We Want All the Smoke Ep. 4 "Is it a Relationship or is She a Bill?"

We Want All the Smoke Ep. 4 "Is it a Relation...

"The Hoe Phase" Accepted or Not?

LISTENER SUBMITTED!!! Several female listeners sent this topic in various forms so it was time to drop this one. The 2oeboxx and I give our take on if this so-called "phase" is needed, accepted or unaccepted? We also discuss the male version of this as well for the "Men do it it" ...   Show more

"Dating With a Purpose" & a Bonus Topic

Listener Submitted Dating with a purpose is the cliched social media thing to say in regards to some women who are seeking a relationship. However, is this unnecessary pressure from the onset or are you being upfront with your intentions? Why don't we hear more men say this? Peop ...   Show more

The Practice of Hypergamy and the Expectation of It

Attacking the concept of hypergamy is sure to invoke an argument with a lot of women because it goes against the concept of being able to profit off of a relationship and or union. I react to a clip Kevin Samuels dishes on via The Joe Budden Podcast. Music by: Native Sunz: "Come ...   Show more

I've Found the Real Feminists & They Aren't in the U.S.

Icelandic women have female empowerment actually in play in their country. Dating Intimate Interactions Supporting One Another Have a listen and you will hear how the mere size of their island nation has led to this. Music By: MC² "Interstellar" feat Josh Barrios Native Sunz "Cry ...   Show more

Asian American & Pacific Islander Bill & "America's Not a Racist Country"

President's Biden 100+ Days in Office Has Encompassed: - Another Stimulus Package - AAPI Executive Order - Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan and his VP agreeing with Rep. Tim Scott that "America is not a racist country". Wait, what? Staunch VP Kamala Harris supporter, actress ...   Show more

We Want All the Smoke Ep. 5 "The Child Support Issue"

SEVERE TRIGGER WARNING!!! Fair for one parent and unfair for another. It's the system we have, flawed or not it's not going anywhere. Should it be revised? What if there are actual women that don't agree with the system and its abusers? Ladies, let's get real uncomfortable on thi ...   Show more

Squared Away Ep.3

The Army isn't all about training, inspections, physical fitness, shooting ranges, and deployments. It actually was fun at times and the best part for me was the cool people I got to know. I bring in a guest that's certified funny! G Rich and I go way back and even how we met was ...   Show more

Take Care of Her Emotions but Not Yours

Trigger Alert! I recently posted a meme about this on social media and it was met with a mixed bag of agreement and disagreement among the genders. Do most women expect men to tend to her emotions but disregard his and say he's emotionally unavailable? I bring a guest in and she ...   Show more

We Want All the Smoke Ep 3. "The Rise of Kevin Samuels"

TRIGGER WARNING!!!  The 2oeBoxx and I discuss the meteoric rise of "Image Consultant" Kevin Samuels. Most people were not aware of him until his infamous "6 at Best" video. However, Kevin Samuels had already established his presence on YouTube giving brutally honest to men. Yes m ...   Show more

We Want All the Smoke Part 2

This part 2 of the highly triggering series where I team up with my muse, The 2oeboxx, and discuss the difficulties men face when dealing with today's modern woman. We call out abhorrent behavior by both men and women that's led to this current state. This ain't for the sensitive ...   Show more

We Want All the Smoke! Part 1

Trigger Warning!!!! I've said on countless episodes I have a muse. I do not come up with these topics alone. Those of you who the description notice I put "Listener Submitted" prior to the write-up. My good brother The 2oeboxx became my unintentional muse via our conversations ab ...   Show more

Why Do Women Confuse Dating and Relationships?

WARNING: TRIGGER ALERT!!! I noticed something peculiar. Many women confuse dating as a relationship. In this episode, I delve into how this happens and why many of them think nothing is wrong with demanding "relationship'esque" behavior from men despite nothing being agreed upon. ...   Show more

Can Men and Women Only Be Friends?

