Spare Change

Spare Change

Security to Gate 42

Your flight is de-boarded...what are you doing at the gate? Your child buy 3 THOUSAND US Dollars worth of popsicle...what do you do? Toya and Shea discuss this week's shenanigans. Toya isn't quite sure which 'Damage' is the damage Shea is referring to. Gates B and D sound VERY si ...   Show more

Snip Snip Tuck Tuck

Toya and Shea discuss this week's happenings..can you be friends with someone of the opposite sex? Plastic's a thing...always have been, are you getting anything done? Also, colonoscopies came up...don't know how.  

Lying, Fired, and Scams

Maybe it's God's plan or maybe it's insanity. RIP Black Rob.  

Thrift Store Stank

Toya and Shea discuss this week's shenanigans. Verdine's hair stays laid, Ron Isley's beard has a new stan!  

Bloody Shoe Bandit

Toya and Shea discuss bloody shoes, bathroom etiquette, and Tina Turner  

Dumbo The Dumbass

Toya and Shea take on elephants, cheating spouses, but fighting a grown ass gorilla is out of the question. The theme is 'dumbass' this week. Toya and Shea do a deep dive into the world of the dumbasses because why not?  

We're All In This Together

Money can't buy you happiness? We beg to differ. Also, Toya has a late night rendezvous with Deb. Shea really had the scoop on "Goodies" being a hit.  

A Dash of Garlic Sauce

Toya and Shea discuss this week in pop culture. Out of Context Recap: Pants with the booty out, what would you do for bae?, what's the weirdest thing you had to do at work?  

Missy and Friends...

Toya and Shay discuss Verzuz, Girl Code, and there's a tangent within the first five minutes...who's suprised? Missy deserves a solo Verzuz, "West Coast Joe" can't be the name you use to get cred in Detroit, Sneak heads unite for this class action suit!  

Valentime's Day

Toya and Shea talk about relationships! Toya may not be wanted for assault...according to the streets. Shea is also the queen of breakup to makeup.  

Hits That Stick Like Glue

Toya and Shea discuss their favorite Tiny Desk concerts. Trey Songz was trending for some specific reason and leave Chloe Bailey alone!  

Welcome Back

Toya and Shea return from hiatus. Nothing has changed in our time off, if anything everything has gotten worse. Toya took a road trip, Shea had a vacation and they're really out here trying to kill your favorite podcasters!  

This Year Sucked

2020 highlights are here! Toilet paper is worth more than gold. Teddy Riley is the best meme out of Verzuz. Happy 2021!  

The Stinky

Toya and Shea discuss the chaos and negativity of the past week...the US government wants to give us $600 and isn't enough! Mariah Carey was not mentioned during the making of this episode.  

This Christmas

Who really had the best version of "This Christmas"? Don't come for us...but you'll probably hate our pick. Let's be honest...Michelle Williams is the queen of bridges. Destiny's Child should bless us with another Christmas album.  

Joy To The World

Toya and Shea discuss what brings them joy. What is the appropriate response when "Throw That Ass in a Circle" is played? Toya hasn't been to church since she had the frilly socks. Shea goes to the internet to praise Sky Daddy.  

Kocaine Cowboy

Toya and Shea focus on music this week; Grammy noms and Soul Train Music Awards. Also, Shea gave Abel a very fitting nick name. Shea has the best nick names for artists. Do you know who Kocaine Cowboy is? How about Ponytail? The worst part is that Toya questions nothing.  

The Case of the Missing PlayStation

Toya is basically a FedEx expert. Shea likes concept. What would you do if George Clooney gave you a bag? Shea and Toy discuss this week's news and explore what life would be if they were in George Clooney's top 14.  

Family Affair

Alex Trebek was  a real one. Beyoncé won't let us rest. And there's some assholes out here.   

You About To Lose Yo Job

Toya and Shea don't know what is going on, but Trump about to lose his job. There's a playlist for that. Toya and Shay wrap up Halloween, discuss the pending election and give you tunes to tell DT to get the hell on.  

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Toya and Shea have no idea about what's going on this week. The rich people are having a fit. Drip 2 dropped and someone isn't pleased.  

Tube In

Toya and Shea discuss the mishaps of this week. Is there any bright side at this point? Retail workers deserve so much more, co-parenting is hard, straight bangs and curly ponytails reign supreme.  

064 Grab Your Tin Foil Hat

Kanye is still running for President. Cardi be burnin' on Offset, also is the Bermuda Triangle still a thing?  

063 You Are The A$$hole

Toya and Shea discuss the VP debate and give their honest opinions on who exactly is the asshole in these streets.  

062 One Hit and MoKenStef

Toya does a HORRIBLE 45 impression, Miss Rona is running rampid, Shea is bilingual.  

061 Kickstands and Ponytails

RIP to the Notorious RBG! What is 'wanton endangerment'? Toya and Shea discuss the Just For Me jingle at length.  

060 Hello…It’s Us…Again

Fune Tunes? Or climbing into your feelings? This is the episode for you!  

059 Smooth Move

This week is all about Verzuz, but not how you think. This place still sucks.  

058 Verzuz and Vaccines

Clearly, Elmo would get washed in a Verzuz battle against Barney. Student loans aren't a thing in 2020 and COVID vaccine seems a bit under-cooked.  

057 The Sounds of Summer

There's a party in the USA is a BIG tune, tell us differently. Toya and Shea take on this week by discussing the sounds of Summer. Giving you vibes and big tunes to add to your playlists.  

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