I Am Affirmations w God Frequency by Ellevan

I Am Affirmations w God Frequency by Ellevan

Ep 38 Segment Intending

When discovering that you are in control of your life experiences, you'll notice that the manifestations you're getting are acutely linked to the perception of how you intended that time period or 'segment' to go. A common human misconception that there are forces outside of your ...   Show more

Ep 37 Basically, this is a simulation.

We update y'all with where we are on everything going on in the world today. COMPASSION. We're slowly getting to the understanding that nothing really matters (shout out Laurin Hill)  Seeing things when you believe they're lost. By shifting your perspective / frequency you're loo ...   Show more

Ep 36 Momentary Focus

The moment is all we ever have and all we can ever control, but less control and more allow. This episode really dives into some great self awareness and Abraham Hicks process' really guide lots of the way there.  


'Whats with the caps yo?' This episode is important. Everything from body positivity, how to move through hard realities of making changes and the beautiful glory of having a healthy fair relationships with ones body.  Work out routines and eating habits (nutrition) that are sust ...   Show more

Ep 34 Momentum

We start off with shapes and ridiculous fun because, well hey! We're high!  As we start to dive in, we talk about momentum as how to relax and let go INTO the momentum when working towards a goal. We get lost in current circumstances during every endeavour. This is just a creatio ...   Show more

Ep 33 Everything & Nothing w Humble The Poet (pt 2)

We uncover how Winny's fun fact inspired the name of this episode with Humble The Poet, you are everything and nothing.  Topics Discussed; "reaction vs response / being human and being strategic with life" How we are kind to others and sometimes not kind to ourselves? Humble drop ...   Show more

Quantum Creation Meditation w Ellevan (to I Am Sound Frequencies from Wayne Dyer)

Feel your way into the preferred future. A quantum leap dream meditation with gratitude affirmations that lead into your own space where you can dream into your perfect experience. Guided with sounds that are sacred the hz of oneness. Wayne Dyer introduced me to these sounds, the ...   Show more

Rest and Renew Meditation with Winny Clarke

We are really excited to share our first meditation on the podcast. This meditation is designed to assist in releasing that which no longer serves you as you move into the season of renewal. There are fresh starts everyday, every moment. You can start fresh too, right now, by pre ...   Show more

Ep 33 Everything x Nothing w Humble The Poet [pt 1]

What else can we say but WOOW. We went on for another as long as this or longer conversation with this wise, beautiful soul named Humble. What an honour to sit down and share these moments.  Ellevan and Humble have been friends for years now and the in depth conversations only se ...   Show more

Ep 32 The Magic

What else can you call head-and-heart coherency with a focused intention? Real life magic, is what appears in the third dimension and nothing less. We cover all experiences from getting a table at a packed restaurant to subtle self development tools like  Catch us on www.instagra ...   Show more

Ep 31 Listening

What else to say but the quality of your output is measured by how good your input is. Do you have a disciplined listening process? Eye contact? Everything is a form of distraction. So Choose yours wisely.  Gratitude journals and self reflective time comes up again as an avenue f ...   Show more

Ep 30 The Art of Selling [crazy stories]

Ellevan starts us off with a beautiful reading of the chapter The Art of Selling - from the rare book The Art of Living. With such a blast off point it's a serious glowing ride from there!  "Find a way!" Winny exclaims! This is a really fun episode and we reflect on some wild tou ...   Show more

Ep 29 Winter x Love

The cold is tough, but we're tougher. This episode really goes places, authentically! Winny and Ellevan even have a off the cuff disagreement on this episode while momentously spiralling into talking about vaccines. But get back on track for a fun resolution into appreciating the ...   Show more

Ep 28 Pragmatic Canna-Usage

The title really says it all. Ellevan comes with some questions for Winny on weed. We talk about the features of cannabis in our life and discuss the word in our experiences and offer insight and commentary on the status quo.  Tao #73 The Tao is always at ease. It overcomes witho ...   Show more

Ep 27 Agendas

Wow! what a concept to explore. Just like our prior episode on expectations, this mental element of Agendas offers many sides and is someone of a double edges sword. Which just means we must exercise more awareness when mindfully operating with them! Tao  www.instagram.com/discip ...   Show more

