Being Highly Sensitive is a Superpower

Being Highly Sensitive is a Superpower

We Need to Talk About Chewing and Spitting

Chewing and spitting (C and S) is a shameful secret sadly suffered by many people with eating disorders. As the name suggests, you chew your food, then spit it out the aim being to enjoy the taste without the calorie cost, as food is not swallowed. Forbidden foods are the prefe ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery, Dietetics and Restoring your Period with Queeny June Borgman

Today, I’m talking to Queeny June Borgman, registered dietitian, personal trainer, writer and founder of IAMSTUFFED. Queeny was raised in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and thrives on bringing a diverse and eclectic approach to food and looking at the world, having and Indian mothe ...   Show more

Overcoming People Pleasing with Emma Reed Turrell

Today I’m talking to Emma Reed Turrell psychotherapist, author and speaker. Emma grew up near Portsmouth and went on to read English at Queens’ College, Cambridge. Following ten years working in business, she returned to her earlier passion for psychology and retrained as a psy ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery, Weight Loss Camps and Bariatric Surgery, with Laur Plawker

Today, I’m speaking with Laur Plawker who is a Primary Special Education Teacher, based in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Laur struggled with body image issues and a disordered relationship with food from very young, along with other mental health conditions. As a teenager, Laur’s eati ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery and Healing through the Tamalpa Life/Art® Process, with Maria Guiñazu

Today, I’m talking to Maria Guiñazu, a qualified psychologist from Argentina. Maria is an educator in the intersecting fields of arts, somatics and education and has been working in this field in the UK for the past 8 years. Maria trained at Tamalpa Institute in California the ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery, Beauty Pageants and Break-Ups with Kumiko Lau

Today I’m talking to Kumiko Lau Legal Marketing Professional, dancer, part-time model and Beauty Pageant Contestant, representing the city of Hong Kong. Kumiko shares about her journey into fitness and healthy eating,  this taking a negative turn, when triggered by a difficult ...   Show more

Atypical Anorexia Nervosa Recovery and The Full of Beans Podcast

Today, I’m talking to Hannah Hickinbotham, (Han) host of the Full of Beans Podcast a new podcast which aims to increase awareness and decrease stigma around eating disorders. Han has had personal experience of an eating disorder - this being atypical anorexia and also has had ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery and Ballet with Suvi Honkanen

Today I’m speaking to writer and dancer, Suvi Honkanen. Suvi is originally from Helsinki, Finland and danced with the Finnish National Ballet for 9 years.  In this episode, she talks about the ballet world and the impact this had on her eating and body image. Suvi developed eatin ...   Show more

Fears about Disordered Eating and Lockdown Ending

Today I’m talking about common fears about coming out of lockdown and struggling with disordered eating. For many people, this last year has taken a tremendous toll on mental health and wellbeing. Body image concerns are rife and disordered eating habits have increased. So how to ...   Show more

Anorexia Recovery and Dump The Scales with Hope Virgo

Today I’m talking to Hope Virgo. Hope is a multi-award winner mental health campaigner, speaker, author and an ambassador for MQ. She suffered with anorexia for over 4 years, before being admitted to a Mental Health Hospital in 2007. Hope lived in the hospital for a year, fightin ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery and This Food Thing Podcast, with Jemma Richards

Today I'm talking to Jemma Richards, voice-over artist and writer. Jemma is also the host of This Food Thing Podcast and lives in London. Jemma talks openly about her torturous relationship with food and her body, starting from a young age, and how this developed into eating diso ...   Show more

Binge Eating Recovery and Founding FELLA, with Richie Cartwright

I’m talking to Richie Cartwright, founder of FELLA an organisation that supports men in overcoming binge eating, through a community-driven digital health platform and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). There remains a lot of stigma around men accessing support for binge eati ...   Show more

Inside the Therapy Room – Understanding More About Eating Disorder Psychology

Today I talk about 3 factors that can influence the development of an eating disorder looking at ‘feeling that you don’t fit in’, life stressors and time at school. Remember an eating disorder is about food but it’s also not about food too. It can often be an unconscious strate ...   Show more

It's Not Always About Weight - an Anorexia Recovery Story with Katrina Swale

Today I'm talking to Katrina Smale, recovery warrior, mental health advocate and English teacher in training. Katrina was diagnosed with atypical anorexia in 2012 and went on to have three hospital admissions, with varying approaches. Katrina’s experience of anorexia was one not ...   Show more

Finding Self-Love through Breath Work and Changing your Story, with Simon Drew

Something a bit different today on the podcast. A mental health focus rather than specifically talking about eating disorders, but one I think you’ll find valuable. My guest, Simon Drew talks about his journey from anxiety and low self-esteem to finding a place of self-love and a ...   Show more

