Bonus Podcast Series - Write A New Song A Week For A Year

Bonus Podcast Series - Write A New Song A Wee...

The Bajan Empress Says Ignore The Doubters And Follow Your Dreams

The Bajan Empress is her usual uproarious self on this topic. Letting us know that listening to the doubters and naysayers whether they're voices from our childhood or from people in our present-day experience, is the path to misery. Trust in yourself, ignore the doubters and let ...   Show more

Bonus Series Write A New Song A Week For A Year Song 5

Another week, another new song! In this episode, Yve Anmore shares her latest song from the song challenge titled "Know Who You Are" and lets us in on how she hit a creative wall in the writing of the track that was resolved by a 'happy mistake.' She also shares the cathartic bre ...   Show more

The Bajan Empress Expounds on The Rudeness of Social Media

The Bajan Empress, Empress Yve is back with a bang! She's not a fan of social media in general and the determining of your worth by your numbers, followers and likes that it engenders. She has a LOT to say about it. This includes people sliding into your DM's unasked to try and s ...   Show more

Bonus Episode Series Write A New Song A Week For A Year Song No. 4

It's time for song no. 4! Yve Anmore shares the latest track from her song challenge, tells us the story behind it and also lets us in on why she's had a really rough week emotionally and how that impacted her focus with regard to the challenge. She also tells us about the myster ...   Show more

The Bajan Empress Revisits Boris Johnson and his Corruption Lies and Unsuitability to Govern

The Bajan Empress is back and she thought that in light of Borish - sorry, Boris Johnson's latest scandals around swindling the British taxpayer and declaring that he'd be happy to see dead bodies piled up if it meant no more lockdowns, that it was time to revisit the man and the ...   Show more

Bonus Podcast Series - Write A New Song A Week For A Year Song 3

In this episode, Yve debuts the 3rd track of the challenge, Let It All Go. And she shares the teaching and meaning behind the song and the work involved in creating a new song each week. Yve Anmore is an author, singer/songwriter and spiritual life coach, who makes music for plea ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Global Yaadie - Dainalyn Swaby

In this extremely far-ranging, eye-opening and inspiring conversation, Empress Yve speaks with Dainalyn Swaby. Dainalyn is the creator and host of Global Yaadie, a podcast series exploring culture, climate and sustainable development. She's also a motivational speaker and Cheveni ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Sharnette Donacien | Dream Big!

Sharnette Donacien is a dream builder! She helps people dream bigger, unlock insights, build a comprehensive and coherent strategy for success and the freedom to have the life they’ve always wanted to live. Sharnette is a qualified chartered accountant and restructuring specialis ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Neloo Naderi - Be Your Own Perfect Creation

In this heart-opening episode, The Bajan Empress speaks with Neloo Naderi, a community builder, TEDx speaker, mental health advocate, CEO of Peace Unleashed, host of NelooTV, and co-host of the Unleash Your Peace podcast. Neloo and her family faced religious persecution, fleeing ...   Show more

Lets Celebrate | It's Compilation Episode Time!

The Empress is celebrating her 6 month anniversary of the podcast (well almost!) and so she's compiled some clips from some of the episodes for this special episode. There are clips from the Empress with guests for The Heart Talks and others with just the Empress and some with he ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Steven Jenkins - NEVER Give Up On Your Passion

Tune in to hear Steven's amazing journey to creating the easiest method to learn to play the piano. Steven Jenkins failed so many times at trying to learn to play the piano that he patented a brand new approach that anyone (yes anyone!) can learn. If you are the world's worst pia ...   Show more

Empress Yve Says Trust Your Instincts

In this episode, Empress Yve invites us to trust our instincts, particularly when it comes to health, relationships, money, and career concerns. She decided to call in her friend Yve Anmore to help her explore how we can all do better at trusting our instincts.  Now That's Love: ...   Show more

The Heart Talks - Autism is My Super Blessing with Antonio Myers

In this episode of The Heart Talks Empress Yve speaks with 27-year-old world traveller and disability advocate Antonio Myers. Antonio is on the Autistic Spectrum and labels autism as his super blessing. Meaning that it gifts him with greater perception, empathy, and intellectual ...   Show more

Empress Yve Says Over-Identification is The Bane of Human Existence

The Bajan Empress has decided to go DEEP in this episode. She's taking us on a journey down the rabbit hole of identity, beliefs, and conditioning, and causing us to challenge what we take for granted as our identity - who we think we are. She explores how over-identification wit ...   Show more

Be Boldly You! With Corine La Font

She's back! Empress Yve re-invited Corine "Truth Bombs" La Font on the show and they had a blast! Corine gave tips for how to boldly be you no matter what trauma you've experienced. How to gather confidence to go for what you want. How to become a speaker. And how to push your ch ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Quantum Relationship Coaches Stephanie and Jennifer PageWise

