Bold Alpha 4-17-21 - Mark Baker from AOPA

Bold Alpha 4-17-21 - Mark Baker from AOPA

Bold Alpha 5-8-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration - Basil Hayden's Vertical Tasting

On this week's Bold Alpha Weekly Spirits Celebration we are doing a vertical tasting of Basil Hayden's. We are sampling their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the Dark Rye, the Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey and the Basil Hayden's 10 year.  

Bold Alpha 5-5-21 - New York Schools Whacking Columbus Day

New York schools whack Columbus Day, a famous New York City restaurant goes meat free, Tiffany launches male engagement ring line and everything I’ve said about Hydroxychloroquine has been proven true.  

Bold Alpha 5-1-21 - Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting Maneuvers

I'm joined by Tommy D and Angel Benitez from The Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 Cigar Lounge in Tampa, FL for our annual Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting Maneuvers.  This year we are sampling 6 tequilas including the Don Julio 70 Extra Anejo, the Partida Blanco, San Matias Tahona Rep ...   Show more

Bold Alpha 4-29-21 - President Biden's Snoozefest & Remembering Michael Collins

Fraudulent President Joe Biden's Snoozefest, cuts the beef, you won't believe the new professor at Tulane and remembering Astronaut Michael Collins.  

Bold Alpha 4-24-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration - Maker's Mark

On this week’s Bold Alpha Weekly Spirits Celebration we are sampling 3 bourbons from Maker’s Mark; Maker’s Mark 46, Maker’s Mark 101 and Maker’s Mark Cask Strength.  

Bold Alpha 4-23-21 - Columbus Cop Saves a Girls Live & Manhattan To No Longer Prosecute Prostitution

Columbus Cop shoot girl but save the live of another, Manhattan DA says I'll no longer prosecute prositution cases, Greta Thunberg gives ultimatum to Congress and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett signs book deal that stinks of the swamp.  

Bold Alpha 4-15-21 - John 'Lites' Leenhouts

We are on the Flight Line at the 47th annual Sun 'n Fun International Fly In in Lakeland, FL. Our guest is the CEO John 'Lites' Leenhouts.  

Bold Alpha 4-9-21 - Who's Really Running The Country

President Biden isn't running the country, golfers sound off on Georgia Voter Integrity law and border patrol spending $75 million per week on illegal alien children.  

Bold Alpha 3-31-21 - Voter Integrity Law Lies

Load of lies surrounding Georgia's Voter Integrity Law, Detroit steakhouse implements a policy against smelling like pot, Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue has a big surprise and Mitt Romney gets a profile in courage award?  

Bold Alpha 3-27-21 - Biden's First Press Conference

Fraudulent President Beijing Biden’s first news conference is pathetic, Jay Leno apologizing for telling Asian Jokes, taxpayers are paying $400/night for illegal aliens, my Chinese Wuhan Virus vaccination story and a tribute to Tedd Webb who is entering hospice.  

Bold Alpha 3-27-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration

For today's Bold Alpha Weekly Spirits Celebration we've gone south to the Rhone regions with two Chêne Bleu wines, Abélard and Héloïse.  

Bold Alpha 3-20-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration

For today's Bold Alpha Weekly Spirits Celebration we've gone to the Bordeaux region of France to sample the Château des Laurets Cuvée Baron and the Château Clarke  

Bold Alpha 3-18-21 - What Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Gander

What's good for the goose is not good for the gander for elitist lib John Kerry, the destruction of America happening quicker that I thought, Columbia University to hold 6 separate graduation ceremonies and Republicans now proposing amnesty.  

Bold Alpha 3-13-21 - Irish Whiskey Tasting Maneuvers

To prepare for St. Patrick's Day we conduct our annual 'Erin Go Bragh' Irish Whiskey Tasting Maneuvers as we sample 8 Irish whiskies with Tommy D and Angel Benitez from the Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 cigar lounge in Tampa, FL.  

Bold Alpha 3-12-21 - Mom and Dad Are No Longer Politically Correct Terms

Mom and Dad are no longer politically correct terms, a basketball coach suspended for a slip of the tongue, Twitter sues the Texas AG under the 1st amendment and President Obama slams Pete Buttigieg.  

