Guests Who Were Banned From Saturday Night Live

Guests Who Were Banned From Saturday Night Li...

The Razzie Awards

The Razzies--what they are and some notables who have won them, and I'll take a look at historical events from the week gone by. That and whatever rambling thoughts wander into my brain and out of my mouth in this podcast for the first of May, May Day, mayday, mayday. Mayday is a ...   Show more

More Celebrities Banned From SNL and Cat Funnies

I’m finishing the list of celebrities banned from Saturday Night Live along with a few odd bits of news from rock and roll, all of them happening on April 25  but in different years. I'll have some cat jokes, as in feline funnies, that my cat Shianna insists I tell, and more. As ...   Show more

Dirty Rock Lyrics and More

The search for dirty rock lyrics continues from last week, and there will be a Dan Sanders story or two. Heck, what more could you ask for on the first weekend after April Fools’ Day? Well, a lot of rambling tom-, er, Danfoolery as well, all on the shores of Rambling Harbor. --- ...   Show more

New report on UFO's and Dirty Rock

The truth is out there or in here or someplace. Do you ever feel like Diogenes looking for an honest human? Also, I found a bunch of dirty rock songs, which as the great "Purveyor of Truth" I try to be I plan to share with you. All that and who knows what, all on the shores of Ra ...   Show more

Cheap Trick and a Loose Screw

I will explain that title along with a difficult trivia question. Also, recent news about Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young as well as Huey Lewis on TV, really, and MTV revising Behind the Music, the documentary series that originally ran from 1997-2014. Oh yeah, and just a wee bit of ...   Show more

George Clooney. (Now That I Have Your Attention...)

What do Robert Frost, Huey Lewis, Tina Turner, and George Clooney have in common? They are all making the news in this podcast. That along with general news and a look at some historical events I found interesting during the last week. Not to mention my getting shot (the vaccine) ...   Show more

Ozzy Osbourne and Dolly Parton

What did Ozzy Osbourne and Dolly Pardon do and so will I at High Noon on Saturday? A word on that and other rock and roll news. Also, since someone asked, I’ll give a short explanation of my cat's name, and there is a trivia question I’m betting might fool you. --- This episode i ...   Show more

Little Known Facts About the Hotel California and My One Year in Isolation

Yes, it will be one year on February 28 that I have self-confined. Some thoughts on that, a little political venting, and some little-known facts about the Eagles' Hotel California. Write to: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to m ...   Show more

It’s Mostly Rock and Roll from the Year 2020

As these podcasts begin to slowly morph back into their original intention, which is entertainment news and history, this podcast will take a look at some of the biggest rock and roll stories from the year 2020. There will always be a modicum of politics otherwise it would not be ...   Show more

Podcast For November 29th 2020

I hope everyone had a safe and happy thanksgiving. And now, here is the last podcast for November 2002. My 274th day in isolation,.25 days to Christmas eve, and also it’s only 32 days to New Years'. More rambling and stammerings on the shores of Rambling Harbor so please come on ...   Show more

Thanksgiving 2020 And More

Alice's Restaurant Massacree", commonly known as "Alice's Restaurant", is a satirical song by singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie which was released as the title track to his 1967 debut album Alice's Restaurant. The song is a protest against the Vietnam War Draft a part of my life nev ...   Show more

Priest, My Haircut, A look At History And Some Odd News

In this podcast, I have two personal stories, the first about my friend Phil Berrigan. A semi-professional baseball player a World War II artillery sergeant during the Battle of The Bulge in 1945 and later a Second Lieutenant in the infantry and ordained a priest in 1955. Phil ma ...   Show more

November 8th The Counting Is Done And There Is Music.

At the beginning of this podcast, I will give have thoughts on the last four years politically, the election, and the vote counting. Then it’s the usual ramblings and musings interwoven with musical and historical facts. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way ...   Show more

Rambling Harbor For November 1st, From Halloween to Presidential Elections, And More .

