Ep. 196 Viral Video Fuels Overnight Funding Success || Emma Rose Cohen, Founder & CEO of Final

Ep. 196 Viral Video Fuels Overnight Funding S...

Keep It Real Series #9 || Simon Mainwaring, Founder & CEO of We First and Best-selling Author

Simon Mainwaring is a best-selling author and CEO of We First, a strategic consultancy committed to business as a force for good. We have him on the podcast every single month to help mold your we first mentality to influence others Watch on Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/ https://www.crowdcast.io/e/ ...   Show more

Ep. 201 Everyone Wins. Period. || Scot Chisholm, Executive Chairman & Co-founder of Classy

Scot Chisholm is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Classy who shares how his leadership has developed during different stages of growth, why all metrics should hold equal weight, and that leaders are those who take the bull by the horns.  Please leave this show a review on ...   Show more

Ep. 200 Plug In To What's Important || AY Young, Activist Artist & UN Sustainable Goals Leader

AY Young is an entrepreneur and activist artist who wants to ensure everyone is an outlet for change. In this episode, Young shares his entrepreneurial journey, the power of clean energy, and his hope to plug everyone in to what’s important. RSVP for future events: https://www.cr https://www.cr ...   Show more

Ep. 199 Create Possibilities || Philippe Dunsky, President of Dunsky Energy Consulting

Philippe Dunsky is the Founder and President of Dunsky Energy Consulting who believes good businesses create possibilities for change. In this episode Dunsky shares his forecast for the renewable energy transition, how to avoid a binary view of the world, and that you can't lead ...   Show more

Ep. 198 Earth Day In Texas? || Trammell S. Crow Jr., Founder of EarthX

Trammell S. Crow Jr. is a long time successful Dallas businessman who founded EarthX to change the world by bringing environmental activism to his home town. EarthX is now the largest earth day event in the United States and in today's episode Trammell shares how to break bread w ...   Show more

Ep. 197 Akon's Vision for Africa || Akon, World-renowned Artist and Founder of Akoin & Akon Lighting Africa

Akon is a world renowned R&B artist who shares today why leadership, cryptocurrency, and his city may just be the key to stabilizing corruption in Africa. Why is Akon taking matters into his own hands? How is he building his own city? What leadership skills does he possess? Find ...   Show more

Ep. 195 Patagonia: The Responsible Company || Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia & Co-Author of The Responsible Company

Vincent Stanley is the Director of Philosophy at Patagonia and co-author of The Responsible Company: What We've Learned from Patagonia's First 40 Years who shares what it means to be in business for the planet, what people misunderstand about companies who are in business to do-g ...   Show more

Ep. 194 Using Failure to Find Your Purpose || Warwick Fairfax, Founder of Crucible Leadership

Warwick Fairfax is the Founder of Crucible Leadership who shares the expectations for growing a billion dollar family business, the fallacy in setting a life vision, and that severe trials can lead to something better. Apply for the Impact Awards at: https://real-leaders.com/impa https://real-leaders.com/impa ...   Show more

Ep. 193 The Algorithmic Leader || Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorro‪w‬

Mike Walsh is a global futurist, CEO of Tomorrow, and author of The Algorithmic Leader who urges us to be more probabilistic in an era of constant disruption. In today’s episode, Walsh outlines real disruption and how to reimagine your customer experience, how to be smart when ma ...   Show more

Ep. 192 The Inspiring Story of Devon Stil‪l || Former NFL Defensive End, Cancer Awareness Advocate

Devon Still is a former NFL Defensive End, current cancer awareness advocate, and proud father who discloses the obstacles he overcame on his journey to the league, the playbook he used after his daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and his newfound purpose. Get Involved: https:// ...   Show more

Ep. 191 Life On Mars or Underwater First? || Fabien Cousteau, Aquanaut, Ocean Conservationist, and Filmmaker

Fabien Cousteau is a 3rd generation ocean explorer and aquanaut who is taking the next step in ocean exploration by venturing into the world’s largest and most advanced underwater research station called Proteus. He shares his journey and hope for the future of life below water. ...   Show more

Ep. 190 Why I'm High On Life || Ardy Arianpour, CEO and Co-Founder of SEQSTER

Ardy Arianpour is the CEO and co-founder of SEQSTER whose company accidentally fell upon a software that cracked the code of interoperability allowing healthcare providers and patients to access all of their personal health records in one common place. In this interview, Ardy sha ...   Show more

Ep. 189 Values, Ethics, and Cancel Culture || Dr. Pat Harned, CEO of Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)

Dr. Pat Harned is the CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) who discusses what values transcend all good companies, the indicators of a culture breakdown, and the conversations that need to be had before the culture cancels you. Watch on Crowdcast: https://www.crowdca https://www.crowdca ...   Show more

Ep. 188 Storeroom to Boardroom || Babs Omotowa, Chairman of Montserrado

Babs Omotowa is the Chairman of Montserrado who discusses his Journey from the storeroom to boardroom, why trust comes on a bike and leaves on a ferrari and how to make sound decisions with immense shareholder pressure. Watch on Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/babs-omotowa https://www.crowdcast.io/e/babs-omotowa ...   Show more

Ep. 187 The Role of Responsibility || James Bidwell, Co-Founder of RE_SET and Chair of Springwise

James Bidwell is the Co-Founder of RE_SET and Chair of Springwise who believes in order to change the world one must assume and inspire a greater role of responsibility. Throughout today’s discussion Bidwell shares how consumers are becoming more conscientious, the threat of big ...   Show more

