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Flirting with Hollywood w/Beast Beast Director Danny Madden - Just Shoot It 266

Today on the pod we are joined by writer/director Danny Madden. Dannys talks us through the making of his Sundance feature Beast Beast, how he used his hometown connections to make the film, and how Alec Baldwin came to produce the feature. Beast Beast IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/ https://www.imdb.com/ ...   Show more

Turning Your Family's Stories into TV - Just Shoot It 265

This week on the pod we are joined by ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ filmmakers Tim Johnson and Mike Mildon. Tim and Mike break down the process of filming a true crime documentary, and how they went about adding comedic relief to such a serious topic. Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: Ponysmasher, ...   Show more

Success is Not Linear w/Yoko Okumura - Just Shoot It 264

Today on the pod we talk with AFI grad and accomplished director Yoko Okumura. She gives tips on writing/directing compelling stories, and shares her experience during and after attending one of the most prestigious film schools, American Film Institute.  Unpaid Endorsements:Oren ...   Show more

Directing Your Way to HBO - Just Shoot It 263

Today on the pod we chat with Director Craig Zobel whose credits include HBO show Mare of Easttown, Z for Zachariah, and Compliance. He shares details on how he came to direct for HBO, chats philosophy of lenses, and gives a different perspective on how being an AD has helped his ...   Show more

Lessons From a Shoot w/Matt & Oren - Just Shoot It 262

Today we briefly catch up with friend of the show Jumai! She fills us in on her experience in the final semesters of film school, and learning while in a pandemic. Matt and Oren continue on to talk development, actors, and they share some tips on hitting those early call times wh ...   Show more

Level Up Your Production Company - Just Shoot It 261

Today we talk with Pastor Alvarado and Jeff Molyneaux, two of the founders of Riverside Entertainment, a production company with offices in LA and Nashville.Riverside's website:  https://www.riverside-ent.com/ https://www.riverside-ent.com/  Contribute to the Just Shoot It Patreon and help support the show.S ...   Show more

Exposing for Explosions w/DP Andy Strahorn - Just Shoot It 260

Today we talk with DP Andy Strahorn who is most known for his work on 9-1-1: Lone Star, Lethal Weapon, and Good Girls Revolt. Andy gets down to the nitty gritty explaining the specifics of being a cinematographer for TV, the importance of collaborating with the director, and how ...   Show more

How to Get a Producer's Attention - Just Shoot It 259

This week we are joined by accomplished producer Carolina Groppa, who is most known for Autism in Love, Miss Virginia, and The Female Brain. Carolina shares what it’s like working as a freelance producer, and lists the kind of qualities a director should have to get a producer&#3 ...   Show more

Directors on Auditioning w/The Lee Strasberg Institute - Just Shoot It 258

Today on the pod we offer our advice on acting while chatting with actors from the Lee Strasberg Institute. We talk about prep, reels, and give first hand accounts of what the director is actually thinking after your audition. Contribute to the Just Shoot It Patreon and help supp ...   Show more

Innovating the Commercial Model - Just Shoot It 257

Today on the pod we chat with partner and executive producer Sam Penfield of 1stAveMachiene. Sam helps steer the careers of emerging directors, and she shares advice on what you could do to kickstart yours.  Check out 1stAveMachiene and all the awesome work they do at https://www https://www ...   Show more

Other People's Scripts - Just Shoot It 256

Friend of the show Roxy Shih joins us on the pod today! We chat about how to navigate directing other people’s scripts, and how to go about making changes if necessary. Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: If you rent Airbnb or go to a place with a pool, bring a pump to inflate pool toys an ...   Show more

When to Move to Hollywood w/Director Mike Pecci - Just Shoot It 255

Accomplished director and fellow podcaster Mike Pecci joins us on the pod this week. He shares his insights about becoming a working director, and answers the question of when should you move to Hollywood? Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: Matt Ridder Twitter thread about his first open ...   Show more

Filmmaker or Die w/Comedy Director LP - Just Shoot It 254

Today we sit down with comedy director, LP, who is most known for directing sketch comedy on Funny or Die, T.V shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and her latest feature Desperados on Netflix. We chat about how she took her experience making short 3 min sketches, and tu ...   Show more

What Makes a Great PA with "Gofers" Author Daniel Scarpati - Just Shoot It 253

Filmmaker Daniel Scarpati sits down with us to chat about his recent book, Gofers: On The Front Lines of Film and Television, and all the valuable lessons it contains. We outline the life of a production assistant, how to start in this business with zero connections, and explain ...   Show more

Oscars & Indies: Fisher Stevens on the Art of Perseverance - Just Shoot It 252

Director Fisher Stevens sits down with us today to talk about his recently released film ‘Palmer’. He gets into how he got Justin Timberlake to star in his film, what it’s like working with a minor, and his decision to make the movie he wanted for a smaller budget. Unpaid Endorse ...   Show more

