Conspiracy Theory Chisme

Conspiracy Theory Chisme

Bali Suitcase Murder

Heather Mack a teen girl raised in a life of wealth and privilege goes on a family vacation at a time when the family needs it most. A difficult home life and a rebellious teen acting out are the cause of a much needed mother daughter trip to Bali, Indonesia. But while there the ...   Show more

A Morbid Love Story

It’s freaky Friday Chisme day! This is the story of a man who fell in love at first sight with a dying patient. He loved her so much that when she died he could not part with her. Tune in to find out how he kept her memory alive for years after her death.  

The Murder of Derrick Robie and More Creepy Chisme

In August of 1993 a four year old boy went missing in Savona New York. A small town where nothing bad ever happened. Right? The boy was walking a very short distance but never made it to his destination. No one in the small town could believe it when the body of the four year old ...   Show more

The Legend Of The Black Eyed Children

Freaky Friday Chisme! In my second mini episode I tell a legend claimed to have been the start of the obsession of online stories about these strange children. Are they from another world? What do they want? Join me for this creepy story if you dare!  

Las Hermanas Gonzales-Valenzuelas (Las Poquianchis)

**warning** This episode of Creepy Chisme involves talk of abuse and human trafficking. Las Poquianchis were four sisters notorious for running a sex trafficking ring in Jalisco and Guanajuato Mexico. The four sisters owned many bars and brothels in these areas and the conditions ...   Show more

Freaky Friday Chisme

Episode 1 of a mini series of short stories or facts I find interesting. Today’s episode is about some past torture techniques that will make you cringe and squeal. Listen if you dare!  

Vanished Without A Trace

On this mini episode I bring you into the world of missing person cases. The story of Lars Mittank and Granger Taylor. Two stories of people who just vanish. I share my theories and what could have happened, but with little to go off of we may never know. Join me if you dare and ...   Show more

The Easter Massacre

It is Easter Sunday 1975. Families gathered and children laughed and played. The Ruppert family were enjoying their holiday together but little did they know, it would be their last! Join me for a holiday special about one of the worst family massacres known in Ohio. You can find ...   Show more

Poltergeist or Demon?

The Smurl Family claimed to have been haunted by many spirits or demons but do you believe their story? Also have you ever heard of La Isla De Las Muñecas? Sounds creepy doesn’t it? Join me if you dare!  

Colleen Stan- The Girl In The Box

A young hitchhiker trying to visit a friend is picked up by a young couple with a baby, Seams harmless right? What the young girl doesn’t know is she just hitched a ride with the wrong folks. She spends the next few years... yes years! Being tortured and abused by her captures. A ...   Show more

The Abduction- Betty and Barney Hill

On this episode I give an update on a past episode story about The Slender Man Stabbing. Then I dive into the world of Aliens. Betty and Barney Hill while road tripping claim to have been abducted by aliens. They had no memory of their strange encounter until months later while u ...   Show more

Natalia Barnett. Woman or child?

This story will leave you thinking for days. A young disabled girl adopted by the Barnett family is quickly found to be suspicious of not actually being a child! Sayyy what!? Yes the Barnett family accuses Natalia of being a con artist. Come join me as I unravel the insane amount ...   Show more

Toolbox Killers/ Delphi Murders

Serial killers Lawerence Bittaker and Roy Norris drove in their van picking up young girls and raped and tortured them. Come join me as I dive into their crazy world of crime, and murder. Also I talk about the Delphi Murders from Indiana that to this day remains unsolved. My gues ...   Show more

Scary Leyendas (Legends)

Come listen as I recount some famous Latin American Legends. Creepy creatures and crazy folklore. Followed by one of my all time Cryptic creature legends. Also a personal story I had with a creature when I was younger! Listen if you dare!  

The Demon House

Do you believe in Demons? How about a home with 200 demons? Join me as I tell the tale of one of the craziest paranormal hauntings that took place in Gary Indiana. Possessed children, demons that attach to you, and other craziness. Almost too scary to believe. Then join my guest ...   Show more

Best Friend or Foe?

Can you trust your best friend? Or do they want to extinguish your very existence! On this episode I discuss the brutal best friend murder of Skylar Neese and the attempted murder of Payton Leutner in the famous attack known as the Slender Man stabbing. Also my best friend retell ...   Show more

Intro/ The Legend of La Llorona

Welcome to my strange and creepy podcast. Come hang out with me and get to know me your host, and hear the retelling of one of my favorite Legends “La Llorona” (The weeping woman) as well as a first hand encounter story. This is a preview of what my podcast will be like. Leave me ...   Show more

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