Falling in Love with Yourself and Unleashing your Personal Power, with Melissa Riccardi

Today I'm talking to Melissa Riccardi (Women's Empowerment Coach)  and owner of Life by Design. Melissa is from Melbourne, Australia and supports clients in their personal development, from all over the world. She helps women fall in love with themselves, get turned on by life an ...   Show more

Veganuary, Carbohydrates, Boston and Binge Eating, with Jo Moscalu

Today I'm interviewing the Binge Eating Dietitian, Jo Moscalu. Originally from Ireland, Jo was living in Suffolk and has recently moved to Boston, USA. Jo is a Registered Dietitian, being a Specialist in Type 2 Diabetes and Binge Eating. Jo is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Co ...   Show more

The Seduction of the January Detox

It’s the time of year, when we’re feeling stuffed full of mince pies and Quality Street, whilst being inundated with adverts about detoxes, wellness plans and diets. Jumping head first into the January 'body blitz' can feel incredibly seductive and appealing. So why is it so chal ...   Show more

Is Sugar the Enemy? Anne Richardson explores 'Healthy Week' in schools

Today I’m talking to Nutritional Therapist, Anne Richardson. Anne has been a previous guest on this podcast and is back today to talk about ‘healthy week’ in schools. ‘Healthy Week’ takes place in primary schools in the UK and has admirable intentions. However, the focus on healt ...   Show more

An Eating Disorder Recovery Journey, with Joyfull Joy

Today I'm talking to Joyfull Joy, a mental health advocate and eating disorder survivor. Joy uses her 13 year battle with anorexia, depression, anxiety and BPD to help others overcome their eating disorder, support their mental health and learn to love their body. Joyfull Joy als ...   Show more

My Messy Road from Bulimia to Intuitive Eating

In this episode, I share 3 main recovery stages for me in overcoming an eating disorder and truly experiencing food freedom, as an intuitive eater. I talk about the realities of the journey and the messiness and imperfection of this process. Your journey will be different from mi ...   Show more

Coping with Christmas - 3 tips

Christmas can be such a difficult time, when you have an eating disorder. It’s stressful with food, changes in routine and relationships. There’s also an intense pressure to have a perfect and lovely time, which is often completely unrealistic. Here I share my 3 tips for coping w ...   Show more

The Value of Friendship in Eating Disorder Recovery

Having an eating disorder can be a huge barrier to forming meaningful friendships. Isolation, anxiety, shame, secrecy and rigid routines can all get in the way. However, friendship can be such a motivator and a source of huge encouragement and joy, in supporting recovery. If you’ ...   Show more

Yoga and Eating Disorder Recovery, with Charlotte Sidaway

Today, I’m talking to Charlotte Sidaway, Yoga Teacher at Soul Sanctuary Studios. She is a passionate advocate of yoga for mental wellbeing and in eating disorder recovery. Charlotte’s passion was ignited through yoga being an integral part of her recovery from anorexia nervosa. S ...   Show more

A Conversation with The Binge Eating Therapist, Sarah Dosanjh

Today, I'm talking to Sarah Dosanjh, psychotherapist and author of the book - 'I Can't Stop Eating'. After suffering with binge eating disorder and bulimia for nearly a decade, Sarah found freedom, studied to become a therapist and now specialises in helping others who are strugg ...   Show more

5 Binge Triggers and How to Stop Them

Clients often ask me, ‘How can I avoid bingeing when the urge feels so incredibly strong?’ It can seem like a driving force that cannot be ignored and rationalised away. Like an itch that needs to be scratched. A desire that can only be satisfied fully through food alone. It comp ...   Show more

7 Secrets to Fabulous Body Image

In this episode, I share my 7 favourite tips to boost your body image today. If you need a body image boost, do have a listen. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired.  

Anorexia Unlocked with J.L. Keez

Today, I’m talking to J.L. Keez mother, teacher, writer, Reality Therapy Certified Counsellor and Director of Anorexia Unlocked. J.L. has been on a journey in recovering from anorexia nervosa, along with suicidal depression, chronic fatigue, debilitating migraines, OCD and depe ...   Show more

Dealing with Intense Emotions and your Relationship with Food

Intense emotions can knock your relationship with food off track. This can feel frustrating and overwhelming to deal with, particularly when you’ve been making some progress. Developing good self-awareness is key in changing this. In this episode, I share a personal experience of ...   Show more

Eating Disorder Recovery with Dr. Rachel Evans.

Today I'm talking to Dr. Rachel Evans,  psychologist and hypnotherapist who specialises in eating disorder recovery. She has a private practice in Derbyshire and also works with clients online.  Rachel treats anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and orthorexia through her holistic rec ...   Show more

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