From witchcraft to a witch hunt, Halloween to a presidential election what could be scarier? Also, music history and news and trivia, all that, and as usual so much more, with ramblings and opinions from the mysterious shores of Rambling Harbor. --- This episode is sponsored by · ...   Show more

Rambling Harbor Podcast for October 25th, 2020

In this podcast, there is not one but two trivia questions. There are thoughts about politics, elections, and sports, and of course music. And I never know what will pop into my head and out of my mouth until I open the mic and mouth simultaneously and begin, so join me on the sh ...   Show more

More Ramblings Than Usual, Maybe? For Sunday, October 18th

Welcome to another week of ramblings, perhaps more ramblings than usual with thoughts about the election and football, music, movies, and more. A trivia question this one about Saturday Night Live or now known simply as SNL.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...   Show more

From Football To Missiles, When My Life Started To Change

At the beginning of this podcast, I give a little history of how I first started becoming politicized back in 1962. When I started to think and fully realized that I could not leave the questions of whether I would live or die in the hands and feeble minds of a few men in power. ...   Show more

From Drinking To Sports To Politics And Beyond

In this podcast, I’ll cover everything from the new information about what is being called pandemic drinking and my thoughts on that and about  Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts closing Cannabis shops and saying liquor stores were essential businesses to my thoughts about P ...   Show more

Thoughts About, Politics, And Music And Other Free Form Ramblings.

In this podcast, I have some thoughts about Donald Trump, the Supreme Court, human rights, and Grammar, lol along with the usual ramblings and historic dates of interest. Once again, we’ll set sail and see where we weigh anchor here on this September 27th“Anchor” podcast. 36 DAYS ...   Show more

The On Last Day of Summer 20,2020 From Rambling Harbor

This podcast has little or nothing to do with summer other than the fact that is being produced on the last day of summer 2020,20 and I have for many reasons always been fascinated by the number 222 which I also will not mention in this podcast. There will be thoughts on football ...   Show more

The 13th Day Of The 9th Month In The Year 2020

Hello, everyone first a little information, and I do mention this in the podcast along with other ramblings but I wanted you to know as a listener you can now leave me a voice message. It is necessary to start an account with and it is free and you do not have to create ...   Show more

The Labor Day Weekend Show For September 6th 2020

Some fun facts about Labor Day and other events including a trivia question about the NFL," And of course other fund facts and ramblings.  Heck as I've said I don't know what's in there until we open the door so come on a shore. So I completed the podcast and my virtual cyber pho ...   Show more

The Last Week of August 2020

More random thoughts and wonderings from the shore of Rambling Harbor. It's all here more news, music, and events both current and past. And as I have said it's mostly unrehearsed. Someone once asked me when I did live radio if I wrote down what I was going to say before or after ...   Show more

A Little Bit Of Everything, Music,News, Events and of Course Politics

It's all here, music, history, current news and events, and of course my rambling thoughts. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:  

Some Politics And A Lot Of Music News And History

Politics and music have always been friends from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to CSNY and on and on and in this podcast, for the first time I’m going to let a lot of my political colors fly in the first few minutes with thoughts on watching my country burn thought the riots which is ...   Show more

Podcast for May 18th to the 24th Music News and History

In this podcast, exciting info about The Drop Kick Murphy’s live stream with a special guest from Fenway Park. Also, what history does the Red Skelton show and Mick Jagger have in common as well as Brian Wilson and Crowded House?  Along with the usual music news and history and o ...   Show more

May 17th More Music News and History

In this podcast news about Prince's new video. Also Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck's new rendition of John Lennon’s “Isolation” in the new video for their recently released cover of the 1970 song. Also news about Alice Cooper's new video, "Don't Give Up" The Jonas Brothers have releas ...   Show more

The First Podcast of Music News and History

Welcome to my podcast from the shores of Rambling Harbor. On these cyber shores, I will cover everything from the music of today to music and entertainment history also sports and a few historical events of note and just about anything else that comes to my mind, much of it adlib ...   Show more

The Continuing History of Rock and Roll Music

In this podcast, you will learn what Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, as well as Elton John, had to say about the recent death of the founding father of rock and roll, Little Richard. As well as more music history and historical events coupled with the usual ramblings of your host Dan ...   Show more

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