Ep80: How to underwrite commercial Real Estate with Derrick Reiner

Ep80: How to underwrite commercial Real Estat...

Ep83: Financial Independence through real estate, while active duty

---------------- Today's Episode: ?  This week on the podcast we have Simon McEntee an active-duty soldier who is pursuing financial independence through real estate while active duty. In this episode, Simon breaks down how many doors he needs to achieve financial independence an ...   Show more

Is your home an asset? My response to the comments

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Is your home an asset? This is a debate that has gone on for years in financial literacy circles but has recently come to the forefront with a hot debate. In this video I explore the debate: is your home is an asset? --- Support this podcast: ...   Show more

Ep82: Wholesaling real estate while active duty with Sean Hudson

---------------- Today's Episode: ?  "Someone died in the house" not something you want to hear from your realtor. In this episode, Sean Hudson talks about getting started in real estate while on active duty. Being a Realtor and Wholesaler while preparing to transition out of the ...   Show more

Ep81: Living rent free at 20 years old on the VA loan with Paul Farmer

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Living rent-free, Paul Farmer a single 20-year-old active-duty serviceman in the Army stationed in ft.Riley ks. Bought his first duplex property and financed it using the VA loan. Currently living rent-free until in his duplex which in the en ...   Show more

Ep79: Becoming an accidental investor with Trey Trahan

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   With the doubts that investors face at times including, cash flow or, thinking about the end game, and if the overall performance is going to be good. Andrew speaks about his journey as he encountered all these occurrences. This episode is fo ...   Show more

Ep78: From Active Duty to Military Spouse to Real Estate Investor with 32 doors with Erin Helle

---------------- Learn Real Estate Investing: ??   Military Real Estate Investment Course with Dan Wynn:   https://militarycashflow.podia.com/​ https://militarycashflow.podia.com/​   Real Estate Success Boot Camp with Mike Glaspie: https://reisuccessacademy.thinkific.c...​ https://reisuccessacademy.thinkific.c...​   ---------------- Great Read's from MCF: ?   ...   Show more

Ep77: "My first Real Estate Deal" with Juan Esteban

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week on the podcast we've got young investor Juan Esteban. A real success story plays out as Juan Esteban talks about his first deal, a duplex at the age of 20 years old. Delving deep on this deal Juan breaks down his cash on cash return ...   Show more

Ep76: Investing with a Self-Directed IRA with Sean McKay

---------------- Today's Episode: ? Spoiler alert. Dan will not be pursuing his rap career. This week it is all about using your IRA to invest in a multitude of ways. Looking to invest in Real Estate using your IRA and 401K? American IRA has you covered and Sean is explaining eve ...   Show more

Ep75: Alternate ways to build that Military Cashflow with Adam Whitney

---------------- Today's Episode: ? This week’s episode is all about finding alternate ways to build military cash flow. Adam Whitney speaks on alternate means of investing and the depths of wholesaling. He also unravels Amazon automation. Adam is all about finding deals and rais ...   Show more

Ep74: The Green Beret Foundation with Brent Cooper

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   With special guest, Brent Cooper, joining Michael Glaspie on this must-see episode of Military Cash Flow. Brent is the executive director of the Green Beret foundation which serves the Army’s Special Forces. Chasing a life of fulfillment, Bre ...   Show more

Ep73: 0-14 units in just 12 months with Trevor West

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Trevor West explores his transformation path, from the military to real estate, with our hosts Dan Wynn and Michael Glaspie. Discussing how he got 0 to 14 units in just 12 months. Trevor breaks down what while pursuing the cash flow in his in ...   Show more

Ep72: Private lending with Alex Breshears

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Alex Breshears spills the beans about what it is like to be a lender in this episode of the Military CashFlow Podcast. Whether you are a military spouse or someone who wants to contribute more financially, this episode is for you. Alex explor ...   Show more

Ep71: Helping service members to invest in Real Estate with Anthony Pinto

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week Dan Wynn is talking to Anthony Pinto from Mission First Capital. Ever wanted to know how to convince your spouse/partner to get on board with your vision and investment strategy? The guys are covering that exact topic which may be i ...   Show more

Ep70: The 2-12k side hustle with Andre C Hatchett

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week we are exploring a not so well known yet super lucrative side hustle with Andre C Hatchett. This episode covers being a Notary Public and the ability it has to generate a substantial income as not only a side hustle but main and onl ...   Show more

Ep69: Infinite banking concept with Chuck Peterson

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week on the military cashflow podcast Chuck Peterson will be walking us through the infinite banking concept. Find out how you can use your life insurance policy to invest in real estate as well as different ways to utilize your life ins ...   Show more

