37. Guardian Games, Divinity and Fixing the Seasons

37. Guardian Games, Divinity and Fixing the S...

40. Season of the Splicer is Here, The Vex are Coming, and Hung Jury Returns

Corey and Josh are back this week to talk about the Season 14 reveal. Season of the Splicer brings back Vault of Glass, the splicers, and one of the best legendary scout rifles of all time in Hung Jury. This week's Lore Corner finishes up the Guardian Games, Warlocks are smart, T ...   Show more

39. Major Weapon and Perk Changes, A Special Cloak, and Shaxx's Horn

This week, Corey returns as he and Josh discuss some of the major weapon and perk changes coming to the sandbox, future changes coming to shotguns, a little bit of Outriders, and two lore pieces this week involving the special cloak and a Guardian Games special on.... Shaxx's hor ...   Show more

38. Transmog, Grandmasters and Guardian Games! Oh My!

Josh is joined once again in the Reign of Terror by A1Johnnny for a discussion about the start of Guardian Games (Hunters lets goooooooo!) before they dive into the community eruption over Transmog as they examine the issue from several different angles. The guys also give their ...   Show more

36. Build-a-Raid, Felwinters Funeral and Audio Issues

Before we get into the juicy stuff in this episode we wanted to let you know that we're aware the ending is cut off and there's roughly ten minutes of silence. Something happened during the export process that we're still trying to figure out so, rather than keep everyone waiting ...   Show more

35. Trials, New Lights and the Reign of Terror

This week the Reign of Terror begins as Josh is joined by NerdGeneralist and A1Johnnny while Corey steps away to welcome a New Light into the world. The guys convene what needs to be done about Trials of Osiris as they continue their series on endgame activities and rewards. The ...   Show more

34. Grandmasters, Proving Grounds, Iron Banner Changes, and The Story

This week, Corey and Josh discuss the Grandmaster Nightfall, the Proving Ground Strike, Iron Banner and what they would like to see from a Saladin vender change, the awesome cutscene to kick off the week where Zavala finds out the truth about who Crow really is, and more. Also th ...   Show more

33. A Titan Plan

This week, Corey and Josh talk about the ups and downs of taking a break during the current seasonal structure, if rewards feel rewarding enough, and the hilarious but important lore bit about Shaw Han, Saladin, and what might be a glimpse at a new evolution of Golden Gun and Lig ...   Show more

32. When Will Zavala Learn Who Crow Really Is?

This week, Corey and Josh discuss some of the changes coming to Stasis, Trials of Osiris' return, the good and bad parts of seasonal challenges, and finding the right weapons and rolls for Crucible. In this week's Lore Corner, Corey and Josh discuss this week's seasonal story cut ...   Show more

31. Hashtag Team Dino

This week, Corey and Josh discuss the TWAB, the Crow and Zavala's relationship, the new story beats in this season, and a really cool way for fans to choose some of the new armor sets during the Festival of the Lost. At the end of the show, they discuss their favorite, most memor ...   Show more

30. Witch Queen Delayed to Build Something Better for Destiny

Corey and Josh are joined by Nerd Generalist to talk about the Witch Queen Delay and how it's a good thing to build a better future for Destiny future. A new expansion was announced, Stasis gets nerfed again, and the future of Destiny has a clear path.  Email Us: towercasuals@gma ...   Show more

29. Bungie is Expanding and a New Exotic Quest

This week, Corey and Josh discuss the surprise announcement that Bungie is expanding their business model, building on the Destiny IP through new media, and their new IP coming before 2025. Afterwards, they deep dive into the Presage Exotic Quest, rewarding Guardians with a new s ...   Show more

28. Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen Initial Impressions

This week, Corey and Josh discuss their initial impressions of Season of the Chosen, the lack of D1 parity in the Cosmodrome, the awesome Trials of Osiris Armor, Seasonal challenges, The Helm, and some of the new weapons. This week's lore corner involves 2 stories: The story of t ...   Show more

27. Season of The Chosen Trailer and The Crow and Osiris Lore

Remember to leave the show five stars and a nice review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! This week on Tower Casuals, Corey and Josh finally get to break down Season of the Chosen, discussing new events, storylines, The Crow's new armor, and of coarse, a new segment in Lore Corner a ...   Show more

26. Seasonal Challenges, Season 13 Sandbox Changes, and the Third Part of Letters from Cayde-6

This week, Corey and Josh discuss the Season 13 changes, seasonal challenges, the death of Crimson Days, and the third part of their Cayde lore. Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter  |  Twitch Follow Tower Casuals on Social Media: Twitter | Discord ...   Show more

25. Hawkmoon is Back on the Menu

This week on Tower Casuals, Corey and Josh discuss the quest for random roll Hawkmoons, the awesome new ship, this week's TWAB, and some more letters from Cayde-6 in Lore Corner. Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter  |  Twitch Follow Tower Casuals o ...   Show more

