Pathfinder Episode 7 - Now Who's a Stupid Donkey

Pathfinder Episode 7 - Now Who's a Stupid Don...

West Townsville High. Episode 4 - Now With More Math

This week we return to Townsville, Henry and Gordon do a bunch of math to check the accuracy of Henry's house ruling. The characters confront the agency head on and Akira goes to the back room of The Video Hutt.  

Fry Cooks the One Shot

This week we head into the exciting world of fast food with Fry Cooks, with special guest FG from @dndworldtweets.  

West Townsville High Episode 3 - Space Chimpin

Four teenagers and a Russian Space Chimp, what could possibly go wrong?  

Pathfinder Episode 6 - If Books Could Kill

Things get pretty dark as the group learns the history of the buried keep, Mirabelle, and her mother's forced marriage to the former king.  

West Townsville High, Episode 2 - Сюзанна

Akira, Oliver and Dotato continue to explore the thing that crashed into Old Crow Island. They call Dante for help and meet a new friend.  

Pathfinder Episode 5: Rats and Screaming

As the party gets deeper into the buried keep they encounter its former ruler and his new subjects.  

Episode 1 - Welcome to West Townsville.

In the first episode we get a glimpse of the small town of West Townsville and meet Dotato, Oliver and Akira as they set out to investigate a strange occurence on a nearby island.  

Space Episode 8 - A Very Special Football

This is the final episode of our Space campaign. It's short and sweet and ties up some loose ends. Enjoy.  

Pathfinder Episode 4 - I've Fallen and I Can't Get Out

The guys explore deeper into the buried keep. Lancet gets into a sticky situation, Aeodred discovers the elevator, Fyrn and Gil show the doors who's the boss.  

Space Episode 7 - This Vacuum Sucks!

The Fmerta crew gets out of the frying pan and into the fire. Is this the end for our plucky heroes?  

Pathfinder Episode 3 - Into the Cave of the Worse Trolls.

In this episode the Hunters make their way into a keep buried beneath the village of Highflower.  

Generally Unappealing Regular People in Space. Episode 6 - Robots of Revenge!

The Fmerta crew escape the K'Zeg 7 facility in a stolen Valerian starship, with a cargo of Hunter Drones. Things go from bad to worse as the drones awaken and the facilities defences come online.  

Pathfinder Episode 2 - And Then We Got Flowers

We catch up with Aeodred, Fyrn, Gil and Lancet as they reach the village of Highflower, a unique village ruled by an enclave of druids. Godfrey's forces aren't far behind them.  

Space Episode 5 - Let's Do The Time Warp Again

We catch up with the crew of the Fmerta deep in the past or is it the future? James is whacked out on painkillers, Varen meets royalty, Beta wonders what happened to his body and Smith gets a lesson in etiquette.  

Pathfinder Episode 1: Fall of the Hunters Hall

Join us as we take our first steps into an all new Pathfinder 2e campaign. In the first episode we are introduced to Gil a halfling bard, Fyrn a tiefling warrior, Aeodred a changeling ranger and Lancet an elven alchemist.  

Generally Unappealing Regular People in Space: Episode 4 - 100% More Cranberry Ginger Ale

After touching the strange Dark Matter orb the guys find themselves thrown through time.  

Generally Unappealing Regular People in Space, Episode 3 - The Fall of Delta Bolt

The crew of the Fmerta goes deeper into the mining facility in search of answers.  

ICRPG - 80's 101

This week we were down a player so we tried our hand at Index Card RPG and we hacked it for a totally radical 80's adventure.  

Generally Unappealing Regular People in Space. Episode 2 - The Large Boom Conjecture!

On this weeks exciting episode, the crew of the Fmerta explores deeper into the abandoned mining facility on K'Zeg Seven. James makes lunch, Delta renovates, Smith opens a door and Varen does Science!  

Episode 1 - Charlie Daniels and the Space Gremlin.

We meet the plucky crew of the Fmerta: Smith the wealthy pilot and member of a crystalline species, James a bioengineered human space marine, Delta a cybernetically enhanced alien mechanic and Varen the Valarian scientist. They embark on their first assignment to discover why a m ...   Show more

Intro to Space

Hey welcome to Generally Unappealing Regular People In Space!!! Just a brief rundown on the new campaign, the new characters and some of the mechanics we used.  

Episode 5 - The Finale or The Betrayal

We come to the end of our journey into Ravenloft.  

Session 4: Now this is Heresy!!!

Shadow and Benny get arrested. Bidas makes a friend and Godfrey finally finds the heresy he's been searching for.  

Cravenloft, Episode 3; Back to the Shack

We continue our journey through the Domains of Dread. The guys investigate a mysterious shack in the swamp and make their way to town.  

Cravenloft Episode 2; Adventures in Fogland.

We're back with a brand new episode! Shadow vanishes, Bidas and Benny stare each other down and Godfrey considers the heresy of having his fortune told.  

RPGs, GURPS and Ravenloft

Henry tries to explain the basics of Roleplaying games, GURPS and Ravenloft.  

Welcome to Cravenloft!

Bidas, Shadow, Benny and Godfrey find themselves hunting monsters in a mysterious swamp as a storm is brewing.  

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