Wye Oak - AEIOU

Wye Oak - AEIOU

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Autogramm - WannaBe

Autogramm - "WannaBe," a 2023 single on Stomp Records Today's Song of the Day comes from mostly-Northwest new wavers Autogramm: drummer/synths/guitarist/vocalist The Silo now lives in Chicago, while vocalist/guitarist Jiffy Marx and vocalist/bassist CC Voltage hail from Vancouver ...  Show more

Alex Vile - Stainless

Alex Vile - "Stainless," a 2023 self-released single. Tacoma's own Alex Vile began as a solo project of vocalist/guitarist Alexandra Vilenius, but are currently a power quartet featuring Kaelyn Stevens on bass, Leo Quale on lead guitar, and Evan Hartung on drums. While new on the ...  Show more