24. Stasis Gets Nerfed and More Letters from Cayde

This week, Josh and Corey discuss the first TWAB of the year, including returning to the Moon and The Dreaming City for meaningful tasks, Stasis finally getting nerfed, the token system finally going away in favor of a reputation system, and discuss more letters from Cayde-6 as w ...   Show more

23. Cayde's Letter, Season of the Chosen, and Wrapping Up The Season of the Hunt

Fair warning, the first twenty two or so minutes of this episode are dedicated to addressing the Boss Rush Games and Tower Casuals community about the attack on the US Capitol on January 6th. We as a team do not condone violence, racism, or terrorism, and we will not support any ...   Show more

22: The Year in Review: Destiny 2 in 2020

In the last episode of 2020, Josh and Corey are joined by Nerd Generalist to talk about the year that was Destiny, from the Season of Dawn to Beyond Light, the three discuss the ups and the downs of 2020.    Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter  |   ...   Show more

21: Deep Stone Crypt Thoughts and Spoilers

Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter  |  Twitch Follow Joe: Twitter | Twitch This week, Joe joins Josh and Corey to talk about their final thoughts on Beyond Light and The Deep Stone Crypt. Where do they rank the raid amongst the rest? Listen and fi ...   Show more

20: Deep Stone Crypt and Clovis Bray

Podcast: Tower Casuals: The Destiny Podcast  This week, Corey and Josh discuss the weapon quests they've been dominating, Wrathborn Hunts, the Clovis Bray/Banshee-44 Lore tied to Lament, and of course, a mostly non-spoiler impression of Deep Stone Crypt.    Follow Corey: Twitter ...   Show more

19: The Crow, Spider's Intentions, & Season of the Hunt!

This Week, Josh and Corey discuss their first week or so with Beyond Light, new mods and weapon rolls, the TWAB and how many bugs there seem to be, the loot pool being shallow, and The Season of the Hunt lore. Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter  | ...   Show more

Episode 18: Our Initial Impressions of Destiny 2 Beyond Light!

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here and Corey and Josh are here to break down their initial thoughts on the expansion including the good, the bad, and the ugly.    Anchor| Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google | Overcast | Pocket Casts Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Twitch | YouTube | F ...   Show more

Saint-14 Lore and Beyond Light Approaches

Corey and Josh are back this week to discuss some of the theories, predictions, and events expected in the Beyond Light expansion and Season of the Hunt. For Lore Corner, they explore the rise, fall, and resurrection of Saint-14. Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Fol ...   Show more

Breaking Down the ViDoc, The Crow, and Upcoming Sandbox Changes

This week, Corey and Josh are once again joined by Nerd Generalist and K3rnl_Panic to discuss the lastest ViDoc, The Stranger, Drifter, and Eris all having Darkness powers, Changes to the sandbox, and much more.  Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter ...   Show more

The Drifter is Planning More Than Just Another Gambit Match

This week on Tower Casuals, Josh and Corey discuss this week's TWAB and some of the changes coming to the sandbox as well as what the Drifter is up to. He has more planned than just more Gambit matches. Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter Twitter | ...   Show more

Ranking The Destiny Raids and DeeJ is Leaving Bungie

Josh and Corey are back and with some backup from Nerd Generalist and K3RNAL_Panic to talk about DeeJ leaving bungie, the Deep Stone Crypt finally coming, and ranking all of Destiny's raids from Vault of Glass to Garden of Salvation.   Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twit ...   Show more

New Exotic Armor and Weapons, Mod Changes, and "They're Not Coming" Lore

This week on Tower Casuals, Corey and Josh discuss changes coming to mods, the awesome new exotics coming to Beyond Light, and the very somber, very emotional lore from this week entitled "They're Not Coming" about Ikora and Zavala coming to terms with what's happening in the wor ...   Show more

Spooky Grandma and The Festival of the Lost with Nerd Generalist

Nerd Generalist joins Josh and Corey to discuss The Festival of the Lost, Seasonal Events, Vaulting, The Cosmodrome, and of course, Sandwiches.   Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter Follow Nerd Generalist: Twitter You can catch Tower Casuals live e ...   Show more

Is The Exo Stranger Really Ana Bray's Long Lost Sister?

This week on Tower Casuals, Corey and Josh talk about the epic fiasco that was preordering their Xbox Series X's, some of the new effects coming in Beyond Light, and a very interesting Lore Corner discussing Ana and Elsie Bray and if the Stranger is in fact the long lost Bray sis ...   Show more

The K3RNL Has Landed With Hot Takes on The Microsoft Rumors and Vaulting

Corey and Josh are joined by Arsenal X teammate Joe Wilson, aka K3RNL_PANIC, to talk about the Exodus quest, vaulting, and the weird rumors surrounding Bungie and Microsoft reuniting.  Follow Corey: Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch Follow Josh: Twitter Follow Joe: Twitter | Twitc ...   Show more

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