Taking Punches with John Wick Stuntman Stephen Koepfer - Just Shoot It 251

Stunt performer Stephen Koepfer can’t wait to get hit by a car (safely), but has been shoved around a bit on projects like John Wick: Chapter 3, The Blacklist, and Devs. Stephen talks with us about the technical side of stunt work, and how achievable stunts are even for the low b ...   Show more

From Football Player to Super Bowl Spot Director with Justin Polk - Just Shoot It 250

Accomplished director Justin Polk wasn’t sure where to start his filmmaking career, but he worked hard, made the move to LA, and is now a working director with his own production company Invisible Collective. Justin shares his story and gives insights along the way on what worked ...   Show more

What Kind of Director Do You Want to Be? w/Jen McGowan - Just Shoot It 249

‘Rust Creek’ director Jen McGowan sits down with us today to talk festivals, picking the kind of director you want to be, and the art of being prepared and ready to go when an unexpected opportunity comes along. Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: Apple original movie called Wolf Walkers, ...   Show more

End of the Year Round Table - Just Shoot It 248

On this last day of 2020 we are rounding off the year chatting with Roxy Shih and Carlyn Hudson! We get into what this year has done for us, our hopes for 2021, and if this past year has changed the central question of this show: whether or not you should move to LA?Unpaid Endors ...   Show more

Believing in Your Projects When No One Else Does (All the Way to Sundance) - Just Shoot It 247

Today we sit down with accomplished Sundance director Qasim Basir and chat about the efforts it took for him to get where he is now. We talk about all the highs, the lows, and everything in between about becoming a working director and what it takes to get there. Unpaid Endorseme ...   Show more

Location, Location, Location with Sundance Filmmaker Zeina Durra - Just Shoot It 246

Being a mother doesn’t slow Zeina Durra down from filmmaking, and it certainly didn’t stop her from getting her film Luxor into Sundance. We chat with her about what it was like shooting in Egypt, adapting to the parent life while also being a Director, and Matt & Oren go into de ...   Show more

I Wanna Write a Hollywood Movie on Spec, Now What? - Just Shoot It 245

Today on the pod we’re talking with Carlyn Hudson about what to do now that you have your script written. We chat about getting your script out there and seen, the importance of look books, knowing where your movie is in the marketplace, and more! Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: Check ...   Show more

Shining a Light on Your Own Career - Just Shoot It 244

Accomplished DP Carissa Dorson sits down with us today to talk about being a cinematographer with a publicist, and getting your name out there. We chat about what a social media presence can do for your career, and Carissa shares her insights on what kind of director is best to w ...   Show more

Matt and Oren on Appreciating Art Direction - Just Shoot It 243

Today Matt and Oren sit down to talk about the art department, production designers, and the nature of collaborating. Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: Translights, pacificstudios.netMatt: The Hitchcock film Rope, the show How To with John Wilson, and a short on Short of the Week called ...   Show more

Getting 'Lucky' with Genre Films at SXSW - Just Shoot It 242

Director Natasha Kermani joins us on the pod today to talk about her most recent SXSW film Lucky. This episode is a treat for all of the horror genre lovers out there as Natasha is a big part of the horror scene. We get into what it’s like directing indie features, and the import ...   Show more

How ‘Palm Springs’ Filmmakers Wrecked the Sundance Sale Record - Just Shoot It 241

Palm Springs is the movie to watch during quarantine, and Just Shoot It is the podcast to listen to so you can learn about the making of the film and the people behind it. Writer Andy Siara and director Max Barbakow share the inside scoop on what it took to get their film made, a ...   Show more

So You Booked a Commercial, Now What? - Just Shoot It 240

Today we’re following up last weeks Matt and Oren episode with another Matt and Oren Episode! We talk in detail about pre-production meetings, what they are, what they cover, and our tips on navigating through them. Unpaid Endorsements:Oren: The best chance someone has to be a su ...   Show more

Detail-Oriented Directing w/Matt & Oren - Just Shoot It 239

This week on the pod Liz Manashil visits with us to help answer some listener questions about distribution. After that it’s a classic Matt and Oren episode! We catch up, Oren shares his theory on treatments, we chat about working with different crews, I told you so’s, and much mo ...   Show more

The Mystery of the $50 Short Film w/Nancy Drew Director Amanda Row - Just Shoot It 238

Genre director Amanda Row started out embracing her limitations by making fifty dollar shorts, and now she directs for TV shows like The 100, Nancy Drew, and Helstrom. She shares some unique tips about directing, and what her experience is like as a woman in film. Unpaid Endorsem ...   Show more

Save Yourself! (from your co-director) - Just Shoot It 237

Co-directors Eleanor Wilson and Alex Huston Fischer join us on the podcast to chat about the making of their latest film Save Yourselves!, and what it’s like co-directing with your significant other. Save Yoursleves! trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIsIjcNdsXcUnpaid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIsIjcNdsXcUnpaid Endo ...   Show more

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