420 Special - Dopefiend Quarantined 027

420 Special - Dopefiend Quarantined 027

Grow Nation S02E02 Toba Grown

Manitoba is one of the most restrictive provinces in the country when it comes to home cultivation. Currently banned for recreational growing Jesse Lavoie is currently trying to challenge the law. Hear his story and the story of recreational home grown cannabis laws in Canada.  S ...   Show more

Halmstead Havresack VI (GH209) In Memory of Syconut

A tribute to beloved Dopetriber Syconut who left planet earth on the 25th of April 2021. Plus Halmstead Havresack VI part I with The Pot King.   

Grow Nation S02E01 Randy Caine

On this season premier of Grow Nation we look at the culture that is Canadian cannabis cultivation.  Randy Caine is an old school activst in Langley BC. Owner of Hempyz and a grower since the 70's,  Randy has dedicated his life's work to legalizing cannabis. Now that this has hap ...   Show more

Halmstead Havresack V Granfalloon. (GetHigh208)

Granfalloon packs his imaginary napsack for an imaginary psychedelic location.   

Buds Over Broadway ! Dopefiend Quarantined 026

On this week's Dopefiend Quarantined the Dopefiend is joined by Syconot in California, Cannaya in Seattle, HudsonRulez in Ontario, Green Lady and Scotto Baggins in South London, Esse B in West London, Jay Hobbes in Wales, the Gremlin of Ganja in London, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole i ...   Show more

Antivaxxers Attack and Medical Canna Comes Home! - Dopefiend Quarantined 025

On this week's Dopefiend Quarantined the Dopefiend is joined by Scoobysnakks, Scottobaggins and Green Lady, TeenagePie and Mrs Mole, J Hobbes, Hudsonrulez, The Vaporist, Syconot and the Gremlin of Ganja who are talking about the dreaded curse of anti-vaxxers, how the Dopetribe ha ...   Show more

Correspondence roundup with Mrs Mole. GetHigh207

Get High 207 is an email roundup show. We hear from The Shaggy Dark Lord, Syconot, Magic Trics and Hammy.   Hammy’s justgiving.com is here:   https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hammyhedbanger?utm_term=b6gg4qGWy https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hammyhedbanger?utm_term=b6gg4qGWy  

Authoritarian Kingdom - Dopefiend Quarantined 024

Back for another Dopefiend Quarantined as we count down the weeks to our 420 special, the Dopefiend is joined this week by The Vaporist, Hudsonrulez, BB, Syconot, Scotto Baggins and Green Lady, MangledMe, TeenagePie and Mrs Mole, Jade HempressRising, Lorenzo Hagerty and Jade Hemp ...   Show more

A Year in Quarantine - Dopefiend Quarantined 023

On the first episode of Dopefiend Quarantined's second season, the Dopefiend and DopeTribe are back one year after the world went into lockdown and reconnect on how their lives have changed in the past twelve months, with input from Scottobaggins and Green Lady, Son of Gonzo, the ...   Show more

The conclusion of Halmstead Havresack IV Swampy (GH206)

Get High 206. The conclusion of Swampy’s Halmstead Havresack (numero IV)  

Email round up. Get High 205

Get High 205. Email round-up with correspondence from The Milky, Vince Noir, Magic Trics, Hammy and Syconot.   

Halmstead Havresack IV Swampy!

It’s Halmstead Havresack number four as Swampy packs his bags and heads for our imaginary Stonertopia. Emails from Hammy, Hop Head and Buck Mulligan. Cannabis kindly supplied by Rustledust.   

The Milky’s Grow

Introduction to The Milky’s Grow. Emails from The Milky, Magic Trics and Vince Noir, all powered by a Nigel Plinkey Plinkey outdoor harvest.   

Swampy Returns Pt II.

Swampy returns (Pt II) plus a letter and a copy of The White Goddess by Robert Graves from Billy G.   


Swampy returns! Pt I. The bit before we find out what’s in his imaginary oat bag.   

Episode 200.

A 200th Get High bonanza featuring Seasonal greetings from Nick and emails from Bertram Wolfstrem and Syconot. Music from Madame Blavatsky’s Fortean Trumpet.   

Christmas 2020: Dopefiend Quarantined 022

It's Christmas Morning at the Dope Den so the Dopefiend has woken up the worldwide DopeTribe to resurrect the beloved tradition of the Twelve Strains of Christmas in a digital lockdown edition featuring Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole in Halmstead, BB in Melbourne, J Hobbes in Poznan, S ...   Show more

Interview with Phil Monk of We The Undersigned

Bumper interview with Phil Monk of The WTU. Email from a mystery emailer.   

Grow Nation 10 Taking Out The Trash

In this season finale of Grow Nation we talk about what we learned this grow cycle. What could have been done better to increase our yield. US politics has also come to somewhat of a conclusion with the election of Joe Biden as president. How will this effect the industry down so ...   Show more

Harvest Special: Dopefiend Quarantined 021

The Dopetribe are back to mark the conclusion of Dopefiend.co.uk's first season of Grow Nation with a special one-off Dopefiend Quarantined episode, where the Dopefiend is joined by our very own Hudsonrulez who talks about his experience of podcasting for the first time, and how ...   Show more

Grow Nation 09 Harvest

In this episode we finally get to chop down and dry our bud that we have worked so hard to grow. I will take you through the process of how I do this.  But first we look at new Cannabis laws in the US followed by a grow question. If you have any questions to send us please email ...   Show more

A cup of tea & a joint with The Green Fingered Mackem PtII

Second part of a conversation with The Green Fingered Mackem. A pigeon from Vince Noir’s stable causes Mrs Mole & Teenage Pie to discuss the Matrix....into a new microphone no less!!   

A cup of tea & a joint with The GreenFingeredMackam pt I

A cup of tea & a joint with The Green Fingered Mackam part I. Emails/submissions from Jackdaw & @FuoKcu (aka Nick)  

Grow Nation 08 Hard To Come By

In this episode we discuss the things and people who are hard to come by during the pandemic. We then discuss our final phase of the grow. What items we need to prepare for in order to have a great harvest. News of a seed bust in Spain. Then finally we talk about Percy Schmeiser. ...   Show more

Grow Nation 07 American Grower

On this extra long episode grow nation we take a quick visit to the garden. Then I am joined in my garden by fellow dopetriber and grower Cody Blacklight. We talk about the current climate in the legal North American grow community.  More specifically it's current catch phrases a ...   Show more

Halmstead Havresack IV Scoobysnacks.

Scooby packs his imaginary knapsack and heads for the psychedelic hills & fields.   

Grow Nation 06 Rise of the Vapor Lounge

In this episode we focus in on the Toronto Vapor lounge scene and how safe places to toke came to be. As well as the future for regulated Vapor Lounges in north america. We also head into the garden this week for an update on how we are doing.  All visual and technical data can b ...   Show more

Emails with Scooby & The Mole

Mrs Mole & Scoobysnacks join Teenage 3.14...etc to help with correspondence.   

Grow Nation Ep 05 Hustling and Getting Busted

Well my apprentices it seems we have come to our half way point in our series.  In this episode we talk about the transition from the vegetative cycle to the flowering cycle.  What you should look for before changing your light cycle.  I also talk about bust's past and present wi ...   Show more

The Dopefiend Halmstead Havresack III

The Dopefiend packs his imaginary bag for Halmstead & lets us in on his choices.    

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