121: Remaking the Court

121: Remaking the Court

123: Woke

On this week's episode, I get into several articles dealing with race, and then I discuss the origins and meaning of the term "woke".  I also follow up my discussion on last week's episode about COVID. To get your 10% discount on Baxter Blue glasses, visit  https://baxterblueglass https://baxterblueglass ...   Show more

122: Statistically Significant

This week, I get into the fact that no one really knows how statistics work (so maybe a college education is actually worth something after all!).  This includes COVID mask mandates and police shootings.  I also discuss the IG report about Mike Pompeo, Biden's alleged plan for re ...   Show more

120: Gaetzgate

This week, we dive into the bizarre but serious story of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who could be facing sex trafficking charges, among other things. We also get into why COVID rates might be higher in some states than others, the new definition of bipartisan legislation, car ...   Show more

119: The Vaccine

It's our first episode on our new platform, Podbean, and we are talking about the COVID vaccine, including how much it's been distributed, when we might get to herd immunity, the vaccine passport, and some conspiracy theories about the vaccine. We also talk about being a year int ...   Show more

We Have Moved to Podbean!

Exciting news!  We have moved the podcast to Podbean!  We are basically just using this episode to test our feeds to make sure all of our subscribers receive the show.  So, hopefully if you are a TMP fan, you're seeing (or hearing) this!  

118: Setting Limits

The theme this week is limits, in that we talk about term limits and the potential limiting of gun ownership (after the shootings in Atlanta and Boulder). We also discuss the media's coverage of President Biden's trip going up the stairs of Air Force One versus its coverage of Pr ...   Show more

117: On the Border

This week, I dive into the issue of illegal immigration and the current "crisis" along the border. Also, I discuss the latest in my new home woes, the Tiger Woods crash, a graphic posted by a relative that has me simply shaking my head in shame, and some revealing (but not very e ...   Show more

116: America's Vote

This week, I discuss the Right to Vote Act (H.R. 1) and some new approved or proposed voting laws in Georgia and Iowa. In that context, I also discuss the ramifications of voter ID laws. I also discuss more cancellations, a "shocking" article on coronavirus cases, some lesser rev ...   Show more

115: Stimuli

This week, I get into the stimulus package that's in the works, the Dr. Seuss "controversy", COVID deaths, the COVID economy, and minimum wage. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast ...   Show more

114: Tit for Tat

This week, my kids join me to talk about what they have been up to lately, how they have liked Zoom school and how it has changed over the last year, and what they are looking forward to when going back to school in person for the first time in over a year. We also talk about the ...   Show more

113: Powerless

This week, we dive into the Texas cold snap and related power issues, and why it's not too surprising that something like this happened. We also talk about the death of Rush Limbaugh and a school board that inadvertently got itself into some hot water. --- Send in a voice message ...   Show more

112: Ross Benes - Rural Rebellion

This week, I am joined by Ross Benes, author of "Rural Rebellion: How Nebraska Became a Republican Stronghold". We talk about the book and how modern politics and social media have widen the ideological gap rather than narrow it. We also talk about the impeachment trial of Donald ...   Show more

111: Hypocrisy is Perfectly Acceptable Now

We have talked about this before, but we are addressing it again: hypocrisy. Now, people are now openly hypocritical and NO ONE CARES. I point out a number of examples on the left and right of this phenomenon. Also, we talk about an article in Time that supposedly outlines the "r ...   Show more

110: The Little Guy is Winning

Here's the rundown for this week's show: History and context of impeachment and how it might apply to Trump The GameStop stock phenomenon What Biden said previously about executive orders Some of the executive orders related to climate change, and some of my thoughts about climat ...   Show more

109: A New Era Begins

This is our first episode of the Biden era, and we talk about his first few actions as President, as well as some of the last moves of the Trump administration, a talk about COVID and related historical context, and where both parties go from here. --- Send in a voice message: ht ...   Show more

