episode Dr. Erika Pärn has the pleasure of interviewing Christian Frey, a Senior Manager Innovation and Patent Coordination, Siemens, Smart Infrastructure. Christian has a strategic vision at Siemens, Smart Infrastructure Headquarters which is tied to the digital twinni ...   Show more

Construction 4.0 : Professional Bodies and Industry Processes

In today’s episode I have the pleasure to speak with the lead author of the recently published book Construction 4.0 Prof. Anil Sawhney. We discuss the topic of construction 4.0 and its impact on industry and professional bodies in the built environment. Anil is presently the Dir ...   Show more

Construction 4.0: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

This episode presents Dr. Javier Irizarry an Associate Professor in the School of Building Construction at the Georgia Institute of Technology. A pioneer in Unmanned Aerial System (or drone technology) applications in the built environment and co-author of the book titled Constru ...   Show more

Origins and Future of Digital Twins

In this episode we speak to Dr. Michael Grieves, the pioneer of the well known term digital twin. Dr. Grieves authored the seminal books on PLM, “Product Lifecycle Management” and “Virtually Perfect: Driving Innovative and Lean Products through PLM.” In our discussion he guides u ...   Show more

Computer Vision and Beyond in Construction

In this episode Dr. Ioannis Brilakis discusses the future of computer vision in construction sites and its role in reality capture for digital twins of construction and infrastructure assets.  

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