Willie Geist on Hosting ‘Morning Joe’ and ‘Sunday Today’

Willie Geist on Hosting ‘Morning Joe’ and ‘Su...

David Oyelowo on Why He Decided to Create the Movies That He Wants to See

Larry is joined by actor and director David Oyelowo to talk about getting into acting and why he decided to create his own production company (17:47), making his directorial debut with ‘The Water Man' and what it was like to direct himself as an actor (35:37), and why he's drawn ...   Show more

Malcolm Gladwell on ‘The Bomber Mafia’

Larry weighs in on ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ and the importance of gratitude to open the show. Later, he is joined by New York Times best selling author Malcolm Gladwell to discuss his new audio book ‘The Bomber Mafia,’ how advances in technology change warfare, and more (11:0 ...   Show more

Robin Thede on ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show,’ and W. Kamau Bell on ‘United Shades of America’

Larry is joined by actor and comedian Robin Thede on this week’s weigh-in to discuss Season 2 of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ (01:00). Later, Larry is joined by comedian W. Kamau Bell to discuss ‘United Shades of America,’ defunding the police, and much more (30:10).Host: Larry Wil ...   Show more

Travon Free on ‘Two Distant Strangers,' and Andra Day on ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday'

Larry is joined by Oscar nominated director Travon Free to discuss filming ‘Two Distant Strangers’ amidst the pandemic, how he got his start in the entertainment industry, and more (01:00). Later, Larry is joined by Oscar nominee and singer Andra Day to discuss portraying Billie ...   Show more

Soledad O’Brien on ‘Disrupt and Dismantle’

Larry is joined by journalist and producer Soledad O’Brien to discuss her tv series ‘Disrupt and Dismantle’ (08:00), environmental racism (10:00), the death of local journalism (17:00), and much more.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Soledad O’Brien Learn more about your ad choices. Visi ...   Show more

Don Lemon on ‘This Is the Fire’ and James Baldwin’s Influence

Larry weighs in on the Atlanta spa shooting and the recent rise of hate targeted toward Asian people (03:00). Later, Larry is joined by CNN’s Don Lemon to discuss his new book ‘This is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism’ (10:00), growing up down south in Baton Rouge ...   Show more

Walter Isaacson on the Amazements and Ethics of Gene Editing

Larry is joined by Walter Isaacson to talk about his new book, ‘The Code Breaker,’ a biography of the genetic scientist and a developer of CRISPR Jennifer Doudna. They talk about the history of genetic science (16:10), how the new mRNA vaccines work (33:43), and the ethical quest ...   Show more

Lee Daniels on Furthering the Legacy of Billie Holiday With 'The United States vs. Billie Holiday'

Larry is joined by director and producer Lee Daniels to talk about his new movie, 'The United States vs. Billie Holiday.' They talk about why Daniels was drawn to the story of Holiday (9:44), the decision to cast Andra Day, a relative unknown, as Holiday (24:01), and the difficul ...   Show more

Charles Blow on His Black Manifesto of Great Migration Back to the South

Larry is joined by Charles Blow, New York Times op-ed columnist and author of ‘The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto,’ to discuss his vision for a new Great Migration of Black Americans back to the South (08:00).Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Charles Blow Learn more about your a ...   Show more

Kenny and Keith Lucas on ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

On today’s weigh in, Larry takes a moment to remember his brother Marc Wilmore (01:00). Later, Larry is joined by twin comedians, actors, and producers Kenny and Keith Lucas to discuss writing ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ (05:30). They also talk about why the Black Lives Matter ...   Show more

Stephen A Smith on ‘Stephen A’s World,’ Hank Aaron, and More

Larry weighs in on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and President Biden’s leadership. Later, Larry is joined by ESPN’s Stephen A Smith to discuss his new show ‘Stephen A’s World,’ Colin Kaepernick, Hank Aaron, women’s sports, and much more (14:00).Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: ...   Show more

Fran Lebowitz on ‘Pretend It’s a City’

Larry weighs in on President Biden taking office, and remembers the lives of Larry King and Hank Aaron. Later, Larry is joined by writer Fran Lebowitz to discuss working on ‘Pretend It’s a City’ with Martin Scorsese, growing up in New York in the 50’s and 60’s, and much more (16: ...   Show more

Sam Pollard on 'MLK/FBI'

Larry weighs in on the final days of Trump in office and the art of deception. Later, he is joined by film director Sam Pollard to discuss his latest documentary ‘MLK/FBI,’ the wire tapping of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by the the FBI, and how the tapes could affect King's legacy ...   Show more

Fred Claire on ‘Extra Innings’

Larry is joined by former Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Fred Claire to discuss the book ‘Extra Innings: Fred Claire’s Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team.’ They talk about Claire’s transition from sports journalist to Dodgers staff member (20:00), ...   Show more

