Episode 147 - Wrestling New Year

Episode 147 - Wrestling New Year

Episode 150 - Back on These Podding Streets Feat. @HeartbreakJulio

In this episode, Nathan is joined by Julio as they discuss Daniel Bryan's free agency period, where he might go, what matches would be dope to see.  We also discuss blood and guts, JR's no fucks given attitude, Eva Marie's comeback, Jimmy Uso back, and which belt will be next for ...   Show more

Episode 149 - Stupid Dope Moves

In this episode, McFly talks about his disdain for the FTW title, AEW's young guns, MLW and WWE perhaps working together, Jason Jordan's promotions, and wrestling trades. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support  

CHOP-SHOP Feat. Joey Ace

In our first episode of The CHOP-SHOP, we have "The 5-Star Stud" Joey Ace talking about getting back to wrestling, surviving through the pandemic, and the upcoming ECWA Super 8 show where Joey Ace will defend his ECWA title against Mr. Ooh-La-La. --- Support this podcast: https:/ ...   Show more

Episode 146 - LP is Back!

In this episode, one of the 20x20 OG's LP Dangerously came through to talk Mania, belt designs, legalization of weed in NY, and converse about Mr. Monday Night (Rob Van Dam) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support  

Episode 145 - Respect On The Name

Within this episode Bing and Nathan talk about the build up to Mania, what they are looking forward to within the 2-day NXT event, Nick Aldis words for Omega, Andrade's release, and The Fiend.  of course there's some shit in between the conversation, sit back, relax and check out ...   Show more

Episode 144 - Hell Hath No Fury

From our love of The Clipse album, Hell Hath No Fury, to our insight into Moose and Bobby Lashley's career, we get back to it after a two-week absence. We also talk about Vince and if he's growing some insecurities hiring a bunch of yesmen. --- Support this podcast: https://ancho https://ancho ...   Show more

Throwback Episode Feat. The Riegel Twins & Slice Boogie

There's been a lot going on with the podcast and Storyline Tees. It's been hard to get a new episode recorded, but we will be back next week with a brand new episode. We have a mash-up of two interviews we have done for this week featuring three amazing talents in The Riegel Twin ...   Show more

Episode 143 - For The Love

From The Chamber recap to shipping issues and The Ghost of Andrade, we cover the week within pro wrestling and give flowers to the young legend known as Rey Fenix. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support  

Episode 142 - The Outsiders

For this episode, we welcome Mario from The Lucha Outsiders show.  We recap last week's NXT TAKEOVER show, give our thoughts to Sunday night's Elimination Chamber PPV while talking about what type of impact social media would've had on the Attitude Era, and more. --- Support this ...   Show more

Episode 141 - Process of Elimination

In this episode, Nathan discusses the similarities between the Elimination Chamber match from 10 years ago and 2021, the good, the bad, and Bobby Lashley's case to be in the match. The new ICONS documentary on Yoko and the original content WWE is presenting on the network seems t ...   Show more

Episode 140 - Element of The Unknown

We recap the Royal Rumble, Kenta Bumrushing Moxley on AEW, The road to Wrestlemania, and nothing is too obvious for the fans at the moment.  Bad bunny training in the Performance Center, Damien Preist being presented as a star, and the props from Edge.  Who will edge face? Which ...   Show more

Episode 139 - City College

In this episode, Bing and Nathan set up a plan to look for SM. Two and also get into the Ryback-Mark Henry beef, Undertaker calling the locker room soft, WWE's network moving over to peacock. We also give our take on this year's Royal Rumble while talking about our favorite momen ...   Show more

Episode 138 - Conversation Fridays Feat. STARKKS

In this week's episode, Nathan is joined by the hip hop villain himself STARKKS.  They talk about hip hop in wrestling, the partnership between iMPACT & AEW, Roman being the tribal Chief, Who he would like to work with on entrance music, and what we look forward to in pro wrestli ...   Show more

Episode 137 - CONFLICTED

We called this episode "CONFLICTED" because that's precisely how we feel. We talk about the money that supported Trump's rally that eventually ended up in a riot. Linda McMahon is heavily invested. We are conflicted on how we can support the superstars of the WWE we associate wit ...   Show more

Episode 136 - Needle Movers

This past week was hectic in Pro-Wrestling. We saw a reformation of the Bullet Club, but for how long? Also, there is no mention of Moxley's N.J.P.W. promo, but many references to the bullet club in N.J.P.W.; are we seeing three promotions coming together? (AEW-NJPW-IMPACT). On R ...   Show more

