Aperol Spritz + Rousseau

Aperol Spritz + Rousseau

Pina Colada + The Bench Talks Racism

Join the Whiskey Bench as we continue the conversation from ep 24. In this episode we start discussing racism and trying to understand pre-enlightenment vs. post-enlightenment thinking about it. We discuss institutions that we believe are attributing to the issues, despite politi ...   Show more

Rosita + Pre-enlightenment

Join the Whiskey Bench in our first episode after discussing the enlightenment philosophers Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. In this episode Torna begins talking about pre-enlightenment thinking and working through a hypothesis that there was a major shift after the enlightenment whi ...   Show more

Antibes + John Locke

Join the Whiskey Bench in the second of three episodes about the nature of man. In this episode we begin talking about John Locke and his ideas of individual liberties, property, and knowledge.Antibes 1 1/2 oz gin1/2 Benedictine 2 oz grapefruit juiceShake ingredients over ice and ...   Show more

Irish Coffee + Paralysis Demons and Hobbes

Join the Whiskey Bench in the first of three episodes about the nature of man. In this episode we begin talking about Thomas Hobbes and his ideas of Leviathan. Irish coffee1 1/2 oz Irish Whiskey1 oz simple syrup1 oz whipping cream5-8 oz coffeeAdd ingredients and stir.Remember, al ...   Show more

Bella, Bella + Sussing Dr. Seuss

In this episode the Bench hangs out, catches up, and discusses "canceling". Bella, Bella1 oz Gin2/3 oz Campari1/2 oz lemoncello1/2 oz Mandarine Napoleon 2/3 oz orange juiceShake your ingredients over ice. strain your Bella, Bella into a chilled glass, and garnish with a lemon twi ...   Show more

Lady Diana + Housing Boom

The housing market is exploding. Prices are skyrocketing as people are leaving cities in mass. In this episode we start to explore the housing market. How much are prices inflated in Montana? Is the growth of Bozeman a taste of modern colonialism? Does Montana suck? Join in the c ...   Show more

Margarita + COVID Relief

In this episode the Bench discusses COVID relief. This episode is a natural continuation of last weeks discussion about MMT. Join Torna, Kat, and Henning as they discuss a couple current events, upcoming COVID relief, $15 federal minimum wage, and much more.Margarita1 1/2 oz Tequ ...   Show more

Tom Collins + MMT

In this episode the Bench discusses MMT. What is MMT? How does it work? Is mass money printing and spending a viable means of improving wealth inequality? Join us to hear all these questions considered.Tom Collins2 oz gin1 oz lemon juice1/2 oz simple syrupchilled club sodaAdd gin ...   Show more

Manhattan + Talking Shop 1.2

The crew is back together. Kat and Torna catch up with Henning as they discuss PETA and human superiority, FBI lies, and a whole list of social topics relevant today.Manhattan (classic)2 oz rye3/4 oz sweet vermouth3 dashes Angostura bittersStir ingredients over ice and strain int ...   Show more

The Wellerman + Talking Shop 1.1

Stephen and Kat talk shop discussing current events. The good, the bad, and the funny.The Wellerman (a How to Drink cocktail)2oz rum1oz lemon juice1/2oz simple syrupheaping spoonful of Matcha powder1 egg whiteDry Shake vigorously to emulsify then add ice and shake again.Strain in ...   Show more

Presidente + 1A and Censorship

The first amendment and censorship is a conversation that has long been in discussion, and its not going to stop anytime soon. In this episode the Whiskey Bench talks about how to approach understanding censorship with big tech, and how to wrestle with the libertarian desire to a ...   Show more

Laphroaig 10 + Chaos Continues Pt 2

The madness in the aftermath of the January 6 storming of the Unites State Capitol continues. Facebook, twitter, and Amazon are starting to censor and remove users and the POTUS has been impeached for a second time. Whiskey Bench is starting to discuss reasons leading up to these ...   Show more