Ed Dwight on Becoming the First Black Astronaut That Almost Was

On a very special holiday weigh in, Larry is joined by his daughter, Lauren Wilmore, to share how the lyrics of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” have changed over time. Later, Larry is joined by sculptor and former US Air Force test pilot Ed Dwight to discuss his journey ...   Show more

Director Steve McQueen on Creating ‘Small Axe’

Larry is joined by Steve McQueen, director of ‘12 Years a Slave,’ to discuss his latest project, ‘Small Axe,’ the Black British experience, and more.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Steve McQueen Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices  

Walter Mosley on ‘MasterClass,’ Becoming a Writer, and the Importance of Language

Larry opens with a weigh in on the importance of language as it pertains to the idea ‘defend the police.’ Later, Larry is joined by Walter Mosley, author of ‘Devil in a Blue Dress,’ to discuss his career as a writer (14:00), teaching with ‘MasterClass’ (34:00), and more.Host: Lar ...   Show more

Ken Kwapis on ‘But What I Really Want to Do is Direct’

Larry is joined by film director Ken Kwapis to talk about his new book ‘But What I Really Want to Do Is Direct: Lessons from a Life Behind the Camera’ along with plenty of advice for those interested in television and film making. Later, the two discuss what they think needs to b ...   Show more

Fareed Zakaria on ‘Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World’

Larry is joined by Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post columnist and host of CNN’s ‘GPS,’ to discuss his new book, ‘Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World.’ The two also discuss the progress of COVID-19 vaccines, the growing inequality gap in the pandemic, and more.Host: Larry Wilmore ...   Show more

Cornell Belcher on Joe Biden Winning the 2020 Presidential Election

Larry is joined by Cornell Belcher, NBC political analyst and president of Brilliant Corners Research and Strategy, to react to the breaking news of Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris winning the 2020 presidential election.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Cornell Belcher Learn mor ...   Show more

Nate Silver on Election Polls and Forecasting the 2020 Presidential Election

Larry is joined by Nate Silver, founder and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight, to discuss how election polls are taken. The two also look at some of the key states expected to make an impact on Election Day.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Nate Silver Learn more about your ad choices. ...   Show more

Governor Andrew Cuomo on ‘American Crisis’ and Governing in a Pandemic

Today’s episode is taken from a live conversation between Larry and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for ‘Live Talks Los Angeles’ on October 18. The two discuss Governor Cuomo’s latest book, ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic,’ and more.Host: Larry Wilm ...   Show more

Rick Wilson on the Lincoln Project and President Trump's Failing Campaign for Re-Election

Larry is joined by author and political strategist Rick Wilson to discuss founding the Lincoln Project (6:30), the failures of the Trump administration during this presidential campaign (24:00), Wilson's ideal political party (48:50), and more.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Rick Wilso ...   Show more

Ari Berman on Mail-in Ballots and Voter Suppression

Larry is joined by Mother Jones writer Ari Berman to discuss President Trump's hospitalization due to COVID-19. Later, the two break down voter suppression going into the upcoming presidential election.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Ari Berman Learn more about your ad choices. Visit m ...   Show more

Bakari Sellers on the Breonna Taylor Case and America's Flawed Justice System

Larry is joined by Bakari Sellers to discuss the grand jury decision in the case of Breonna Taylor (9:53), the flaws in the justice system (26:04), predicting the upcoming presidential election (44:41), and more.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Bakari Sellers Learn more about your ad ch ...   Show more

Ben Rhodes on ‘Missing America’ and Working Under the Obama Administration

Larry is joined by former deputy national security adviser and political commentator Ben Rhodes to discuss his latest project ‘Missing America’ (11:00), working under the Obama administration (21:20), and Russia’s impact on the 2016 presidential election and the Trump administrat ...   Show more

Brian Stelter on ‘Hoax’ and Fox News’s Influence on President Trump

Larry is joined by CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter to discuss his new book, ‘Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.’ They also talk about Fox News’s influence on Donald Trump’s presidency.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Brian Stelter Learn more ...   Show more

Erin Brockovich on ‘Superman’s Not Coming’ and the Nation’s Water Crisis

Larry is joined by environmental activist Erin Brockovich to talk about her latest book, ‘Superman’s Not Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do about It,’ and identifying the signs that your drinking water may be contaminated.Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Eri ...   Show more

Isabel Wilkerson on the Caste Systems That We Currently Live In

Larry is joined by author Isabel Wilkerson to talk about her new book, ‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.’ They talk about what it was like to have her book selected for Oprah’s Book Club (7:13), the differences between “class” and “caste” (21:01), and how going to India inf ...   Show more

Bill Simmons on the Return of the NBA

Larry is joined by The Ringer’s Bill Simmons to discuss social activism within the NBA bubble (13:21), the history of racism in the league and era-defining players (38:38), and what a championship means in this unorthodox season (41:43).Host: Larry WilmoreGuest: Bill Simmons Lear ...   Show more

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