Episode 135 - 2020 Wrap-up/ R.I.P Brodie Lee

In the last episode before the new year, Bing and Nathan talk for a few about Brodie Lee, aka Luke harper. They talk about favorite moments and how he impacted the business. We also discuss Big E winning the IC title, the royal rumble, is Daniel Bryan vs Roman happening for mania ...   Show more

Episode 134 - Untitled

With so much to talk about and not knowing what to call this episode, UNTITLED makes sense.  Nathan discusses Vince wanting Keith Lee to polish his skills at the PC, is Bullet Club on IMPACT, Have Jericho-Kenny-Callis been playing something all along? whos next to get a push? Did ...   Show more

Episode 133 - Xerxez

Bing and Nathan analyze the working relationship between IMPACT/AEW this week while wondering if Kenny will the Collecting agency of wrestling. Also, discuss how IMPACT placed their star talent on the most watch episode of IMPACT in a while. Review WAR GAMES but forget the men's ...   Show more

Episode 132 - Winter Is Coming

In this episode, we talk about the surprise debut of Sting and the partnership between AEW and Impact wrestling.  Talk our favorite moments of Pat Patterson as one of Vince McMahon's stooges, Bruce Prichard's newfound power within WWE's structure, and talk NXT: WAR Games happenin ...   Show more

Episode 131 - Lucha Pavo

First off Happy Thanksgiving to all, sending positive energy and blessings your way from the 20x20 SPORTATORIUM. In this episode, we give our take on Alvarez's distasteful comments on Roman and cancer, recap Survivor Series, talk about cliffhanger endings to PPV, and weekly wrest ...   Show more

Episode 130 - 3rd Party Hustle

In this episode, Mcfly gives his take on Zelina Vega being fired and the 3rd party hustle.  Also, he gives a recap of Dynamite, NXT, and what we can expect from Takeover on December 6th.  The pod also brings back the What If.. segment, a big shoutout to everyone who sent in their ...   Show more

Episode 129 - Block Work

McFly and Woodro recap AEW: Full Gear, talk Eddie Guerrero, Vince McMahon working everyone on the 23rd anniversary of "The Montreal Screw Job" and introduce a new segment, Wrestling History with Woodro. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support  

Episode 128 - 4th Quarter

In this episode, the gang is back forming like Voltron talk about Jey joining Roman, What may have lead to the twitch band, and what may come from that.  We also get into Dynamite and talk AEW full Gear heading into this Saturday. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20 https://anchor.fm/20x20 ...   Show more

Episode 127 - 11/19

In this Episode, McFly is riding solo as he breaks down his takes from Hell In A Cell, Survivor Series, and NXT not being apart of it.  Also, he gets into the numerical meaning behind Bray Wyatt (11/19) & (19/11), Is it linked to the undertaker or has he been trolling the fans th ...   Show more

Episode 126 - Cease & Desist

In this episode, we have our brother Dream Match wrestling.  We talk about the wild week with letters from our favorite company, not detailing jobs, but other legal matters.  We also give our take on Hell In A Cell.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/suppor https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/suppor ...   Show more

Episode 125 - Movers & Shakers

In this episode, the guys recap the WWE draft, try to make sense of RETRIBUTION being drafted and the stories they can tell.  Also, talk about how underrated Yokozuna was, the Anoa'i family dynasty, and the return on "Spin the wheel, make a deal".  We're all over the place in thi ...   Show more

Episode 124 - Fugazze Tees & Briefcase Dreams

In this episode, the fellas recap NXT TAKEOVER 31, Ali as the leader of retribution, 30 years of Jericho, and is MJF trying to infiltrate the Inner Circle? Does the MITB mean anything anymore? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support https://anchor.fm/20x20podcast/support  

Episode 123 - Everybody Is Food

We’re back with episode 123, McFly and Bing run through Clash of Champions and discuss the storytelling with Roman and his family position, also, Drew with Randy. We also chop it up about NXT: TAKEOVER this weekend, don’t forget The Jobbertears podcast is bringing back the hottes ...   Show more

Episode 122 - Roman Effect

Back at it for another week, the pod is down one man, but the show keeps rolling. In this episode, Nathan and Bing hold down the fort as Woodro felt under the weather (not corona related). The guys talk about Roman's effect in the locker room and, in rating and overall morale of ...   Show more

Episode 121 - Suited & Booted

The boy B.I. from Florida joins us once again as we talk about the week in wrestling. We recap AEW All Out and their anniversary show coming up, Cedric heel turn, Bayley stomping out Sasha, Cousin vs. cousin, and Why is Heyman's shook of the Trible Chief? Andrew Yang beefing with ...   Show more

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