Ep 8 : is it a relationship or situationship?

Ep 8 : is it a relationship or situationship?

ep 7 : a pound of cure.

Welcome back! After my brief hiatus, I decided to talk about something very personal to me, which is my cancer experience. I've been a cancer survivor for about 10+ years and I am very proud of myself, but I talk about some insecurities and some struggles that I've experienced wi ...   Show more

Ep 6 SPECIAL : freedom's journal.

In this week’s episode we dive into the special month which is black history month.I discuss trials and tribulations of what like history has gone to throughout the years, in addition I also discuss how we can unite black people together instead of divide. As well as my opinions ...   Show more

Ep 5 SPECIAL : valentin-tin day.

In this week's special episode, we dive into Valentine's Day. Plus how it's overhyped and how it's portrayed in today's society and in the media. Later on, we have special guests, Henrietta (IG: regularshmegularhenney), Hazel, Alex (IG:_lexxindacutt) and Whitney (IG:kb1hunndo) al ...   Show more

Ep 4 : from both sides of the couch.

In this week's episode, we take a dive into the other gender and discuss men's mental health. In the beginning, I discuss how men's mental health in Canada and how I personally think men's minds should be handled in today's society. Later on, I have two features Dumebi (IG:dxmebi ...   Show more

Ep 3 : you get a friend ! X3

Welcome back! This week's episode is about how to manage and maintain multiple friend groups, in today's day and age we create and make friends while we lose some along the way of life. Also, we make friends from different places (school, work, childhood, etc) and sometimes it ca ...   Show more

Ep 2 : let’s get down to business.

In this episode, I talk briefly about entrepreneurship and being employed. The pros and cons, and how the education system could've improved for students to be more prepared for the future and adulting. Later on, I have two features to further discuss such topics. The first featu ...   Show more

Ep 1 : it’s 2021, let’s talk.

(Republished without music at the end.) Hi, I'm Clarissa Frimpong and I am a recent graduate of Humber College. This first episode is just a quick introduction to who am I, your host. Also a quick dive into what has been going on the last couple of days. New year, same you y'all! ...   Show more

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