Listener Submitted Some may view this topic as rhetorical and some may view it as conversation-worthy. Clearly, I see it as both! What happens when the friendship lines are blurred or crossed? Can you recover the friendship after you went down the romantic path? Give this episode ...   Show more

The Simp God Derrick Jaxxn is at it Again

TRIGGER WARNING! A rational person would lay low in times of extreme public embarrassment and scrutiny. However, this is the Simp God, the king of narcissists. I bring in a special guest to give the female perspective on what he's done, his wife's portrayal on social media and if ...   Show more

The Fall of the Simp God Derrick Jaxxon

The ladies beloved in the car calling black men out on their faults and doing all things right by women Derrick Jaxxon(sp) has been exposed by two side pieces for the very things he talked down upon other black men about. Ladies will you still support his fake pandering ways now ...   Show more

Politics & Bovine Excrement

The massive surge of migrants at the border since President Biden swearing-in. Is it his fault? President Biden can't remember promising 50K in student loan debt relief to student borrowers? Dem's say, don't worry Joe, we will help you remember. LOL Music by: Native Sunz Tracks: ...   Show more

I Said "I Love You", Now Say it Back

Listener Submitted How do you respond if someone your with says "I love you" and they clearly have the expectation that you will say and feel the same way they do? Music: Native Sunz "It's So Hard" from the Boombaptism album --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...   Show more

What is a Red Pill Man?

Listener Submitted With the mainstream push of feminism into everyone's psyche there was another movement emerging, the red pill man? What does it mean to be "red pill"? Why are women against this concept? Is it is a negative or misunderstood? Music By: Jay Albert --- This episod ...   Show more

B-Simone Attacks Women's List of Demands for Men

Listener Submitted Actually, several listeners submitted this one. The problem is I covered these requirements B-Simone attacks women in an older episode of mine before she changed her tune. B-Simone, yes, she of "I don't want a 9-5 man" infamy that scores of women defended has c ...   Show more

Can You Effectively Co-Parent?

Listener Submitted Raising a child or children is hard enough but when you are the custodial or non-custodial parent and don't get along this pretty tragic and immature. However, how do you navigate these roles in the best interest of the child when some people can't leave their ...   Show more

Interracial Dating

This is a topic I was holding onto for awhile and I decided to release it after the former Seattle Seahawks Chad Wheeler savage committed that heinous act against the young lady for not bowing to him. So what makes people date out of their side of their race? I go over some of th ...   Show more

Coming to You as a Woman

Listener Submitted Some women feel compelled to confront the other woman upon finding out who she is. However, is this a good idea? Music By: Native Sunz --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice messag ...   Show more

The Weekly Run Down

T.I. & Tiny Are Accused of Some Profoundly Eggrious Transgressions Why You Should Avoid Trying to Clear Your Via Social Media Pres. Biden and Dems Tell the GOP Deuces & Try to Get Us Our Funky Azz $1,400 Music By: Native Sunz --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...   Show more

Why Do Women Refuse to Apologize?

Several listeners sent me a meme addressing this topic in a comedic way. I guess people now know I'm going to yank some humor and clarity out of topics like this. So ladies if you are guilty, what's so hard about apologizing? It kills a lot of you just to say "I'm sorry" but why? ...   Show more

Gender Benefits of Being in a Relationship

Listener Submitted Who benefits more from being in a relationship, men or women? Have a look at the meme that was upload with the topic and get triggered or offer a rational opinion on this. Remember, I don't make the news, I just report it. LOL Music By; Mr James Carter --- This ...   Show more

Should Broke Women Date?

Listener Submitted Societal norms have dictated that women can go on dates and have no absolutely no money nor have any intentions to spend any.  However, should they go on dates knowing they are not financially sound? Does this concept lead to undesired expectations while on the ...   Show more

Is Monogamy an Unrealistic Concept?

Listener Submitted Oh boy! First I suggest you go back and listen to the episode on polyamory after this listen to this as it will provide a deeper context to this conversation you are going to hear. Monogamy is being viewed as a puritanical concept and archaic approach to intima ...   Show more

Women's Unrealistic Dating Expectations Part 2 with a Plot Twist

Listener Submitted TRIGGER ALERT!!! This part 2 to a popular season 1 topic. Because this one was presented with some interesting points I decided to add a professional's point of view on this one and it ain't me! Listen in for the surprise and their take on what's going on with ...   Show more

"Women, Babies and Dogs are Only Loved Unconditionally" - Chris Rock

Comedian, Chris Rock told this joke during his July 2020 Netflix special "Tamborine". Social media quickly made that joke viral and a lot of women did not like it. Is there some truth to this joke or are people casting this off as bitter and men choosing the wrong women or is thi ...   Show more

What is Toxic Feminity?

The word toxic has been buzzing for about 2 years now and now it has gender placement. Toxic masculinity was a hot topic in early 2020 but as of late, the gender flip on the topic has occurred. Now let's talk about "toxic feminity" and this behavior has somehow been ignored and c ...   Show more

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