Ep68: 34 units closed and a hotel syndication. 2020 recap with Mike Glaspie

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Listen to Mike Glaspie break down his incredible 2020, the deals that were made, the growth that was achieved, and what company performed incredibly well against expectations. Mike will also de delving into his deals and the expansion of his ...   Show more

Ep67: Finding the perfect property manager with Ty Magnum

---------------- Today's Episode: ?  This week on the military cashflow podcast we've got Ty Magnum speaking about property management and her experience with renting out properties. Are your property managers at the level you need?  Find out how Ty got herself and her property m ...   Show more

Ep66: Military Apartment Investing Journey with Brian Briscoe

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week on the Military Cashflow Podcast Brian Briscoe shares some of his life-changing military experiences and how they motivated him to do more to give back to those less fortunate through military service. Living in a First World countr ...   Show more

Ep 65: House flipping success with Nate Cross

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week on the military cashflow podcast Nate Cross is diving into how he used house flipping to build his war chest. How can you analyze your comparables proficiently? Find out how Nate uses his comparables to maximize his selling price. T ...   Show more

Ep 64: Bulletproof-style investing explained with Marcus Long

---------------- Today's Episode: ?  On this week’s episode of the military cashflow podcast, we have Marcus Long telling us about his bulletproof-style of investing. How do you make a seamless and risk averted investment into real estate today? Find out how Marcus and his brothe ...   Show more

Ep62: The short term Rental Relic with Alvin Cavalier

This week on the military cashflow podcast Alvin Cavalier is discussing the benefits of the sharing economy model. Do you want your short-term rental venture to be an all-inclusive and convenient service?  Find out how Alvin uses Walt Disney’s sharing economy model to make his bu ...   Show more

Ep60: How to fix your credit and repair your credit score with Bethany Roy

---------------- Today's Episode: ? This week on the military cashflow podcast Bethany Roy is talking all things credit. How do you get your credit score up to 700 and remove negative items in less than 6 months?  As a credit repair agent, Bethany is going to explain the ins and ...   Show more

Ep58: Building a business while active duty with Jonathan Byrd

---------------- Today's Episode: ? This week we have 20-year active duty airforce man Jonathan Byrd on the podcast. Jonathan is talking about how he started and maintained a business while not only on active duty but through being deployed as well. Jonathan is talking about ensu ...   Show more

Ep57: Residential VS Apartment, pros and cons

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week we are talking about the pros and cons of Residential Real Estate VS Apartment Real Estate. What exactly does that mean? What exactly is considered a "residential investment" or an "apartment investment"? Which one is right for you? ...   Show more

Ep56: Insurance 101 with Jake Davis from State Farm

---------------- Great Read's from MCF: ?   The Elite Investor Michael Glaspie: https://amzn.to/35J00he https://amzn.to/35J00he   Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki: https://amzn.to/2FDUodJ https://amzn.to/2FDUodJ   Think and Grow Rich Napolean Hill: https://amzn.to/2GZoMiS https://amzn.to/2GZoMiS   How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Ca ...   Show more

Ep55: 6 easy steps to getting your first rental property

---------------- Great Read's from MCF: ?   Check out some of the books that influenced us and allowed us to expand our midset on our journey.   The Elite Investor Michael Glaspie: https://amzn.to/35J00he https://amzn.to/35J00he   Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki: https://amzn.to/2FDUodJ https://amzn.to/2FDUodJ   Think and ...   Show more

Ep54: The best Real Estate team in Miami with Brian Smith and Justin Bush

Mike Glaspie just launched his brand new book: The Elite Investor: A Military Approach to Real Estate Problem Solving. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088H12QXT/... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088H12QXT/... Comment down below if you've got your copy.   ---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Brian and Justin are talking mortgag ...   Show more

Ep53: Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Expectation vs Reality

---------------- Today's Episode: ?   Today Mike Glaspie just launched his brand new book: The Elite Investor: A Military Approach to Real Estate Problem Solving. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088H12QXT/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_api_sH1vFb5KG94QE https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088H12QXT/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_api_sH1vFb5KG94QE   In this episode of the MCF Podcast, Dan and Mi ...   Show more


---------------- Today's Episode: ?   This week we James Patrick who is an absolute Rockstar Real Estate agent. James is talking through his journey to success and while we may all start out at different points and aim for different things as we define what success means to us. J ...   Show more

Ep51: House Hacking - How to live rent free - Use your VA loan to live rent free

???NEW MERCH ALERT???  Now you can proudly rep the Military Cashflow Podcast showing your support as well as your commitment to continuing your Real Estate investing journey. We have just launched the "Original MCF" our first t-shirt which is on sale right now. Be sure to get you ...   Show more

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