Bold Alpha 3-10-21 - The Royal Wussified Beta

In this episode of Bold Alpha, Alpha Dave discusses the Royal Wussified Beta, Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss under attack and dames don't like guys with cats.  

Bold Alpha 3-6-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration - Old Elk

For this week's Bold Alpha Spirits Celebration we are sampling the Old Elk Wheated Bourbon and the Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey.  

Bold Alpha 2-27-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration - Highclere Castle Gin

For this week's Bold Alpha Weekly Spirits Celebration we are sampling the Highclere Castle London Dry Gin which is delightful, bold, expansive with lots of botanicals. Today we paired it with their cigar the Highclere Castle Victorian with a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, b ...   Show more

Bold Alpha 2-25-21 - Kim Jong Andrew Cuomo Is A Pig!

Kim Jong Andrew Cuomo is a pig, would you give up sex to travel and Larry Flynt goes out with a bang!  

Bold Alpha 2-20-21 Weekly Spirits Celebration - Bhakta Armagnac

For today's Weekly Spirits Celebration we are sampling 50-year Bhakta Armagnacs from France. We sample their Barrel #5, Barrel $6 plus we try some Vintage 1868 which is 153 year old Armagnac.  

Bold Alpha 2-17-21 - I Will Not Eat Synthetic Beef

Bill Gates wants you to eat synthetic beef, Aunt Jemima is now Pearl Milling Company, Kit Kat to introduce a vegan version and caffeinated coffee reduces the risk of heart failure.  

Bold Alpha 2-13-21 - Weekly Spirits Celebration

For this week's Bold Alpha Weekly Spirits Celebration we are sampling the Davidoff Cognac VSOP and the Davidoff Cognac XO. The VSOP has lots of orange and honey on the nose with notes of woodiness on the palate. The XO is smooth with more bite as it's aged at least 10 years.  

Bold Alpha 2-8-21 - Valentine's Day Manevuers

Cigar Dave and Laura Corn, author of 101 Nights of Great Sex, get your prepared to give her the Valentine's Day that will keep her happy so she'll reciprocate in pleasing you.  

Bold Alpha 2-6-21 Spirit of the Week

Our Bold Alpha Spirit of the Week is the Woodinville Single Barrel Cask Strength which is 120.7 proof. This 5-year-old whiskey is surprisingly smooth and flavorful despite the high proof.  

Bold Alpha 2-5-21 - Super Snacks and Chinese Worried About Raising Beta Males

Super Snacks for Super Bowl 55 in Tampa between the Bucs and Chiefs, the Chinese are worried about raising wussified beta boys, Hydroxychloroquine continues to help in the fight against the Chinese Wuhan Virus despite Phony Fauci and the FDA's continued dismissal of it plus Amazo ...   Show more

Bold Alpha 2-3-21 Episode 45

A foreigner skips the line to get the Chinese Communist Party Wuhan virus vaccine and brags about it on social media, John Kerry uses private jets while telling you climate change is destroying the planet, and the loss of UK veteran who raised money for virus research.  

Bold Alpha 1-30-21 Spirit of the Week

Our Bold Alpha Spirit of the Week is the Whistle Pig 15-Year Oak Rye Single Barrel Whiskey which is cask strength so it's 114.89 proof. This whiskey is bold and rich with major fire and major pepper notes.  

Bold Alpha 1-27-21 - First Week Of The Biden Regime

How is the first week of the Biden Regime working for you? Bold Alpha explores how Climate Change is nothing more than Wealth Transfer, a new Danish phone app for women to give consent for sex and the British have created a 1-hour course on how to drink water.  

Bold Alpha 1-23-21 Episode 42 - Spirit of the Week

For today's Bold Alpha Spirit of the Week we are sampling Michael Collins The Prediction Irish Whiskies from Sazerac. This whiskey has a lot of sweetness, not bitterness or bite. It's extremely smooth with buttery and sugary notes.  

Bold Alpha 1-16-21 Episode 41 - Spirit of the Week

Our Bold Alpha Spirit of the Week is Wicked Dolphin Rum aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels sold exclusively at Corona Cigars and the Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 cigar bar in Tampa, FL. This rum is delicious with nice sweetness and you taste a little bit of the wood.  

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