Episode 124: What Does Jesus' Resurrection Mean for You?

Episode 124: What Does Jesus' Resurrection Me...

Episode 123: God Delights in Prayer

We have access to God, to His resources and we move His heart when we pray. Prayer changes circumstances, hearts, people, events, destinies of cities, regions and nations. Intercession is God's brilliant strategy for the Church ruling with Him in power.  

Episode 122: Healthy, Thriving Marriage

Every couple longs for a thriving marriage, but no couple naturally falls into a healthy, thriving marriage. It takes work and intentionality to create a marriage full of life and love. On this episode, Kristen shares 10 qualities that are evident in healthy, thriving marriages.  

Episode 121: Intercession Changes the Course of History

"History belongs to the intercessors..." Walter Wink. Intercession changes the course of history. It impacts families, cities, nations and events. We all want to change the world and wonder how to do it. God has given us the key~ it is agreeing with the will of God to be done on ...   Show more

Episode 120: How to Respond to the Crisis in Our Nation

We, the body of Christ, desire to walk through the crisis in our nation according to the leading of the Spirit. On this episode, Kristen shares from Isaiah 6, the lesson Isaiah learned about putting his hope in an earthly king. Isaiah is reminded that the success of Israel has no ...   Show more

Jesus' Relational Plan

The house of God is not a structure or an organization. Jesus is not coming back to a non-living dwelling place. He is coming back to dwell in the midst of His people because he is relational! Jesus built people. He invested and trained and communed with people. This was His lega ...   Show more

I Can Smile at My Future

Looking at Psalm 23:6 today, David speaks with confidence of his future reality. "Surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." What God has to offer is better than any other offer. God's goodness is unli ...   Show more

A Feast to Enjoy, Psalm 23:5a

In the midst of conflict and uncertainty, surrounded by enemies, find your table. Feed on God's faithfulness. Feed on His Word. Let nothing get in the way, no distraction, no disappointment, no obstacle. The more time you spend in God's presence, the enemies will lose their power ...   Show more

6 P's to Pray for Your Children

Praying for your children impacts their life deeply. On this episode,I share 6 P's to pray for your kids from God's Word. Praying Scripture breathes the presence of God into your children's hearts & lives. God's promises to you and your family are found in the Word of God. Your p ...   Show more

Our Good Shepherd is a Warrior, Psalm 23:4

When we walk through the darkest valleys of life, all of God's attributes are with us: His grace,goodness,love, faithfulness,tenderness,kindness, strength,power,might,peace,etc. When life overwhelms us, we are tempted to believe that,if we were truly His,we would never travel int ...   Show more

The Narrow Way, Psalm 23:3b

David shows us the key to being on the right paths. "He guides me..." The key is the Shepherd. He is leading.The imagery of Psalm 23 is intimate. God is not distant. He is near and He is personal.He cares for you and is present with you. He is leading you. As you yield your life ...   Show more

Our Souls are Eternal

The origin of our souls says a lot about how our souls are meant to function. "Then the Lord God formed the man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature," Genesis 2:7. God's breath is the essential character ...   Show more

Find Joy in Green Pastures

The Good Shepherd delights in His flock. He makes it possible for you and me to rest, relax, to be content, quiet and flourishing. He cares for us and brings us to places to feed and be nourished. Our lives are alive and full of power when we feast on the lush meadows of His choo ...   Show more

Life Without Lack, Psalm 23:1

There is power in Psalm 23 that we have not yet experienced because this psalm has been more of a "nursery rhyme" familiarity which has caused us to lose sight of its profound nature. Psalm 23 is David's confession of his surrender to the Lord's leadership over his life. David is ...   Show more

Infertility Awareness Week, Mommas-in-Waiting

On today's episode, at the end of Infertility Awareness Week, Kristen shares their family's story. If you are a momma-in-waiting or know someone who is, listen to be encouraged as you fight for your family. 1 in 10 couples struggle with infertility and for 1/3 of those couples, t ...   Show more