Ep. 186 Your Company Is Alive || Norman Wolfe, Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders

Norman Wolfe is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders who believes in order to transform your organization, you must first let it die. In today’s discussion, Wolfe shares how to apply a lens of quantum leadership, understand the dynamics of change, and view your organization as ...   Show more

Ep. 185 We Will Change the World || Shadi Bakour, Co-Founder & CEO of PathWater

Shadi Bakour is Co-Founder and CEO of PathWater who is tired of being told that his team can’t change the world. Throughout today’s discussion Bakour shares how they developed a scalable solution to ending single use plastic, the growing pains that come along with rapid growth, a ...   Show more

Ep. 184 Perfection Is A Deal Breaker || Andy Lopata, Professional Relationship Author, Keynote Speaker, and Podcaster

Professional Relationship expert Andy Lopata who believes perfection is a deal breaker. Throughout today’s discussion Lopata shares why active listening is the most important part of building strong relationships, when to eliminate toxic people out of your circle, and why vulnera ...   Show more

Ep. 183 The Future Is For The Bold || Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, Co-Founder and CEO of CanopyLAB

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth is the co-founder and CEO of Canopy LAB who shares why your algorithms should focus on intimacy, how to think with an exponential mindset, and what the future of global education will look like. Watch: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/sahra-josephine-hjorth https://www.crowdcast.io/e/sahra-josephine-hjorth Atten ...   Show more

Ep. 182 Opportunity Is Everywhere || Melanie Dulbecco, CEO of Torani

Melanie Dulbecco is the CEO of Torani who inspires us to see opportunity everywhere. Throughout today’s episode Dulbecco touches on her north star for decision making, how Torani navigated the waves of the pandemic, and what ultimately creates the fabric of communities. Enjoy! Wa ...   Show more

Ep. 181 The Psychology of Goal Crushing || Emily Balcetis, Social Psychologists, Associate Professor at NYU and Author of Clearer, Closer, Better

Emily Balcetis is a social psychologist, Associate Professor at NYU, and Author of her new book Clearer, Closer, Better. Emily divulges her current research into what successful work cultures embrace, how to set the goldie-locks goal, and why it just could be as simple as changin ...   Show more

Keep It Real Series #8 || Simon Mainwaring, Founder & CEO of We First Branding and Best-selling Autho‪r‬

Simon Mainwaring is the Founder, CEO, and Best-selling author of We First Inc., in this episode he covers how to avoid the dangers of cancel culture, provides a process for developing your brand’s purpose, and to stay light in your head. The Keep It Real Series is a monthly podca ...   Show more

Ep. 179 The Journey Is The Destination || Seth Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO of Eat The Change, Co-Founder & former CEO of Honest Tea, and Executive Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat

Seth Goldman is the Co-Founder of Honest Tea, Executive Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat, and current Co-Founder and CEO of Eat The Change who in today’s episode shares how what mission-driven entrepreneurs often forget, how consumer diet changes can lead to climate change itsel ...   Show more

Ep. 178 Be Clear On Your Purpose || Shelly McNamara, Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer at P&G and Author of No Blanks, No Pauses

Shelly McNamara is the Chief Equality and Inclusion Officer at Proctor & Gamble and the Author of No blanks, No Pauses. In today’s episode, McNamara shares how to better represents your consumer base and employee base, why allowing employees to express their authenticity correlat ...   Show more

Ep. 177 The Art of Negotiation || Dr. Cath Bishop, Former Olympic Medalist, Conflict Negotiator, and Author of The Long Win

Dr. Cath Bishop is a former Olympic medalist turned conflict negotiator who shares key pieces of advice from her new book The Long Win. In today’s episode, Bishop reveals the weight of pursuing external accolades, the mannerisms you should pay attention to during a negotiation, a ...   Show more

Ep. 176 Keep The Lights On || Michael Franti, World-renowned Musician, Hotel Owner, Filmmaker, and Activist

Michael Franti is a world-renowned musician who inspires us all to keep the lights on. In today’s episode, Franti shares his unconventional path to becoming a musician, the importance of connecting personally with your audience, and that we should all try to reach our growing edg ...   Show more

Ep. 175 A Culture of Listening || Sandra M. Moore, Chief Impact Officer at Advantage Capital

Sandra M. Moore is the Chief Impact Officer at Advantage Capital who claims leaders who build cultures of good listeners tend to be on the forefront of change. In today’s episode, Moore shares her experiences as a judge for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commissio ...   Show more

Ep. 174 Emotional Intelligence || Dr. Daniel Goleman, Best-selling Author and Psychologist

Dr. Daniel Goleman is a best-selling Author and Psychologist whose books and philosophies have influenced millions of leaders around the world who intuitively understand the power of emotional intelligence. In today’s episode, Goleman shares why our brains developed the way they ...   Show more

Ep. 173 Get Out of Your Own Way || Nick Bradley, Host of the Scale Up Your Business Podcast

Nick Bradley is the host of the Scale Up Your Business Podcast a top business podcast in the United Kingdom. He joins the show today to share what it takes to become a CEO, the mindset shift needed for growth, and how to get out of your own way. Real Leaders has live interviews ...   Show more

Ep. 172 Uncomfortable Conversations Need To Be Had || Meesha Brown, President of PCI Media Impact

Meesha Brown is the President of PCI Media Impact who joins the show to suggest making room for uncomfortable conversations. In today’s episode, Brown communicates what she’s learned from developing large transformational public media campaigns and how you can develop a narrative ...   Show more

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