108: Misconceptions

This week, we talk about some of the continued fallout of the January 6 riot at the Capitol, including reaction from some senators, impeachment, and banning on social media. We also look at some common misconceptions of the 1st Amendment, 25th Amendment, and Section 230 of the Co ...   Show more

107: Disunity

I get into the Trump-Georgia phone call, which was a sign of things to come on this past Wednesday. Hypocrisy is running amuck in this country! Visit podgo.co/kind for 15% off for first responders! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message Suppor ...   Show more

106: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! This week we discuss the upcoming certification of the Electoral College vote and the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic and how current conditions compare to some of our more severe flu outbreaks. Visit podgo.co/fanatics to get 25% off your next purchase of fan gear ...   Show more

105: Looking Back

In the last episode of 2020, we take a look back at what can only be described as the year of Murphy's Law. And speaking of which, we get into what the heck Murphy's law even is. And I respond to a very thoughtful e-mail from a listener. To take advantage of our offer from Fanati ...   Show more

104: Holding Out Hope

This is my first live show in a few weeks, and the first one on my new equipment. I'm hoping to get all the kinks figured out over the next couple of weeks. This week, I get into the latest on COVID and how our response has affected children. I also talk about the next step in th ...   Show more

Best of TMP - So Cal Freeways

This week, I'm not able to do a normal episode, so please enjoy a look back at one of my favorite episode, in which I talk about the So Cal freeway system and how road funding works in California. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message Support ...   Show more

103: Alexanders

This week, we take a look back at the election of 1800, which had its election stealing saga of its own. Also, my son Alex joins me to talk about a variety of things. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message https://anchor.fm/the-moderate-podcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor. https://anchor. ...   Show more

102: Fairy Tales

This week, we cover a spectacular interview with Michael Flynn that will...well, just listen because it's really hard to describe how you will view it unless you listen to me break it down. We also talk about some of the infighting with the Democrats and how that all might play o ...   Show more

101: The Kraken

This week, the kraken was released (I think?). We talk about the explosive and convincing press conference of Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, as well as one of their experts' affidavit. We also talk about the new Coronavirus vaccines and a recent appellate court de ...   Show more

Episode 100 - Reflections and Lawsuits

On this special episode of The Moderate Podcast, I reflect back on the first 99 episodes of the podcast and how I am still in awe of how I have stuck with this and made it this far. I also offer a slight correction in my analysis of the Maine Senate race and talk about all of the ...   Show more

Episode 99 - Post Game Analysis

Well, although President Trump is challenging the results (shocker), it looks like we have a winner. I talk about the Presidential race, as well as results in some of the California propositions I had talked about previously, the race to control the Senate, and I finish up by tal ...   Show more

Episode 98 - My 2020 Predictions

Okay listeners...this is it! This is the last episode of The Moderate Podcast before the 2020 Election. I give my final predictions on a dozen Senate races and on a dozen battleground states. Who will win? Will anyone even get to 270? Find out right here! Also, let me know your p ...   Show more

Episode 97 - Battleground: Arizona

This week, we talk about a state that finds itself in the national spotlight of Presidential politics for the first time since possibly 2008 (and that was only because the Republican nominee was from the state). Arizona is finding out what it's like to be a swing state. Will it s ...   Show more

Episode 96 - Battleground: Michigan

As we continue our Battleground series, we take a look at the race in Michigan. Was Trump's victory a fluke? Will he be able to pull off a victory again? Also, we talk briefly about the dueling town halls, Hunter Biden's e-mails, Amy Coney Barrett's Senate Judiciary Committee, an ...   Show more

Episode 95 - Battleground: Ohio

This week, in our Battleground series, we explore the bellwether state of Ohio. Will Ohio once again go with the nation, or will Ohio finally lose its status of a determining factor in the Presidential election? We also discuss the Vice Presidential debates, where national discou ...   Show more

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