Nothing Remains Nothing Absence God's Holy Spirit

Nothing Remains Nothing Absence God's Holy Sp...

The Truth Will Clearly Expose To You Your Heart

The lord has promise that the truth shall be made known, but in order for it to be effective within the process of helping men souls to be saved it has to be received and followed after. The word plainly states that since Christ came, died, and rose, that the natural Jew is no lo ...   Show more

Total Victory In God At All Times

Everyone that comes forth by the spirit of God is a God Particle, and is always in control of the peace of the kingdom of God that dwell's within them. God must always be seen in the light of victory, never ever to be seen as being weak, not in control, or defeated.  

The Lord Has Commanded That The Light Of Truth To Come Forth Crashing Into The World Of Darkness

The Lord has commanded that the light of truth and righteousness come forth in his power, being unstoppable by any any every opposing force. exposing the lies of the darkness that is covering the world. There is no negotiating with the devil, but taking him on and defeating him a ...   Show more

The God Dominance

  It is what it is at all times to the glory of God  

The Separation Of Light From Darkness Has To Occur Within Your Heart

The spirits of light and darkness can look very much alike. So much so until only God could bring about means of making the distinction as to where one would not be deceived by the wrong spirit, which of course is darkness. All things contrary to the righteousness of God are prom ...   Show more

Spiritual Truth Is So Vastly Different From Anything You’ve Ever Known

Your heart has to be establish by God in order to follow his spirit as it leads you through this dark and sinful world.  

Carnal Man Wasn't Meant To Exercise Power And Authority

It wasn't for the natural minded man to have power and authority because first there were no need due to the fact of God having not created anything in the garden that man needed to exercise power and authority over. Its was only after the fall did man began to engage within the ...   Show more

Be Fruitful And Multiply Never Referred To Children

Every child that comes from the natural womb has to spiritually die and be birth from the spirit in order to be enjoyed by the Lord, or die an eternal death in hell. There are no children in heaven, just the Lamb and the bride.  

Don’t Attempt To Cross Heaven’s Border Illegally

Within the prayer concerning which Jesus taught his disciples, they were told to express unto the Father, “thy will be done in earth as is in heaven”. Well it ought to be realized that the way many people are expressing their disdain toward those trying to cross the border illega ...   Show more

The Holy Spirit Just Simply Setting Some Things In Order

When the spirit doesn't outline the truth unto a man, then there's no other place from where it can be obtained. Many preachers are preaching without the spirit of truth having opened their understanding concerning the things of which they think themselves to know and declare.  

Seek To Exist Within The Place Where Prayers Are Rendered
Nothing Means More Than Your Soul Being Liberated

A true believer ought to be totally liberated within the spirit of the Lord. I thank God for having liberated me in earnest. Anytime someone is stressed over things within this world it is because they are bound and shackled to carnality which amounts to vanity.  

Many Shall Come To Regret Their Close Association With Flesh And Blood

Many professed believers are more attached to flesh and blood than they are to the spirit of the living God. Somewhere within their existence they are going to come to realize that such affinity was to the detriment of their souls. It may appear an honorable thing now, in elevati ...   Show more

Death Seen In The Carnal Isn't The Same When Seen In The Spirit

A believer shouldn't define the his or her transitioning from them life the same as someone nonspiritual.  

Every Individual Is Challenged With being Connected To The Invisible God

There's a challenge confronting everyone that comes into the world and reach the age of accountability. And that is to invest faith, love, and hope in the invisible God, for which only a select few shall be able and do. It's not a human trait to invest in the unseen, and since Go ...   Show more

If You Are A Believer Wanted By The Authorities, You Have To Turn Yourself In

Once the Lord prick your heart with righteousness you're overcome to do the right thing in every way. Even if you have broken the Law, your heart is such that the spirit of the Lord within it will compel you to do the right thing regardless of the consequence. The spirit of lust ...   Show more

You Will Never know The Deeper Things Of God As Long As You're Praising Men

It is outside of the human capacity to love god, who is spirit. You have to spiritually die away from having a carnal mindset and lifestyle, that doesn't incorporate the holiness of God, and embrace one that does. The spirit of, the father, the son, and the holy ghost aided bro. ...   Show more

It Takes A Miracle In Order To Become A Believer

Becoming a believer isn't simply performing one type traditional ritual or another; or some cheap form of mouth confession. No! It is a profound act of God changing one's carnal nature into becoming that of a spiritual creature. You have to eat the living word, not some cracker. ...   Show more

Are You Able To Raise The Spiritual Sword Of Truth

In times of old the Lord require his chosen people to lift the physical sword against his enemies, but now he is requiring his believers to raise the spiritual sword for which very few are willing to do. You have to be very courageous without hesitation to glorify God according t ...   Show more

Give Some Consideration To Where Your Soul Shall Spend Eternity

Satan doesn't want anyone to be concerned about eternity. He simply wants as many as he's able to deceive to only think about here and now. in other words dedicate all of their time and concern towards their flesh and not their souls. The reason is because his lust is promoted an ...   Show more

Except Your Light (Righteousness) Shines Brighter You're Not Goning To Make It Into God's Kingdom

Unless your Light, which is the righteousness of God performed within you by the spirit of Christ, outshine those not in Christ, you're not going into the Lord's kingdom. Say whatever you want, and think whatever you want, but the Lord means just what he has stated. You can't jus ...   Show more

It's An Act Of God For An Individual To Possess A Spiritual Mind

It can't be considered anything less than a miracle when an individual is spiritually minded. It is a performance that only God himself can cause to happen. The benefit package that comes with being spiritually minded is far beyond anything one can imagine. There's power to defea ...   Show more

God Raised Me Up, Not For Your Flesh, But For Your Spirit

It's a blessing when you understand how the spirit operates and you're able to follow after it. Because salvation of the soul is no longer according to how men served God in the past by engaging themselves in natural performances, it's now all about engaging your spirit within th ...   Show more

Evening And Morning, The Illumination of God's Glory
Whatever You Value Ought To Be Paired Up Against The World Being Slated For Destruction

Reality has to be within the midst of whatever anyone believes in order to reach a reasonable or profitable conclusion. Now with that being the case, when I think on engaging myself in this world's affairs up against the reality of the world being slated for destruction, at any g ...   Show more

You Have To Keep Moving With The Spirit

In becoming a believer in Christ you can't park in the letter or in tradition, you have to always follow after the spirit. Knowledge changes along the journey of life therefore you have to keep your heart towards the spirit at all times. God allowed close relatives to marry each ...   Show more

To Have Found The Lord Means You Have Died

The Lord stated that he would be sought after but wouldn't be found and where he would be would be a place where many couldn't come all because they wouldn't be willing to die. In order to find the Lord and join him where he's at you have to die become dead to the world, otherwis ...   Show more

A Believer Doesn't Have To Pray For Power Over Satan, Because It's Automatically Given

If you are a true believer then power over the devil is automatically given unto you by way of the power being Christ himself. So you don't have to pray unto God to give you that of which you already have. The problem believers have in defeating the devil is that they refuse to a ...   Show more

Use The Power Of God To Defeat The Devil Right Inside Of You

The Lord has made himself available as the most powerful force an individual will ever need to take the devil on in whatsoever way he launches an attack against one's soul. There is no need for anyone to cry being too weak to overcome the force of darkness. Now the reason the ene ...   Show more

Be A Spiritual Light Before The Eyes Of The Children

Parents and adults in general are so into themselves until they have abandon the children over to the spirit of darkness. Real love is not expressed towards a child until the light of Christ is shinning from the hearts of the adults that are before them.     

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