Luvvie Jones | Overcoming the Enemy of Progress - Fear

Luvvie Jones | Overcoming the Enemy of Progre...

Positive Moment: Mindsets to Transform Your Life

In this short mind-week Positive Moment, bestselling author Jon Gordon shares several powerful mindsets that will transform your life.    

UFC's Michael Chandler | Mindset of a Champion

Today's guest on Positive University is Michael Chandler. Michael is a mixed martial artist currently competing in the UFC. This is a really amazing interview as Michael talks about the mentality of champion… and not just how to win but also how to bounce back when you don't. Thi ...   Show more

Chris Norton | The Power to Stand

Today Jon Gordon is joined by Chris Norton. Chris has a powerful story of perseverance, faith and overcoming. It’s a story that is going to touch your heart and embolden your spirit! Make sure you listen all the way through. If you enjoy this podcast, post on social and encourage ...   Show more

Jon Acuff | The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

Today on the Positive University Podcast, bestselling author Jon Acuff brings a powerful message that is going to help you overcome the thoughts that may be holding you back. Thoughts we all struggle with that can be changed by playing better soundtracks in your mind.    Grab a c ...   Show more

Positive Moment: The Power of Gratitude

Bestselling author Jon Gordon shares a short Positive Moment on Gratitude.  Share it with a friend!  

John Lee Dumas | A Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast! Today Jon is joined by John Lee Dumas, known as JLD. JLD is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire. With over 1 million monthly listens and over 100 million total listens of his 3000+ episodes, ...   Show more

Positive Moment: Seeking Happiness

Bestselling author Jon Gordon shares a short Positive Moment of inspiration on seeking happiness.  Share it with a friend!  

Scott Miller | Management Mess to Leadership Success

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Today Jon is joined by Scott Miller. Entering his twenty-third year with Franklin Covey, Scott serves as the executive vice president of thought leadership. Among his many other accomplishments, Scott is also the author of “Man ...   Show more

Roma Downey | A Message and Movie about Hope

Award-winning actress, producer, and writer, Roma Downey shares a message and movie about our greatest hope. Watch the movie trailer here:   Connect with Roma:   More ...   Show more

Ed Mylett - Finding Real Fulfillment

Get ready, because this one is going to blow you away! Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Today Jon is joined by our friend Ed Mylett. Beyond being extremely successful in business, Ed is also extremely successful in life. He’s a sought after speaker, author, pe ...   Show more

Elisabeth Hasselbeck | Living with Bigger Faith

On this episode of the Positive University Podcast, Jon Gordon is joined by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth is an Emmy Award-winning former talk show host, spending many years co-hosting The View. She’s also a and New York Times best-selling author, mom of three, and wife to ESPN ...   Show more

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough

Today, Jon is joined by Shane Kimbrough. Shane is a NASA astronaut who has been to space not just once but twice and is about to go for a 3rd time! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronaut, this episode is for you! Shane goes into detail about space flight, lesso ...   Show more

Jamie Kern Lima | Believe IT and Achieve the Impossible

Today, Jon Gordon is joined by our friend Jamie Kern Lima. If you don’t Jamie’s story, it’s super inspiring! Jamie is the founder of IT Cosmetics, which she grew into an international best-selling sensation, eventually selling the company for over a billion dollars to L’Oréal. Bu ...   Show more

Alan Smolinisky Co-owner, Los Angeles Dodgers | Achieving Your Dreams

Today, Jon is joined by Alan Smolinisky, entrepreneur, investor, and one of the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Alan shares what it was like being an immigrants son to eventually realizing his life long dream and what he's learned along the way… lessons like understanding the ...   Show more

Patrick Lencioni | Your Working Genius

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Jon is joined by bestselling author, Patrick Lencioni. Pat talks about how to find your genius and discover your natural talents at work. It's something that will help you not only in your work but also all throughout your life ...   Show more

ESPN’s Wright Thompson on Becoming a Master of Your Craft

Jon Gordon is joined by Wright Thompson. Wright is a senior writer for ESPN and the bestselling author of The Cost of These Dreams, along with his new book Pappyland. Just as Pappyland is an intriguing title, Wright is an intriguing guy. This is an episode all about becoming a ma ...   Show more