In this special Valentine's Day episode of The Heart Talks, Empress Yve speaks with Quantum Relationship Coaches Stephanie and Jennifer Pagewise. Stephanie and Jennifer work with LGBTQIA+ people (and their allies) who are desiring Spiritually-based relationships. These two women ...   Show more

Busy, Busy, Busy, Updates From The Bajan Empress

Yes, the Empress has been a busy bee and has lots of updates to share with you. Tune in to get the latest. Free Online Event "Now That's Love!" Sunday 14th Feb 2021. Time 12pm-1.30pm US Eastern. Yve Anmore's Website: https://youdeservealifeyoulo https://youdeservealifeyoulo ...   Show more

The Bajan Empress Explores The Highs and Lows of Cancel Culture

In this episode, Empress Yve decides to take a look at Cancel Culture. What are its benefits and disadvantages? Do people truly need to be cancelled? Can cancel culture be unfair and bullying? Are any of us immune to it? Is it a new form of people power? Tune in to hear Empress Y ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Derval Barzey | Climate Consciousness and the Importance of Following Your Passion

In this informative and engaging episode of The Heart Talks, we speak with environmentalist Derval Barzey. We explore her journey to  Becoming an expert in her field. The importance of mentorship when striving to achieve your goals. The barriers women face in the renewable energy ...   Show more

The Bajan Empress Asks: What’s going on With Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mummies and Sugar Babies?

Another fascinating episode from The Bajan Empress on the phenomena of Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mummies, and Sugar Babies. Empress Yve dives into the pros and the many cons of this type of transactional relationship. Don't forget to follow The Empress on Spotify and to like and revie ...   Show more

Why Do Voters Vote For Corrupt Politicians Again and Again?

The Bajan Empress is fascinated with this topic, so much so, that she decided to do a little research into why some voters seem to be willing to vote for corrupt politicians again and again, even to their own disadvantage. She asked her favourite person, Yve Anmore, to come on th ...   Show more

Corruption, Madness and Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill

Empress Yve has a different vibe on this episode. She's not a happy bunny. The whole episode at the Capitol building and the response to it by both the left and the right isn't holding sway with her. She's in the mood for calling out the hypocrisy and outrage that seems to deny t ...   Show more

Dealing With Love Scammers, Love Bombers, and Narcissists

Happy New Year! The Bajan Empress - Empress Yve thought she'd start the New Year off with a bang! Dealing with love scammers, love bombers and narcissists is a topic that she knows many people will resonate with and she shares her usual powerful insights on this topic too. Not on ...   Show more

Empress Yve Reviews Iyanla Vanzant's House of Chaos

In this previously recorded but not uploaded episode, The Bajan Empress reviews Episode 2 of Iyanla Fix My Life - titled House of Chaos. The Empress was a little underwhelmed with the episode but she still found she had a lot to say about it. Enjoy and have a Very, Very, Merry Xm ...   Show more

Self Discovery, Generational Curses and Changing Your Mindset with Trevor Yeremiah Carter on The Heart Talks

Stress, Health and Wellness Coach Trevor Carter joins Empress Yve on this bonus episode of The Heart Talks, to discuss the power of self discovery, transcending and learning from generational curses and most importantly, changing your mindset to change your life. To find out more ...   Show more

Connecting With Soul Family

The Bajan Empress is in reflective mode in this episode, looking at the very real difference between blood family and soul family. Both in her personal experience and generally for those of us who often feel like outsiders in our own family. Both types of family have a place in h ...   Show more

Loving Yourself Anyway - The Key To Self-Healing

In this special episode The Bajan Empress has a wonderful heart-to-heart chat about loving yourself anyway with her assistant Yve Anmore. They have a lot in common! Listen to them sharing how loving yourself anyway is, in their view, the key to self-healing and personal transform ...   Show more

The Bajan Empress Exposes Boris Johnson: His Lies - His Racism and His Incompetence

The Empress is so OVER Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and it shows! She don't have time for trifling individuals anyway, and in her eyes Boris Johnson, sure is trifling! However, she manages to share her woke point of view in an upbeat style, you know, like she do! Enjoy and remember t ...   Show more

The Heart Talks with Corine "Truth Bombs" La Font!

Conscious-Comedy Meets Truth Bombs and what an amazing combo it is! These two powerhouses hit it off immediately. You can tell they're having a blast! This Bonus episode features the amazing Corine La Font as the first guest on the bonus episodes of The Bajan Empress, entitled Th ...   Show more

Healing The Pain of the Past with Empress Yve

"We all got hurts man! We all need healing!" So says The Bajan Empress. And it's true, we do! Tune into this week's podcast to hear the Empress' marvellously woke views on how we can heal the emotional pain of the past. Like she says: "Is layers to it man!" You can also call in a ...   Show more

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