History of The Seven Wonders Of The World ?

History of The Seven Wonders Of The World ?

JOHN LOCKE (Father Of Liberalism)

The 17th Century Philosopher who studied Medicine, but turned out to be one of the greatest and most influential philosophers of his time, emphasizing on the importance of individual human rights, thinking, equality and so much more. There’s definitely a lot to learn about his ph ...   Show more

What’s The Right Age

So this is a conversation that has span on for centuries; the perfect age to walk down the life long journey. Join me on the first episode where I sought out for others opinions on this delicate controversial topic and learn what people think about “A right age for marriage” ?  

Logic/Emotions (A Story)

The little story of how last week’s experience made me see the other side of the bridge where a lot people never return from, well mine was on a small scale, but I hope you learn something from it ???‍♂️  

Louise Daguerre (Invented the first practical step of photography)

Did you know that photography, before it was refined into the modern day use of digital cameras was a field initialized by scientist who harnessed the light rays from the sun and different photographic processes to produce images. If only you knew how images were produced initial ...   Show more

Prerequisite to Purpose

The word purpose is one that has been extremely underrated in the world today, because even the tiniest of creatures in this world has a purpose for existence, so have you ever thought of yours and how to find it. Start here and let’s share knowledge together ?  

Failures Of The Past (A poetry duet by The_Poetic_Membrane & Damilare_Mapper)

I looked ahead of time and saw my failures and lies; I looked behind my past and saw many reasons to cry. Life is a seed to grow and sow on this platter of either Gold or Coal; whatever luck brings, I was told, is certain even if it lurks behind my curtain. I realized I was the s ...   Show more

One Of The Journeys Of Discovery

The journey of discovery in human life is one that never ends, but it’s unfortunate that we don’t know the art of discovery which later affects our entire life. Listen to this episode and you’d definitely know what the art is and why “the journey of discovery” is one you should s ...   Show more

Special Episode (9-12)

This special episode combines interesting snippets from episodes 9-12. Subsequently you can check the individual episodes and it’s certain that you’d learn so much from each of these episodes ?  

The logic behind Prevention

A lot of religion have foundations that protrude Abstinence, Prevention, but a few would say that’s just old school and civilization has made us rethink these facts, or people are just too religious, but let’s now leave religion aside and test this advice logically to see if it’s ...   Show more

Simon Bolivar (Liberator of Latin American countries)

If only you’d get sunk in the history of a man who’s dedication made him liberate land mass of almost a whole continent from the hands of colonists, a man who has a whole country name after him, then you would learn so much about having big dreams and aspirations ??  


What does it really take to be patient these days and why is it that most people don’t believe in being patience. Maybe it’s an outdated character in this century and time. Well here is my own opinion ?; please listen and I’d be expecting to learn from you too ??‍♂️  

Rene Descartes (Father of Modern Philosophy)

Cogito Ergo Sum. So when was the last time you actually used your mind to think about anything other than money ? or earthly concerns (well I’m sure some people would eye me ? because of the money part though), but try listening to this episode of #HMIH and see what you could lea ...   Show more

Friends With Benefit

Well I wonder what your definition of this term is ?. This is mine ???‍♂️  

Gregor Mendel (The Father of Genetics 🧬)

So we are always talking about Genotype. The so called super power “AA’s” ? and the somewhat weak “SS” but where did it all start is something most people would even want to bother themselves about. Join me on episode 17 of HMIH and let’s learn from today’s most influential human ...   Show more

My personal strategy for relationships

On this episode, I discuss on my personal and weird opinions on relationships, best way to find long lasting relationship, and then the best types of relationships. Listen and be surprised as what you think I’d be about is definitely not ??  

Ernest Rutherford (Father of Nuclear ☢️ Physics)

This episode talks about the story of a man that portrays how success and tremendous achievements can be achieved no matter who you are, where you are from or how impossible your background is; the lifetime of one the greatest scientists that ever lived teaches us this and so man ...   Show more

A few things 1 year after service thought me “2020”

Sometimes I feel like I’m giving myself advice with my podcast ?. This episode made me talk about a lot of genuinely interesting life lessons that 2020 thought me and the kind of life that I need to live here on. Try listening to my after service story, and I’m sure you’d learn s ...   Show more

Max Planck (The Originator of the Quantum Theory)

It’s amazing how this world has witnessed the existence of many great minds and intellectual humans; some atheists, some religious, but none has been able to validly explain the mystery called life and the predicaments of life, no matter the discovery nor the inventions they have ...   Show more

The Reality Of Life After School 1

The outcome of a discussion I had with a secondary school classmate yesterday about the categories you need to be under before you can live a stress free and dreamy life immediately after school. Let’s see what you think ?  

Joseph Lister

Surgery has always been generally feared and considered as a deadly way of solving medical problems, but did you know that it was actually far worse, until this episode’s most influential human invented a method that revolutionized the surgical process and success with innovation ...   Show more

Being The Better Person

What does it take to be the better person in a world where everyone wants to be right and no one wants to be wrong ? Well join me on this episode as I discuss this issue along side a very interesting incident that happened to me recently. I’m sure you’d learn something and I woul ...   Show more

Nicolaus August Otto (Led to the modern internal combustion engine)

Almost everyone in this century has had a relationship with an automobile car but we don’t really care how it works and the history behind the revolution of wheels since we never witnessed the house carriage eras up until the 19th century. On this episode; we learn about the amaz ...   Show more

The Black Truth

What is this Black Secret ??; I'm curious too, so let's find out together and point out our own opinions. Ps- There's a huge possibility that the truth in this episode might change your life for the better ?  


A religion that believed two independent GOD exists, and spread throughout the Persian and Roman Empire at it’s peak; invented by a man named Mani as far back as the 3rd century ?. It’s definitely an interesting and thought provoking episode of HMIH you’d learn from ?  

The New Year Mentality

Is there a big deal in having new year resolves, is it a bad idea, and why do few people criticize it so much; well in this episode of The Reality Monday Podcast, I express my personal, realistic opinion, please listen and let's learn from your own thoughts ?  

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin; A man who is termed a tyrant and bad guy by some and is praised as a good guy and the man who fast forward the modernization of Russia. He said; “You cannot make a revolution in white gloves”. You might term him as a hero or villain in your personal opinion, but t ...   Show more

The Chaotic Effect

The result of IawIessness and Iack of moral discipline is Chaos; and if you do not take control of that moment and it continues in perpetuity; it causes an uncontrollable Chaotic effect (Damilare_Mapper, 26th Oct, 2020). I hope you reIate this to this episode and understand it fu ...   Show more

History Of Sars In Nigeria 🇳🇬

In this Special episode of HMIH, I briefly talk about the history of SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) In Nigeria, why it was estimated, how it was established, who actually established it and why it just has to go ?.  

Be The Change You Want To See (A poem for #EndSars)

Play A Part #endsars #endsarsnow #end  

Special Episode (Summary Episode 5-8)

In this Special Episode; I’m combining the most captivating pieces of Episode 5-8 of History’s Most Influential Humans. I hope you learn a lot from it ?  

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