Me & The WizeGuy

Me & The WizeGuy

Young & Talent

On this episode A.M. sits down with singer song writer Officially Simone. They discussed her start with music, her passions outside the music game, and future projects Officially Simone is working on.   

DeeVine Intervention

On this episode A.M. sits down with DeeVine, spoken word poet and rapper.  DeeVine originally from Jacksonville, Fl is now a D-Town resident and artist breathing fresh air to the rap game, giving “healed bad b#tch” energy. We sat down and discussed her start into rap with the rap ...   Show more


On this episode A.M gets a chance to set down with the melodic rapper DUCHE$$ from Dallas, TX.  DUCHE$$ is not just a rapper though as we discuss her being a writer, creative director, and poet expressing her life through the love of music.   

A.M's Top Ten

On this episode I have compiled a list of ten independent artist I feel are coming up in the music game. These artist are very different but want the music industry needs right now.    

The Madame

On this episode I sit down with singer songwriter Madame X. Madame X is from Wichita Falls, TX and she makes music with a purpose to inspire others. We had the chance to discuss her many talents, business, and topics like Lil Nax X and Versus battles.   

When 2 Libras Connect

On this episode I sit down with fellow Libra and Irvings' very own rapper Skippa2times. We discuss  his brand Stoner Trap The Brand, him being a brand ambassador of Wavii Babii LLC, and his own style of rap which he calls Stoner Trap Music.  

The Crossover

Season 2 opens with a crossover with OutRAEgeous Tales The Podcast. We discuss what we have been doing during Covid, Season 2 of our podcasts, and Kirk Franklin.   

Faith & Music

Interview with producer Dara JT where we discuss his passion for music and how his faith in God drives him to help others. Dara JT also bought a beat he created to honor Kobe and encourages all rappers/singers to write a song and post a clip of it on social media with the #KobeCh ...   Show more

Do Your Research Part. 2

This is part 2 of the interview with actress/model Brea Joy about the importance of doing your research, what bought her to Dallas,TX, and her future endeavors.  

Do Your Research pt. 1

This episode I talk with actress/model Brea Joy about the importance of doing your research, what bought her to Dallas,TX, and her future endeavors.  

The Manager

Check out as I interview Dallas manager ChiRackz. She’s the manager of several Dallas artist like EL London and Rocky Garden. In this episode we discussed the up and down of being a female manager in a male dominated field. Also, get a chance to release EL London’s song “Again & ...   Show more


Interview with Texas rapper K Mckinney. We discuss female rappers she look up to and how it feels to be a female in a male dominated field of rap. She also dives into the inspiration for her song “Party” airing this episode.  

Today, Part. 2

This episode will be an album review on Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, and upcoming Dallas, TX. It will also premiere the winner of my freee feature giveaway MeaningfulMusicENT song “Dreamers”.  


This episode focus on upcoming artist Sir Erion. We talk about his childhood in Louisiana, how he go into music, and he viewpoint on the artist he listen to.  

Special Dedication

This episode is dedicated to the late Dorothy Lee Smith Mayfield, my grandma, the strongest person I knew.   

No Frontin The Podcast Episode 2-Getting That Body Right

No Frontin The Podcast interviews DFW trainer Dezmond Scott. We discuss topics like proper eating habits, working out, and how they promote longer living.  

No Frontin The Podcast Episode 1- Get To Know

First episode from upcoming podcast in Dallas, TX. The focus of this episode is to get to know me and why this podcast was created.    

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