Episode 43: What the F***K is going on?

Episode 43: What the F***K is going on?

Episode 46: F#%K Altuve!

The Fans exacted the revenge that MLB allowed and it was glorious. Stanton is hot Judge is not.A comedy of errors in the 8th inning.Gary can't hit fastballs. Why?Is Hicks playing better than we thought?Florial is coming.The Du is back.Voit is on his way.Follow me on twitter ...   Show more

Episode 45: Ace of New York

We are witnessing something special with Cole.Stanton in the 2 hole needs to be permanent.Judge shows us why he is a top 5 player.Did Aaron Boone fix the lineup?Houston is coming to town. Let them hear it.Time to make a run.Gary is the backup. What next?Goodbye Tauchman.  

Episode 44: "If you're chasing power, you're chasing pitches"

Cole is dominant as usual.Yankees have a winning streak and have turned the corner?A catching rumor.Clarke Schmidt update.What is wrong with Clint?Is this who Gary is after the last few seasons?This season determines what happens next.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscrib ...   Show more

Episode 42: It Not What You Want

3-5 currently. What is wrong?Domingo sent down. Garcia on his way?Tyler Wade sent down. For good?Odor called up.Bruce has been horrible. Time to end the experiment.Hicks must do better.With the addition of General Soreness to the roster I pose a question to all of you.Extra innin ...   Show more

Episode 41: Roster Answers

Tauchman trade rumors.Will it be Bruce, Dietrich, or WadeClint and Hicks are two big keys.Gary needs to prove it.Possible 6 man rotation at the end of the season?Subscribe and follow wherever you listen.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePod--- This episode is sponsored by · Ancho ...   Show more

Episode 40: 4 spots 6 guys. Who's it going to be?

Yankee news.Who will be the 4 man bench?Who will be the starting 5? You might not like who will get the last spot.Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodIntro and outro "High Octane by Bensounds.com"--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor ...   Show more

Episode 39: The Sad Business of Domingo German

Tauchman fighting for the last spot. Will Yanks trade him?Bruce or Dietrich?The sad reality of the German situation. Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe wherever you listenSound clip from the movie "The Naked Gun"Intro and outro "High Octane by Bensounds.com"--- This e ...   Show more

Episode 38: Gardner Plants a New Deal

-Gardner is back but how does that affect things?-German vs. the team.-Thor vs. Bauer.-A funny thing happened today on twitter. A fraud was exposed.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe and leave a comment and review wherever you listen.Intro and outro "High Octane" by B ...   Show more

Episode 37: Stop messing with the Baseball

Yanks add Taillon and O'Day.One more move to make and it's not Gardner.MLB messing with the baseball.MLB trying to ruin the game.Bauer finally signed and the asshole move he made.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe and listen on your preferred platform.Intro ...   Show more

Episode 36: DJ is BACK and he brought Kluber with him.

DJ and his deal.A special thank you to the Somerset Patriots.My guy Kluber is here. I was right.Arbitration numbers. AROD lawsuit.Subscribe wherever you listenFollow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodIntro and outro "High Octane" by Bensounds.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anc ...   Show more

Episode 35: What the hell is going on?

So Crates Brito a Yankee.Is it DJ and bust?Moves to be made. Where's Cashman?C.C doc.Gary Sanchez.Bauer's slip up.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe wherever you get your pods.Spread the word.Movie clip from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Used for ...   Show more

Episode 34: Trevor Bauer and the Yankees

The whole episode is my direct pitch to Trevor Bauer and his agent Rachel Luba on signing with the Yankees.How we can sign both DJ and Bauer.Payroll is not what we think. Money has to be spent.Follow me @SavageEmpirePod on twitter.Subscribe, like, comment, and share.Intro "High O ...   Show more

Episode 33: Scrooge McHal?

Gio surgery.News and Notes.SIGN DJ. SIGN BAUER.Poll question and responses.Follow me on twitter @SavgeEmpirePodSubscribe and leave a review. Tell your friends, family, and strangers to subscribe and listen.Intro and Outro "High Octane by Bensounds.com"--- This episode is sponsore ...   Show more

Episode 32: Twitter Gm's. How would you improve the Yankees?

Chapman suspension reduced.Happ rumors.Cano is an idiot.How will the Mets spend his money this year?DJ rumorsTwitter GM'sYanks have to spend or will lose city to the MetsMichael Kay's crazy rotation fix. or is it?SIGN BAUER.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodIntro and ...   Show more

Episode 31: Why does Clownfred hate the fans?

Kratz to retire?Re-sign DJ and GET BAUER.Spend money to make money.Clownfred wants to do what? Not on my watch.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe wherever you listen. Leave a review if you can.Intro and Outro "High Octane by Bensounds.com"--- This episode is sponsored ...   Show more

Episode 30: Vote Savage Empire

Yankee news. Who got sent packing.Gio ROBBED of his gold glove. Clint next?GET BAUERRE-SIGN DJPolitics jokes.My weekend in Salem for Halloween.Bridge Idiots.Be Safe and voteFollow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodIntro and outro Hail to the Chief. (my new song)--- This episode is sp ...   Show more

Episode 29: Spend That Money Cashman.

Yanks want to be cheap but can't afford to.DJ numbers I'd give him.Extend Britton.Say goodbye to a leader.Go get BAUER!!!Last chance for Gary?Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe, like, follow, comment and leave a 5 star rating everywhere you get your pods fro ...   Show more

Episode 28: Cole and who else? Yanks Starting 5 need help.

We focus on fixing the starting rotation.GO GET BAUER!How will they use Sevy?What's the future of German?The kids should stay in Scranton to improve.Sneaky additions on the cheap maybe that can be helpful.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe wherever you get your p ...   Show more

Episode 27: Mission 28 was a failure. Where do we go from here?

Was the season a failure? Boone says noWho is to blame?What changes need to be made?Shout out to all of you. Help build the showSeason's over but more episodes to come.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe where you get you pods.Intro and outro "High Octane by Benso ...   Show more

Episode 26: IT'S TIME!!!!

Series recap against the Indians.Look ahead to Tampa.Weaknesses for us.Tampa too cocky?Not a rivalry, just a stepping stone.Goosebumps.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe wherever you get you favorite pods. Give me a 5 star rating and leave comments where you can. Tell ...   Show more

Episode 25: Cleveland it is. Let's GO!!

A look into the three game set versus the Indians.DJ won the Batting title.Voit won the home run race and possibly the MVP.28 man roster and taxi squad prediction.We as fans are low energy right now but we need to flip the switch like the Yankees will.Follow me on twitter @Savage ...   Show more

Episode 24: Playoff Bound. Which Team Will Show Up?

Boston series recap.Savage Poll.The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.German in the playoffs?Gardner 2021?Chapman's hearing news.Follow me on twitter @SavageEmpirePodSubscribe wherever you get you favorite podcast from and leave a rating and review on Apple.Intro "High Octane by B ...   Show more

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