Blue Monday + Chaos Continues Pt 1

The madness in the aftermath of the January 6 storming of the Unites State Capitol continues. Facebook, twitter, and Amazon are starting to censor and remove users and the POTUS has been impeached for a second time. Whiskey Bench is starting to discuss reasons leading up to these ...   Show more

Cherry Cobbler + Capitol C Chaos

With the recent riot at the US Capitol, there is a lot of conversations that need to be had. In this episode, the Whiskey Bench discusses the events that occurred on January 6, 2021, and start to lay out a nuanced analysis of what led to it, how its being interpreted based on par ...   Show more

Toronto + The New Year

This week we're hanging out and drinking a Toronto. We discuss a couple highlights of 2020 and hope for 2021. It's going to be an incredible year!Toronto 2 oz Canadian Rye Whiskey  1/4 oz Fernet-Branca 1/4 simple syrup 2 dashes Angostura bitters Add ingredients into a mixing glas ...   Show more

Bourbon Flip + Jesus Christ is Punk

This week we're hanging out and drinking bourbon and eggnog. Join us for an unedited hangout session with twists and turns in every direction. Please check out Nathan Fordham's fine jewelry. Bourbon Eggnog Flip 1 1/2 oz Bourbon 1/2 oz Brandy  1/2 oz Maraschino Liqour 3/4 oz Simpl ...   Show more

Sazerac + This Title Has Been Redacted

In this episode the squad barely dips their toes into censorship in the modern media world. They discuss Hunter Biden, censorship, hot soup, and crypto currency.Sazerac 2 oz Rye (or Cognac) 1/4 oz simple syrup 4 dashes Peychaud's Bitters ( I like 10) A dash of Absinthe, Herbsaint ...   Show more

French 75 + Meme Culture

In this episode Kat, Henning and Torna talk the future of news and meme culture as they reunite after Thanksgiving break. Relevent links:Hot Pod NewsCivilization: The West and the RestPolo & Pan: Zoom ZoomFrench 75 1 oz gin 1/2 oz lemon juice 1/2 oz simple syrup  3 oz Champagne S ...   Show more

Bijou Cocktail + Talking Shop 1.0

In this episode Kat is unable to join the Bench. Instead of our usual conversation, Henning and Torna simply talk shop. Books, old friendships, facial hair, and throwing crap out. These are just a few of the topics we cover in this episode. Join us for our first talking shop epis ...   Show more

Pink Gin + Prelude to Minimalism

In this episode we discuss the minimalist's documentary, purging, and living with intentionality. Links to important information in this episode:The Minimalists Pink Gin 2 oz gin 6 dashes Angostura bitters Combine gin and bitters and stir over ice. strain into a chilled coup Reme ...   Show more

Negroni + Self Improvement

In this episode we throw politics out the window and start to discuss the books, habits, and routines that have made us better people.Links to important information in this episode: Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life  Pema Chodron's The Places that Scare You Todoist App Evernote ...   Show more

Hot Toddy + Rethinking Voting

In this episode we riff about Halloween and Hamilton, then dive into a discussion about the election. We theorize some potential outcomes and offer a couple alternatives means of electing officials.Links to important information in this episode: Democracy In Practice The Revival ...   Show more

Widow's Kiss + Local Government

In this episode we continue our discussion from last week and end up on the topic of local government and our most trusted news sources.Links to important information in this episode: Vintage Spirits book Jack Dorsey & Tim Pool on Joe Rogan The Young Turks (TYT) Shared State Podc ...   Show more

Old-Fashioned + Breaking the Ice

In this episode we kick things off by breaking the ice with a few introductory questions and finish with a brief discussion on objectivity and and the importance of truth.Old-Fashioned 2 oz bourbon 1/4 oz simple syrup 3 Dashes of aromatic bitters Stir over ice for 15-20 seconds, ...   Show more

The Whiskey Bench

Looking for a fresh twist on a classic concept? Try the Whiskey Bench Podcast!  Start with a free pour of our complicated and fascinating world Followed by an ounce or two of intellectual humility Add a dash of philosophy, politics, or current events Zest with fresh, spicy opinio ...   Show more

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