PLR 12.5: Vampires: The Original Fuck Boys

PLR 12.5: Vampires: The Original Fuck Boys

PLR 13.5: Chairman Mao's Little Red Book

In this half episode, Andy goes over Mao's little red book of quotes, and why you should pick up a copy.  If you like what you hear please share and subscribe to our patreon Background music by Fox Point  

PLR 13: 2 Evans 1 CUPS

T-shirt design contest//Lil Commies//Pawtucket Special Election//Mike Schwartz Sandwich from Jeff’s Superlative Sandwiches//Anchovy Pizza//Actions of Last Week//New Normal//Fascists in the Crowd//DON’T TALK TO COPS//Thanks Enrique for Confronting Proud Boys//What do Fascists text ...   Show more

PLR 12: Bring The Noise w/ Reclaim RI

Twitter wars: Bell vs the Zambarano//Be a Man//Small business tyrants//cop-to-politician pipeline//Congrats to CUPS!//Gubernatorial candidates//Don’t attack doctors//New parole rules//@dare.pvd events//Rescuing Rescue RI from committee//Legal loopholes//Providence Noise Project// ...   Show more

PLR 11.5: Interview with Ian about IFAKs

In this half episode, Alex interviews local community member Ian about his initiative to make IFAK medical emergency packs, and why they're important.  As always, if you like what you hear consider subscribing and becoming a patron at  

PLR 11: RI Senate Bills With Brett Payne from Street Fight Radio

In this episode, we pay homage to the shootings in Atlanta, go over some of the bills introduced to RI's Senate, and interview Brett Payne from Street Fight Radio Podcast, the #1 Anarcho-Comedy podcast in the USA.* As always, if you like what you hear check out our patreon and co ...   Show more

PLR 10.5: PLR With Marcus from Left Flank Vets

In this half episode Andy and Alex chatted with Marcus from the leftist veterans podcast and stream, Left Flank Vets. For the second half of this long conversation, subscribe to our patreon for as little as one dollar. Into // doing what you love and ke ...   Show more

PLR 10: Chaos Pouch

Intro//content-warning//pepé and sad mid age white dudes//snowflakes//smashing the potato patriarchy//normalize men with purses//chaos pouch//franny pack//trolling on twitter//logos, ethos, pathos//legitimate articles//making conservatives and libs angry//disrupt//car rally//pris ...   Show more

PLR 9.5: Titanic (1997)

In this half episode, Evan provides a leftist interpretation of one of the highest grossing films ever made. If you like what you hear please subscribe to the podcast and check out our Patreon page for bonus content, zines, books, and more.  

PLR 9: Mx. Potato Head

Intro//Tenant Network RI//5257//Survey//Counter-graffiti//Watch your Language//White Dreads//“white trash”//Vaccinated Teachers//Students?//Lyin’ Biden//According to “Plan”//Fuck Newport folk festival in a pandemic//Kids need to be in school//Mx. Potato Head//Stretch Armstrong//N ...   Show more

PLR 8.5: The Problem with "Integration"

What does "Integration" mean? Who determines when someone or some people "integrate"? How does the idea of "integration" give rise to extreme right groups like Alternative for Germany and MAGA Chuds?  In this episode, Alex interviews Dr. Jon Cho-Polizzi, who received his PhD from ...   Show more

PLR 8: Keep Metacomet Green

Intro//Referenda//Bond Issues//Higher Ed Facilities//Conservation//Housing Opportunities//Transportation//Child Care//Cultural Arts//Industrial Facilities//Referenda Votes?//Narration Vocal//Metacomet and East Providence Housing//The Cost of Insulin// Interview with PVD Community ...   Show more

PLR 7.5: "Four Tips By Lenin"

In this half episode, Andy talks to us about bureaucracy using famous South American socialist Nahuel Moreno's 1986 article "Four Tips By Lenin" As always, if you like what you hear please subscribe to our patreon for more content: Article can be found ...   Show more

PLR 7: Performative Pizza Politics

Sorry for the late post! We recorded late on Saturday, so we needed more time to edit. If you like what you hear please subscribe to the patreon for bonus content. The majority of proceeds go to guest organizations. RI Governor//Mckee//Energy Fraud//Sco ...   Show more

SNEAK PEEK: BONUS episode "The Doctrine of Fascism" (1932)

In this BONUS episode for patreon backers, Andy and Alex go over Mussolini's 1932 essay "The Doctrine of Fascism" to try to answer the question: What is fascism? To unlock the full episode, subscribe to our patreon -->   

PLR 6.5: A Bug's Life (1998)

In this half episode, Evan does an anti-imperialist analysis of the beloved film "A Bug's Life. For bonus content subscribe to our patreon --->  

PLR 6: Welcome to Earf

This Episode is focused on Green Politics, Environmental Justice, and Climate Change.  Knowing People who Went to the Capital Riot//Justin Price// QAnon and Conservatives and Neo-Nazis// Fuck Ted Cruz// What Aboutism// Rhode Island Doctor Exposes Patients to COVID//Doctors as Sma ...   Show more

PLR 5.5: "On Practice"

In this half episode, Alex goes over Mao Tse-tung's 1937 essay "On Practice."   Follow along here----->  

PLR 5: Marijuana Task Force

Happy New (Gregorian) Year// RI Congress 2021 Agenda// Proportionate Income Tax// Populism// Legalizing Marijuana// Marijuana Industry and RI’s Fiscal Problems// Marijuana Laws and Race// Task Forces// Compassion Centers// Credit System// Prison for Marijuana-Related Offenses// S ...   Show more

PLR 4.5: "Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda"

In this half episode, Andy goes over his reading of Theodor Adorno's "Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda" ( 1951). Read the article here:  

PLR 4: Thug Union

Introduction//Srgt. Hanley and PERA//Transphobic City Councilman// Justice//Troop and the Budget//Dave's Christmas Spending Advice//Interview with Carlos AKA Romero A Crow about Providence City Council.  Into and interlude music provided by Ryan Jackson-- ...   Show more

PLR 3.5: Dirty Dancing (1987)

In this episode, Evan picks apart the beloved 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, and addresses the radical themes.  

PLR 3: Arresting Dogs

Intro//Pause//Clubzz//Relief//Shutdown//Police Spread Covid//Vaccine//Profiting off crisis//Hot or Not//Arrested dog//Beer can candles//Elfs Strike//Kennedy Plaza//Police State Urban Planning// Interview with Olivia B of TenantNetworkRI//Bullet Proof Backpack Tenant Network RI ht ...   Show more

PLR 2.5: "Social Reform or Revolution?"

In this half episode, Alex goes over Rosa Luxemburg's 1899 pamphlet "Social Reform or Revolution?"  

PLR 2: Ronald Reagan, Original Boomer

Intro//Budgets//Police Tasers//Barracks//Police Overtime//GenZ: We Want to Live//Costa Rica?//Fox Point//@Compassionkitchen_PVD//Harm Reduction  

PLR 1.5: "Listen, Marxists!"

This is the first of our half-episodes, in which one of the hosts goes over a seminal leftist text, provides an overview, and suggests a way to apply it to today. Without endorsing any text, our goal is to make them easy for everyone to understand.  In this half episode, Alex goe ...   Show more

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