Ep 26 THC x Periods

Catch up with us on instagram.com/discplinedstoners  

Ep 25 Expectations

Thank you Chrys for your suggestions on exploring 'expectations'! We had a lot to say, what a complex concept.  Something that can be so harmful to self and relationships with others while ALSO being a key instrument in manifesting your wish. BIZARE.  How can one balance this dan ...   Show more

Ep 24 Toronto

TURRUNO! WE FUCKING LOVE YOU. Our lives changed in this big energetic city. We reflect on a few times and journeys past.  Find us on www.instagram.com/disciplinedstoners for more about the contest entry and the winner of this episode must dm us to claim their prize.  Love you, se ...   Show more

Ep 23 Tarot + Darkness

Winny and Evan are coming at you from the couch! They are smoking on Kolabs Indica, Miracle Alien Cookies. Topics: Plan are laughable. Malleable reality. Thoughts creating things. Tarot. Embracing the darkness. Using the concept of the devil we discover our full self. Follow us o ...   Show more

EP 22 Rushing

In this episode Ellevan and Winny Clarke discuss the important promise to self to take the time needed to be comfortable and not rush around your whole life. The ultimate pragmatic process.  Accepting your choices that suit your preference and standing by that. Feel like you ofte ...   Show more

Ep 21 Questions

Wow. We go in on this episode. Winny comes with a hugely provoking question for Ellevan after we enjoy the ride of a story of his scooter tour where he drove a scooter across states to freestyle rap. We go back and forth with some fun questions for each other, so this episode cer ...   Show more

Ep 20 Christmas

Winny and Ellevan talk about Christmas, a bit. We’re late at releasing this episode right now and a bit too stressed to tell you about what it entails. But how Christmas is that, right?! We hope you enjoy the episode! Merry day!  

Ep 19 Bursting Smiles

Our usual dive into self awareness including day restarts, how to stay on track with aligned energy and meditation. This one is different in a unique way, not that we don't always burst through the concepts of identity and vibration, but there's a cerebral value to this episode. ...   Show more

Ep 18 Winny

Let's celebrate this amazing human cause we must! Winny is a magical creature and we are shy about it.  We love Miracle Aliens Cookies Preroll's, a ghost train comes through, Winny shares encounters etc.  Follow us on instagram.com/disciplinedstoners  

Ep 17 The Defensemen

When you think of the primary narrative you hold in your head, what is the first feeling you get? Happy or sad?  Now imagine if you had a little team of DEFENSEMEN playing in your head on the side of feeling GOOD? You can have this. You just have to create them yourself. Then the ...   Show more

Ep 16 Weed Is Tite

Let's admit it. Weed is tite. Wether you use it or not. It has helped create many of the amazing things we enjoy today.  Cannabis reminds us that it's not a big deal. Any state is temporary and easy if you let go. Helps you guide yourself out of trigger reactions.  Listening to t ...   Show more

Ep 15 Be Being

 Talk is Cheap. Are you jerking off your 'plans' or actually focusing on them? Ellevan goes in the deep end about a scenario he observes and dives in on his own approach! Winny answers back with some great human insight! Stirring things in the right direction. They settle on just ...   Show more

Ep 14 Self Care

What a HUGE topic these days. We dive deep.  What are you moved by? Being honest and true to yourself? or the expectations of others? Is self care taking a day for rest weekly? Or is it structuring your life to work for you.  We discuss what parts of the world potentially take th ...   Show more

Ep 13 Judgements

What do YOU care about?! Can you care enough to prepare but let go at the same time? Ellevan and Winny contemplate what judgement is, how it’s perceived, and why we might judge in the first place. Ellevan is raw about his journey in how he developed and carried such confidence. W ...   Show more

Ep 12 Learning & Terpes

We're back! A fresh face to share the next 11 episodes of topics and convo's with! HUGE concepts in this episode too. A lot of self awareness by way of some great questions! #TakeResponsibility #YouAreNotYourThoughts We dive into our subtleties on learning, understanding self and ...   Show more

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