Crucify Him! 3/3 - Acceptance

Crucify Him! 3/3 - Acceptance

Bitesized 1 of 3 - Death

So the family has been going through a lot recently and we come with a heavy heart to the newest series of the dude|CATHOLIC podcast in memory of Mr. Pete H Ybarra and we share his legacy and meditate upon the legacy we are leaving behind as we live and breathe. Death makes us co ...   Show more

Crucify Him! Wrap up - featuring Ramon

So the prodigal dude returns to properly wrap up the series about culture with another episode of the dude|CATHOLIC podcast. Not much to say here that we won't say on the podcast itself, so click play and remember to give us a 5-Star review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts or like, follo ...   Show more

Crucify Him! 2/3 - Culture

Back at it again with the culture episode on this series about the culture who wants our Lord canceled out of it, which will be of course the culture's demise. Don't worry, this can only happen if we allow it to happen. But you're not here to read about it, so give it a listen. A ...   Show more

Crucify Him! 1/3 Pop!

We're giving Ramon a well-deserved break for the time being and bringing in the familiar voice of Mr. Javier Sandoval for an in depth analysis on the culture that is constantly bombarding the faith with direct attacks on its morality and even its ability to practice/worship. So j ...   Show more

Dare you 3/3 - Intentional

Yes we're back at it again with another installment of the dude|CATHOLIC podcast! Today we talk about being intentional about the sacramentality of our lives, our devotions, our very lives. So... Join us in prayer and conversation on our social media platforms. AND... if you have ...   Show more

Dare you 2/3 - Devoted

Today, Ramon carries the podcast again with a hard-hearing story worth the listen but not apt for sensitive listeners. If you listen with children, death is mentioned. Join us in prayer and conversation on our social media platforms. AND... if you haven't done so already, give us ...   Show more

Dare you 1/3 - Sacramental

Today, a humble dare is issued out to one and all to try actually incorporating a couple of crucial faith elements to our lives. Cleansing and nourishing are necessities for the body but as much as our soul needs these two we may miss one of these more often than not. Get regular ...   Show more

Of Man and Beast 3/3 - The Beast Within

Do you know who you are? Perhaps most importantly, do you know if the beloved knows who you are? In this episode, the dudes talk about other people telling them who they are through the way they are seen by them. How does your beloved see you? How do you see us? Whatever the answ ...   Show more

Of Man and Beast 2/3 - Man and beast

Today we talk about man's beast friend and how in the order of nature, it's okay to be master. Reason being that God created us in his image and likeness. While we were put in charge of creation, it is important we remember who we are in relation to God. Our relationship with dog ...   Show more

Of Man and Beast 1/3 - Beast

In this episode we talk about God's first commandments to man and how society is moving away as far as it can from them- Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. (Genesis 1:28) and how the farther we move away, the more devastating the consequences. So get after it ...   Show more

The End

Today the dudes talk about the stuff about the things. You didn't come here to read and I didn't come here to write, but to post a podcast (on time for once). So Happy New Year! and pray for us as we pray for you. Ferrum Ferro Acuitur. Join us on: Instagram: ...   Show more

Episode 172: 'Tis the season... 3 of 3 - to feast

So... it's been a few weeks, but here is the last episode of the season, the year, and the season to be jolly. We will be back early next year when we begin a new series. In the meantime, enjoy the feast - the season of Christmas and demand your bishops stop compromising the fait ...   Show more

Episode 171: 'Tis the season... 2 of 3 - to fast

Face it, you suck at fasting... and that's good. That's basically the message here. There's some stories of Ramon's work and Adrian's dad life. Those are worth listening for. But if you're here to read, then this is basically the end of the road. You've read this far, so why not ...   Show more

Episode 169: Ain't so bad 3 of 3 - We're Fine

Today we recorded with wild children playing in the background. Let's just say the editing was pretty involved. We also talked about: The importance of community; Choosing your tribe wisely; & Having an intentional tribe directed toward God. I mean, it's more than that; but you d ...   Show more

Episode 168: Ain't so bad 2 of 3 - You're Fine

As the crazy times continue, we continue this series of optimism and perseverance (or so we think). Today we bring our focus to the unnecessary negativity that people bring to our lives and the lives of others through this fashion of negativity perpetuated by a general dissatisfa ...   Show more

