A Drunken Midsommar

Kristin Whispers a sonnet and poetry (by Michael Chang and Kolleen Carney Hoepfner) and flash (by Briar Ripley Page) from A Drunken Midsommar, an anthology of Midsommar inspired writing, art and flash coming this midsummer from The Daily Drunk.  

barbies with dirty faces

Kristin Whispers Sonnets about Barbies with dirty faces and why she loves them.  

dirtiest boys

Kristin Whispers Sonnets about the dirtiest boys.  

Popcorn Sonnets

Kristin Whispers Sonnets about the Golden Globes, Palm Springs, Amanda Seyfried, Mean Girls (even her young self) and other films.  

Sock Slut

Kristin Whispers Sonnets about socks.  

The Dirty Truth About Butterflies

Kristin Garth Whispers dirty truths about butterflies and herself and some sonnets, too.  

She Never Was Going To Heaven

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets about stripping and sunshine and thanks you all.  

Burlesque Macabre

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets about the burlesque of sex and death  


Kristin Garth whispers Shakespearean sonnets about poets including herself.  


Kristin Garth chatters about a new day in America, the coronavirus and whispers sonnets from her disease themed historical hybrid novella (about a girl with scarlet fever in Pensacola Florida where she lives in 1883) Flutter -- Southern Gothic Fever Dream.    


Kristin Garth whispers the sonnets Resistance about her grandmother, Ghosts about the man who inspired her in the final weeks of his life to get herself together and publish, and My First Nudes about a boy she posed for paintings for in college who would eventually kill himself. ...   Show more

Little Witches

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets about witches to celebrate the Halloween season.  


Kristin Garth whispers sonnets about blurring loss and hurt.  

The Meadow

This was originally the first episode of Kristin Whispers Sonnets before I had a intro. It explains a little of my intentions with the podcast but I do whisper some bdsm sonnets so be advised :)  

Wednesday Addams

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets about Wednesday Addams.  

Hot Chocolate

Kristin Garth reads some sonnets from the Hot Chocolate (erotic) section of her poetry collection Golden Ticket.  

You Don’t Want This

Kristin Garth whispers some explicit fiction inspired by her strip club days.  

Succubus Alumnus

Kristin Garth whispers and chatters sonnets and sentiments from her book Succubus Alumnus releasing December 2020  

Bibliotheque de Corbeau

Kristin Garth whispers about the library of Willowbee Manor from Crow Carriage  


Kristin Garth whispers sonnets of a Girlarium.  

Glitter & Guillotines

Kristin Garth whisper from her pamphlet Glitters and Guillotines a poetry collection published by Hedgehog Poetry Press  

Slender Sonnets

Kristin Garth reads Shakespearean sonnets about The Slenderman  

Crow Carriage

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets from her hybrid horror novel Crow Carriage forthcoming from Hedgehog Poetry next year.  

The Disney Princess of Sonnets

Kristin Garth whisper some Disney themed sonnets and her Disney Princess love.  


Kristin Garth whispers sonnets from her forthcoming book Succubus Alumnus, an expanded edition of her work Puritan U. These poems are about sexual exploration told in dark Alice in Wonderland imagery.  

Broken Doll

Kristin Garth whispers Shakespearean sonnets she has written about broken dolls and chats about feeling like one too.  

I Want The Golden Ticket, Daddy

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets from her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory womanchildish poetry collection “Golden Ticket.”  


Kristin Garth whispers sexy Shakespearean sonnets and talks about the inception of Poke, her newest journal, a journal of kink and erotica.  

Girl in the Woods

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets about the woods and her love of the woods in which she lives.  

Library Lust

Kristin Garth whispers sonnets from her book Dewy Decimals and chatters about her sexual awakening in the library.  

Kristin Whispers Sonnets
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