A Chat With Author and Podcaster Kenny McKay

A Chat With Author and Podcaster Kenny McKay

I've Been Rejected... And You Will Be Too

Welcome to this next episode of All Things Writing. I am your host, Bryan Nowak.Do you hate rejection? Naturally, you do, we all hate rejection. However, rejection is a part of life when you are a writer. Most of us avoid rejection like we would avoid the day-old package of gas s ...   Show more

Show Versus Tell and What That Really Means

Show versus tell... show versus tell... show versus tell...If we are true to ourselves, no other bit of writing advice has been given out more times than any other. Editors are perpetually yelling at us to show and not tell.For old hands at the wheel, we know it when we see it an ...   Show more

Interview with my friend Ronald Malfi

Some days are just cooler than others in all respects and this is one of those days. Why? You might ask? Well, I have as a guest today guy that I’m happy to call a friend and fellow horror writer. But his talents do not just stop there. I became an instant fan when I read his boo ...   Show more

What is horror? What are the sub genres?

Back to horror. Horror, at least the term horror, really is an umbrella. It covers a lot of different things from the stories which make you want to close the cover of the book and put it down to the stories that cause you to sniggle wildly at something that should not be funny, ...   Show more

Chatting with Cozy Author Amy E. Lilly

Last show was all about mysteries. We talked about different types of mysteries, stuff I have read, stuff I loved to read and some of you will remember I made an admission that day. I admitted to liking a good cozy mystery from time to time.Which brings me to something amazing th ...   Show more

What exactly is a mystery?

Welcome to the show! So, what the heck is a mystery? I would love to claim to have come up with all of this stuff myself, but I didn't. Valerie Peterson wrote a wonderful article on the topic. So good, in fact that I would have a hard time improving on it. So, instead of doi ...   Show more

A Sneak Peak at My Vampire Novel, The App

As a reminder, if there is any topic you want me to cover on the show, I am more than happy to entertain requests. Just drop me a line at Bryanthewriter@bryannowak.com.The show, thanks to you all, is going to smash, or will nearly smash a thousand downloads in the month of Februa ...   Show more

Talking ISBN and How the Heck It Ever Came Into Being

Hey everyone and welcome to this, our fourth show of the season. I want to thank all of you for joining me today.Welcome to a cold and snowy day out here in Northern Virginia (at least when I recorded this).On this episode I give you a quick update on what is going on in the life ...   Show more

Talking Copyright: Its History and Today. Do you need it, do you want it, do you have it already?

I know copyright doesn't sound like and interesting topic for a podcast. But there is more than meets the eye in terms of history where copyright is concerned. Plus you get to hear me do my best British accent. For more info about copyright and its implications, check out th ...   Show more

Book dissection: "The World of the Orb" by Michael Thompson

I want to give a big shout out to the listeners in San Jose California who are listening the heck out of the show. I greatly appreciate it, you guys are the best.As a reminder, if you like anything you here please remember to hit that like button. But enough of that, now onto her ...   Show more

A Re-Introduction and Planning Out Your Writing Year

Welcome to 2021! My plan this year is to do 35 shows in 2021. This first show really is a kind of reintroduction to me. However, that doesn't take very long so I am going to spend more time discussing how to plan out your writing year.Well, if you are new to the show, I woul ...   Show more

Merry Christmas! A reading and a few fun facts about "Twas The Night Before Christmas".

Welcome and Merry Christmas!As you undoubtedly know by now, this is my favorite time of the year. I love the decorations, the lights, I love the stories. I know I mentioned my love of A Christmas story, but what you may not know is that I have a favorite Christmas poem. I love it ...   Show more

An interview with Author Sammi Parish

Welcome to another special holiday edition of All Things Writing. This week I have another special guest with me to spread the joy of the season. I have invited Samantha Parish, the author of Inglorious Ink to join me to talk about the book and anything else she is working on.We ...   Show more

My favorite holiday stories and why I love them!

What would be the holidays without our favorite holiday movies? These movies hold a special place in my heart, and they still pretty much make up a cornerstone of my Christmas traditions, and some of the traditions that I’ve imparted to my children.It’s a Wonderful Life came on t ...   Show more

A Special Holiday Edition with Children's Author Erin Mackey

I am super excited about this time of year. I have to tell you that the holidays are easily my favorite time of the year. Ever since I was a kid I loved all of it. The smells, the sights, my grandparents spoiling us kids to death. It was a great time.I know what you are going to ...   Show more

Writing to Different Generations

The show this week has to do with an experience I had recently which, while not intending to be writing focused, has profound implications for me and my fellow writers. So, sit back and enjoy the show. This one is going to be deep.Never before have we faced a situation where four ...   Show more

Michael Thompson and I Talk Writing!