Ain't so bad 1 of 3 - I'm Fine

Times are crazy, people are crazy, America is burning... but it ain't so bad. Join us as we talk about it. Get your head out of the mainstream and take a stroll down... less mainstream. Adrian brought us some guy named Robert Spencer and a close to 2hr video titled: The only good ...   Show more

This is Shaggy...ween

Just in time for Halloween (aka all hallows eve), we have an episode that took years to come to fruition. A special edition of the dude|CATHOLIC podcast, featuring long time friend of the show and comic book artist: Mr. Andy "Shaggy" Korty. Hear as we dive deep into the genre of ...   Show more

This is Halloween 3 of 3 - Never forget

In this episode, we wrap up the series by talking about All souls day and our ties to the Mesoamerican tradition. So join us both here and on... Instagram: Twitter (we hardly go on Twitter): Facebook (we don't really m ...   Show more

This is Halloween 2 of 3 - Oh when the saints...

Today we talk about the saints, more or less and what we need to do to be in their number. So join us there and on... Instagram: Twitter (we hardly go on Twitter): Facebook (we don't really monitor facebook): www.faceb ...   Show more

This is Halloween 1 of 3 - Demonic

Boo! Oh, you're still here? We thought we scared you away. Since you're still here, might as well help us rebuild the audience the last mini-series has lost us by giving us a 5-star review and connect with us on: Instagram: Twitter (we hardly go on ...   Show more

Church & State 2 of 2

Aaaaaand we're back at it again with the episode that will close out the most political mini-series we will do for the next few years. Really not much to say that we will not say in the podcast, but let's just say we make it very clear that you cannot be both Catholic and Democra ...   Show more

Church & State 1 of 2

Today, Adrian and our special guest (and sacrificial lamb) Javier Sandoval, put some reasoning to the frustrations of Catholics who veer to the more traditional side of the spectrum. So join us as we talk about these frustrations and while we do not tell anyone how to vote, we do ...   Show more

The Engerish is Hawd 3 of 3 - It must be done

Evangelization is not something that must be done, but it must be done by you and it must be done by me. The dude|CATHOLIC podcast is free and will continue to be free. But do us a solid and give the dude|CATHOLIC podcast a 5-star review (just to mess with Ramon), a like, or what ...   Show more

The Engerish is Hawd 2 of 3 - Obstacles

This week we talk about the biggest obstacle to evangelization... you. Technically, me. But you get what I mean. Through the guise of three popular obstacles to evangelization; the dudes decide the biggest obstacle is themselves and a denial of the cross Christ has required us to ...   Show more

The Engerish is Hawd 1 of 3 - Where you're at

So we took a week off and no one noticed because everyone is busy trying to get back to the flow of things, kids going back to school, going back to teaching (online, but - whatever)... But back we are with a series about evangelization. This series was inspired by a friend and l ...   Show more

Outstanding 3 of 3 - The hard thing

Sometimes, in order to grow; we have to take the path of most resistance. There are instances in which you don't have to and you shouldn't... but we respect you too much intellectually to not make this episode about "what ifs." Instead, we talk about some challenging stuff that m ...   Show more

Outstanding 2 of 3 - Not for sale

In these days where social justice warriors abound, people seem to ignore the fact that slavery still exists. Today we talk about child sex-trafficking and the suffering of children. This is a specially difficult topic for us to talk about and one that society and at least the ma ...   Show more

Outstanding 1 of 3 - ... it should be me

"If someone was going to die; I thought it should be me." - Bridger Walker Not a soldier saving his brothers in arms (though we talk about that too), today we talk about choosing our tribe wisely and aiming to have the courage of this 6 year old boy who took on a vicious dog atta ...   Show more

dude|CATHOLIC Coach

Three rules: 1)Show up. 2)Show up on-time. 3)Do YOUR best. This and more as Coach Kramer Soderberg from Millikin University joins us to coach us to success in many areas of our lives. As men we at least know there are parallels between discipline and success in the field, court, ...   Show more

Know your worth king 3 of 3 - Purpose

Know your worth kings. You are on purpose, let's live in such a way that shows it. In all non-seriousness though, this podcast is free and will continue to be free (on purpose). But do us a solid and give the dude|CATHOLIC podcast a 5-star review. It'd be cool if you did. Also, c ...   Show more

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