Conversations Over: Dream Car Top 5

Conversations Over: Dream Car Top 5

Conversations Over: Toxic Masculinity (Season Finale)

On episdoe 20 of Conversations Over, Garrett and Tyler briefly wrap up the season, spend half an hour not really talking about the topic at hand, then go twenty minutes over limit to make up for it. Enjoy the conclusion of season one, we look forward to season two!  

Conversations Over: Super Fight Club

This week, Tyler and Garrett draft heroes into battle from Reddit's "GodTierSuperpowers" and pit them against one another.   

Conversations Over: Tyler's big Car Decision

This week we apologize profusely for missing last week, plug our own Twitter account, and talk about Tyler's car mindset. Follow us on Twitter: @ConvoOverPod  

Conversations Over: Desert Island

The lads unite once more in the same room, this time with special guest Katie tagging along to discuss their Desert Island choices for dozens of topics. From movie stars to late night talk show hosts, this episode gets out of hand pretty quickly.  

Conversations Over: Sports We've Played (w/Jaylen)

This week Jaylen is back in the studio to tell us all about growing up and playing sports. From favorite memories, two awe-inspiring confessions, and the time he thought he got scarred for life, listeners are in for a real treat.  

Conversations Over: Iconic Video Game Characters

This week Tyler and Garrett discuss their top 5 video game characters then compare them to a list found online. At the end, Tyler regails us with a tale of vehicular strangeness, then, the weather.  

Conversations Over: Idiom

This week, the boys are tackling the origins of popular idioms and proverbs. This description is going up late and no one actually reads them...but enjoy!  

Conversations Over: The Jacob Special

Welcome one and all to the second guest show ever this week: Jacob himself! Also, our good friend Mitchell! On this special, the four of us discuss Jacob's plethora of comments, tasty sandwiches, and the least valuable form of transportation. This episode has no number.  

Conversations Over: Superheroes (With Guests!)

This week, Garrett and Tyler are joined by three of Tyler's friends from college to discuss all things Superhero! Interesting perspectives on what power is the best, why Marvel makes movies so much better than DC, and more are covered in the hour.  

Conversations Over: Academic Goals for 2021

This week, on what will surely only be the shortest episode for a few months, Garrett and Tyler discuss their goals for 2021, professional aspirations, and more. Plus, Garrett makes his political disclaimer for whatever the future may hold.  

Conversations Over: 2020 (CARCAST)

Welcome to episode 11, the second carcast! This week the guys did their best to talk about anything other than 2020, after promising to talk about the year itself. They manage to briefly mention the bushfires of Australia, between sharing their most controversial opinions!  

Conversations Over: Road Trips and Car Rides (CARCAST)

Welcome to episode 10, the first ever Car-Cast of Conversations Over. Taking the easiest way out, Tyler and Garrett talking about life on the road, memorable car experiences, and their destination.  

Conversations Over: Film

On what might be the most topic-driven episode ever produced, Garrett and Tyler discuss movies, actors, and more cinematic hot words in this week's episode.  

Conversations Over: Grab Bag

Welcome to the first ever Grab Bag episode. Tyler didn't have a theme, but insisted it go unedited. Enjoy  

Conversations Over: Christmas Toys

Welcome to Episode 7! In this new, revolutionary episode, Garrett and Tyler record from the same room! It quickly becomes clear why this may not be a good thing...enjoy!  

Conversations Over: The Pandemic

In a very topical fashion, Tyler decides we should talk about the impact COVID-19 has on our lives. Additionally, Garrett shares his hot take on Call of Duty Cold War.  

Conversations Over: Holidays

This week we talk about Holidays! Is what I would say if we did. But hey, you can learn a lot about sign language, the only death row baseball team to ever play in Wyoming, and Garrett's weird math rules. Enjoy episode 5, everyone.  

Conversations Over: Candy

On this episode, after a brief hiatus, Garrett and Tyler discuss the best and worst candies in America, just a week after they should have!  

Conversations Over: Fall

This week, Tyler and Garrett try rather unsuccessfully to talk about the season newly upon us for an hour. With a bit of fall traditions and a bit too much about Rome, this week's episode is worth the listen.  

Conversations Over: Video Games

Welcome to episode 2! This week, Tyler and Garrett discuss video games: those they love, those they hate, their favorites from childhood and so much more.  

Conversations Over: Podcasts

Welcome to the first ever episode of Conversations Over. This week, Garrett and Tyler discuss what a podcast is, briefly mention the history of podcassts, and introduce this brand new show: Conversations Over. All with a little research and a lot of distractions. Enjoy  

Welcome to Conversations Over

This trailer should serve as a well-intentioned introduction to our podcast.  

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