This is Your Moment

Moses is never the same after his encounter with God at the burning bush. His life moves in a new trajectory. Today on the podcast, Kristen challenges you to turn aside as Moses did, to experience God, to hear what He has to say, to mark you in new ways that will affect your life ...   Show more

We Were Created to Live for God's Voice

Whose voice defines you? God meticulously prepared everything in the garden with love and tender care to be the ideal home for Adam and Eve to have intimacy with God. Everything Adam and Eve knew about the world came from God. The eyes of God were Adam & Eve's mirror. The reflect ...   Show more

Praying for Your Children

At every stage of their lives, our children need & benefit from our prayers. When we pray for our children, we are asking God to make His presence a part of their lives and to work powerfully on their behalf. On this episode, Kristen shares 3 specific things to pray for your chil ...   Show more

When We Pray

Prayer not only consumed Jesus' private life but was at the heart of the message He proclaimed. Jesus spoke of prayer as "when you pray" not "if you pray". Prayer is relational, not transactional. When you meet with God in prayer, His presence changes your life. On this episode, ...   Show more

Devour the Word

Today Kristen shares 8 reasons to devour the Word of God. The Word of God is not like any other book. It is alive and the essence of God is on every page. "How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth," Psalm 119:103.  

As A Man Thinks, So He Is

In Romans 12:2, Paul shows us two agendas for your mind. "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." Either the world will shape your thought life or the Word of God will shape your thought life. What you fill your mind with w ...   Show more

Making Self-Reflection a Priority in Your Life

Reflection requires you to slow down which can lead to valuable insights and even breakthroughs in your life. On this episode, Kristen shares 7 reasons why to make self-reflection a priority in your life and she shares 10 daily reflection questions to get you started!  

Advent 4, Simeon & Anna Wait

In this Advent episode Kristen shares about two individuals who had been preparing themselves in the temple for the arrival of the Christ child, Simeon and Anna. They had been waiting and had served God faithfully and zealously for much of their lives, away from public display.  

The Shepherds "Yes" to the Good News!

Advent, week 3 brings us to the birth of Jesus and the message the angel of the Lord brings to the shepherds. "The King is here! My Son is born!" is revealed to the nobodies and the outcasts in the middle of the night. The glorious angel gives the message to change the world and ...   Show more

Advent week 2, Joseph's Yes to God

During the advent series, Kristen shares about the people surrounding the nativity account. How do they respond? What can we learn from them? On this episode, we look at Joseph's yes to God. Joseph is the great,great,great,great,great grandson of King David! What a generational l ...   Show more

Advent week 1: No Word From God Will Ever Fail

During the advent series, Kristen shares about the people surrounding the nativity account. How do they respond? What can we learn from them? On this episode, we look at Mary's yes to God and the promise spoken to Mary in Luke 1:26-38. *This was recorded in December 2018  

Training Your Children

Jesus ministered to the multitudes, but he invested in 12, who would change the world. What can we learn from Jesus about discipling our own children? Who is shaping who your children are becoming? This is a re-broadcast from an earlier podcast episode. Be encouraged as you liste ...   Show more

How to Pray the Scriptures

You may know that it is important to pray the Word, but how do you do that? On this episode, Kristen shares a pattern of how to pray the Scriptures so we can have confidence that our prayers matter! John Piper has said, "God never does anything on earth but through Biblical praye ...   Show more

Why Pray the Scriptures

God's Word is the final and most powerful authority. Scripture is our sure foundation. When we pray the Word, it dismantles the works of darkness and agrees with God's heart to bring heaven to earth. On this episode, Kristen shares 10 reasons why we pray the Scriptures and how to ...   Show more

How to Respond in the Night Season

At some point in our lives we all experience the night season. This time can be challenging and confusing. In the night season, we are most prone to wander, doubt God's love, listen to the voice of the accuser, listen to our emotions, to seek relief from our pain even if it cause ...   Show more

Whose Voice Defines You?

On today's podcast, Kristen discusses the importance of this question, Whose voice defines you? The voice you listen to is the voice that defines you. You will always listen to the voice of the one you love. Discover 3 ways to stay connected to the voice of the Father in every se ...   Show more

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