Antonio Neves | How to Find Fulfillment and a Bolder, Happier You

Jon Gordon is joined by Antonio Neves. Antonio is an internationally recognized speaker, success coach, and award-winning journalist. He’s also the author of the brand new book, "Stop Living on Autopilot: Take Responsibility for Your Life and Rediscover a Bolder, Happier You.” To ...   Show more

Optimize Your Gut Health with Fermented Foods

Jon Gordon is joined by Lauren Mones. Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Fermenting Fairy. They produce functional probiotic foods and beverages that are unique and have the cleanest labels in the industry. This episode is all about how to optimize your gut health with fermented fo ...   Show more

Mike Ryan | 26 Year NFL Head Athletic Trainer on Developing Health of a Champion

Today Jon Gordon is joined by our friend, Mike Ryan. Mike is a sports medicine specialist with 26 years NFL experience as a Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist with the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants. He's also an author of the new book "Foam Rolling for Dummie ...   Show more

Mark Batterson | 7 Habits to Help You Win the Day

If you want to live your life to the fullest in the New Year, this is for you! In this episode Jon Gordon talks with our good friend, Mark Batterson. Mark is a bestselling author, speaker and the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington DC. Today Mark shares lessons ...   Show more

A Message of Hope: Essential Ways to Overcome Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

Our episode today is a special message of HOPE. It’s actually the replay from a recent webinar where Jon Gordon shared essential ways to overcome fear, anxiety and stress. We received so many emails from LIVE attendees saying how much it helped them and asking to share it that we ...   Show more

Jay Glazer | Battling Depression and Developing an Unbreakable Mindset

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. On this episode Jon is joined by Jay Glazer.Jay is a larger than life personality with big heart and iron will. He's one of the cast members of FOX NFL Sunday and Ballers on HBO. He’s also the founder of MVP: Merging vets and p ...   Show more

The Power is On the Inside | Damon West

This year has felt like we’re living in pot of boiling water. So many challenges. So much adversity. But here’s the thing, when placed in the pot, an Egg is hardened. A Carrot is weakened. Don’t be like either. Instead be like the coffee bean. It transforms the water into somethi ...   Show more

Amplify Your Leadership | Ed Mylett and Jon Gordon

Today we have something very special for you. This episode is actually sharing an episode of Ed Mylett's podcast interview with Jon Gordon. If you don't know who Ed Mylett is... look him up and follow him. He's a phenomenal leader, influencer and wealth of great content that will ...   Show more

The Third Option | Miles McPherson

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Today Jon is joined by Miles McPherson. Miles, a former NFL player, is the Senior Pastor of the Rock Church and Academy in San Diego, California. There's a lot of great wisdom for life that Miles shares in this episode as Jon a ...   Show more

Rewire Your Brain from Negative to Positive with Gratitude

A special Thanksgiving message from Jon Gordon on the power of gratitude to transform your life. Share with your family and friends!  

David Nurse | Pivot and Go, Developing a Mindset to Thrive

On this episode Jon Gordon is joined by David Nurse. Besides being a stellar human with massive positive energy, David is an NBA life and optimization coach, celebrated author, and worldwide motivational speaker. During this conversation Jon and David talk about the strategies Da ...   Show more

Anya Fernald | Revolutionizing the Meat You Eat

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Today, Jon is joined by Anya Fernald. Anya is the co-founder and CEO of Belcampo. Belcampo was founded with a purpose to create meat that’s good for people, the planet and animals. What started as one mom's desire to feed her f ...   Show more

Dr. Denham | The Benefits of Hyperbaric Healing

Have you heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapies to heal all types of conditions from burns to traumatic brain injuries? That's what we’re talking about on this episode of The Positive University Podcast. Jon Gordon is joined by Dr. Daphne Denham. Dr. Denham is a general surgeon wit ...   Show more

Dr. Maroon | Increasing Longevity, Reducing Inflammation, and Improving Overall Health

Jon is joined by Dr. Jospeh Maroon. He's a clinical professor and vice chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In addition to being a renowned neurosurgeon, he is a sports medicine expert, the team neurosurgeon for the Pi ...   Show more

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