Wye Oak - AEIOU

Wye Oak - AEIOU

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Tautumeitas - Spodrē Manu Augumiņu

Tautumeitas - "Spodrē Manu Augumiņu" from the 2022 self-released album Skrejceļš. Latvian ensemble Tautumeitas take traditional folk songs and folklore from their homeland and update them with modern beats and production. Their latest album, Skrejceļš, was crafted with thei ...  Show more

Jembaa Groove - Bassa Bassa

Jembaa Groove - "Bassa Bassa" from the 2022 album Susuma on Agogo Records. The word “Jembaa” translates to “life,” and a "groove in life" is what Berlin-based Afro-Soul band Jembaa Groove aims to inspire with their music. Bassist/composer Yannick Nolting and vocalist/percussionis ...  Show more

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Metal Interview de CROWN représenté par Stéphane Azam et David Husser pour parler de "The End of All Things" attendu le 16 avril 2021 via Pelagic Records. ▬ About Crown ▬ The End Of All Things is for C R O W N what Kid A was for Radiohead: an album that nobody was expecting from ...  Show more

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“It’s like digging a hole and moving into it, and listening to a lot of bass, and loving it.” So says Björk of the meaning behind the word ‘Fossora’—the title of her tenth studio album, just released today. On this episode, Hanif and Björk break Fossora down concept-by-concept, f ...  Show more

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