Michael Thompson and I have been friends for a few years now. He is a multi talented author whose work I instantly took a liking to. So, this week, on All Things Writing, I sit down with him and we talk about tons of things! There may even be a couple of exclusive revelations in ...   Show more

Happy Halloween from Bryan the Writer and Edgar Allen Poe

Welcome to this week’s show and welcome to Halloween in a year that has been definitely one of the annals of human history. This year I thought maybe it might be kind of fun to inject a little Poe back into everyone’s life. So instead of doing something about writing, I thought i ...   Show more

The Attraction of Horror! What I Love About the Genre and A Few Examples

Why do we like horror? One of my earliest memories I had was watching King Kong on the big screen at a local theater. I remember being scared. This is probably the first time I remember being scared while watching something fictional.I was very young, but later on it would lead m ...   Show more

The Etiquette of Being A Writer and A Review of Stoker and Barker's "Dracul"

Welcome to the podcast. I am Bryan Nowak, the author of The Dramatic Dead mystery series, the horror novels, Riapoke and Crimson Tassels. I also wrote the book The Bagorian Chronicles, a wonderful little SciFi novel, and I wrote the Dean Cordaine novellas.Thank you so much for jo ...   Show more

Interview with Author, C.J. Ellisson

One of the best parts about this program is being able to hang out with friends in the writing world. Today, I have the greatest honor of welcoming New York Times, and USA Today best selling author C.J. Ellisson. On this episode we are going to talk about all kinds of things incl ...   Show more

Finding time and Space to Sit Down and Write

Some of you are at home right now, listening to his podcast, making spaghetti sauce, trying to keep your three year old from terrorizing the dog, while trying to keep the dog from stealing the ingredients you have gathered to make the sauce.So, when are you going find time and sp ...   Show more

An Interview with Author Liam Bradley

Welcome to Podcast #26!On this weeks podcast, we are going to be talking about a bunch of different topics ranging from the attraction of anthologies, the attraction, essence, and nature of horror.Join me and my friend Liam Bradley where we delve into these and lots of other topi ...   Show more

Podcast #25: The Essence of Storytelling

Start with a strong character. The true essence of a good story line is a strong central character. That character begins in your mind. Before you ever put pen to paper, you really need to think about how it is that that character is going to live in whatever world you’re going t ...   Show more

Talking Marketing with Author and Marketing Guru, Steve Brown of ROI.com

Podcast #24There is no easier way to clear a room of writers than telling them you want to sit down and dissect their marketing programs. Truth be told, most of us do not have a program, but that is something that needs to change. And I gotta be honest, for me, it is a very hard ...   Show more

Let's all go to the CON, author show, etc. And a review of a Golden Toilet.

So you’ve written the greatest book, the cover looks great, the editing is top-notch, and you’ve posted it to Amazon, drafted 2 digital, or wherever. Now what? Rest on your laurels and let that sweet, sweet, author cash flow in, right? Well, no.The convention circuit is something ...   Show more

Writing Your Character Descriptions

In this week's show I mention how to develop your own character sheets.  Although I borrow much from other writers, I am taking the discussion farther by walking you through one of mine. I admit up front that my sheet structure was borrowed from Jenna Moreci. If you want to ...   Show more

How to Write a Simple Book Review and, More Importantly, Why You Should

I want to talk about writing a quick and easy review of a book. But more importantly, I want to tell you why you should. Reviews should be simple and easy and not take much time. A while ago, I did a youtube video about it. You can find it here.But the bigger question is why shou ...   Show more

My Wife and I Discuss Life as a Writer's Spouse, Books, and Other Writing Related Silliness

 On August 3rd, 2020, my wife and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. So I thought it might be fun if, this week, I bring her on the show to talk about being the spouse of a writer. We talked about what she likes to read, things that surprised her about my writing, and wha ...   Show more

How My Past Jobs and Experiences Influence My Writing

I think we often underestimate how our silly little jobs impact us. I tell my kids, well not really kids anymore, to value the first jobs they had since those jobs are the ones which will set the tone and flavor of what they will do the rest of their lives.Jobs Bryan the Writer h ...   Show more

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