Raising Resilient Kids

Raising Resilient Kids

The Work-Life Balance Myth

Kaanji and Tara discuss why work life balance doesn't exist and how they handle being working mothers.  They share the stress of being pulled in many different directions and how they keep their priorities in check.  The conversation takes a vulnerable turn as they uncover a ...   Show more

And Justice For All: A Conversation about Racial Justice

On this poignant episode, Kaanji and Tara share their initial reactions and thoughts on George Floyd's murder and the guilty verdict handed down against his killer.  Their conversation centers on how their lives have been forever changed by George Floyd's murder in May ...   Show more

Raising Muslim Kids in America

What's it like to raise a Muslim child in American society? This week, we are joined by Dr. Shazia Anwar, a physician, certified life coach and community builder.  Listen in as Kaanji and Tara have an enlightening and honest conversation with Shazia about the challenges, opp ...   Show more

Talking Athletics and Antiracism w/ Kelly Walker

This week, we are joined by Kelly Walker, host of the sports-focused podcast, Hustle & Pro.  We chat about why involving our kids in youth sports benefits their overall development, how to navigate challenges of a demanding extracurricular schedule, and finding the right activity ...   Show more

Building a Fierce Friend Circle w/Emily Siegel

 Kaanji and Tara welcome Connection Coach Emily Siegel to the podcast this week to talk about the importance of friendships and connection.  They discuss their difficulties with creating new friendships and why connected relationships are so important to all of us.  They discuss ...   Show more

Body Positivity and Radical Self Love

Kaanji and Tara have a vulnerable conversation this week about their complicated relationships with food and their bodies.  Listen as they each share their stories of when they first internalized the idea that they weren't enough as they were and how having adolescent kids i ...   Show more

Mom, What's For Dinner? With Stacie Billis & Meghan Splawn

 Kaanji and Tara talk to the co-hosts of Didn't I Just Feed You about the struggle with feeding our families and establishing healthy food relationships.  What was meant to be a conversation about picky eaters and meal planning turns into an amazing and insightful conversati ...   Show more

Get Your Pretty On w/Alison Lumbatis

 Kaanji and Tara sit down with Alison Lumbatis, style guru and founder of Get Your Pretty On, the go-to resource for inclusive fashion inspiration and lifestyle advice.  Listen as Alison explains her journey from engineer to blogger to entrepreneurship, helping over 30,000 discov ...   Show more

Mom, What is A Hate Crime?

This episode, Kaanji and Tara discuss the rise in violence in Asian-American communities and talk about how we can educate and inform our kids about hate crimes, racism and discrimination.  Our hosts talk about how we can work together to ensure safety for all of our kids and off ...   Show more

Surviving Snovid

 This episode, Kaanji and Tara share their experiences surviving the Texas winter storm that resulted in record low temps, historic snowfalls, statewide power outages, school closings, and more uncertain times! Our hosts chat about how the experience brought their parenting skill ...   Show more

Mom, Can I Say The N** Word?

Mom, Can I Say The N** Word?  In this deeply raw and honest episode, Kaanji and Tara discuss the N word and how they have addressed the use of this word in their homes and with their families.  The discussion turns deeply personal as Kaanji discusses one of her experiences with r ...   Show more

Positive Parenting w / Alexis Maycock

 Do you find yourself repeating negative parenting patterns with your kids and want to break the cycle? This week, Kaanji and Tara sit down with positive parenting expert, Alexis, as she shares the pillars of this parenting style, how to incorporate positive parenting in your lif ...   Show more

How We Celebrate Black History Month

 Kaanji and Tara share how they celebrate and teach Black History to their kids and use February as Black History Month as a starting point for these conversations. Listen to the end of this powerful episode for our special tribute to Black legends, Henry "Hank" Aaron and Cicely ...   Show more

Breaking News

Podcast Family, listen up! Are you ready  to listen to bonus episodes and support keeping this podcast ad-free? Well, you can now join our exclusive private, patreon community and support this show! Check out this quick update and a sneak peek at some of the behind-the-scenes con ...   Show more

What About Your Friends?

 This week, Kaanji and Tara get real about why so few women have friendships across racial lines. We share some life experiences and shine a light on why it is important  for moms to expand  our friendships across color lines.  Listen in as we open up and try to understand how ra ...   Show more

Sign of the Times

 Listen in as we talk about the language of love - sign language - with special guest Elise Tate, CEO & author of Sign Me Up for a Happy Home. This week, Kaanji and Tara chat with Elise, as she opens up about her life as an NFL wife, mothering 2 toddlers, and her diverse and incl ...   Show more

It's All About the Benjamins: Kids & Financial Literacy

This week's episode is all about dollars and sense.  Join us as we discuss how to talk with kids about money, budgets and financial responsibility, and how to break a cycle of financial chaos in your family.  The Motherhood and Black and White Podcast is a weekly conversatio ...   Show more

Our Year in Review

A new year is the perfect time for reflection and goal-setting.  This week, tune in for a mini-episode as we recap of our favorite moments from 2020 and share some of our goals for 2021. Listen to find out how Tara's New Year's Eve celebration inspired her 2021 Word of ...   Show more

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Join us for our first annual Joyous Kwanzaa Celebration.  First, Kaanji and Tara discuss the history, practice and principles of Kwanzaa.  And later, we are joined by Kaanji's mom for a special, virtual Kwanzaa candle lighting ceremony. Listen and learn how to explain Kwanza ...   Show more

A Few of Our Favorite Things

 Looking to get in the holiday spirit? Grab your winter drink of choice and tune into Kaanji and Tara’s joyous jingle-jangling chat about their favorite parts of Christmas! Find out their favorite holiday music, movies, memories, and moments, and get some ideas for inclusive gift ...   Show more

Never Have We Ever...

Have you ever forgotten your kid's birthdate?  Have you ever lied about your kid's age to get that child discount?  This week, Kaanji and Tara get to know each other a little better by playing Never Have I Ever - the Mom Edition!  Listen to this joy-inducing episode and ...   Show more

The Gift of Giving: Instilling Generosity in Our Kids (with Vanessa M. Sanford)

This time of year is all about gifts, giving, and generosity. But this week’s guest mom, licensed therapist Vanessa M. Sanford, challenges us to think bigger.  How do we nurture generosity in our kids while appreciating and acknowledging the generosity they already have? Vanessa ...   Show more

Pass the Mic

It's a Family Affair this episode as Kaanji and Tara take a break and pass the mic to their sons, Roman and Gage, and their college intern Tevah. This episode gives us the chance to see our hosts like never before (and maybe never again, since one son said his mom isn’t funn ...   Show more

Why We Should Express Gratitude

Over the Wi-fi and Through the Zoom, Thanksgiving 2020 is Here!  Grab a bite to eat and join us for this delicious, sorry, delightful Thanksgiving episode! Kaanji and Tara dish on their favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions, and share what they're grateful for this y ...   Show more

A Conversation With Gretchen Carlson

In this episode, we catch up and chat with journalist, author, nonprofit founder, and mother, Gretchen Carlson. You may know Gretchen as a former Miss America and the courageous woman who has been a leading voice in speaking out about workplace harassment. But you may not know wh ...   Show more

Raising Kidpreneurs

This week we break tradition.  We welcome our first kids to the show! Be inspired by both kidpreneurs' desires to share their experiences and uplift others. Meet Madison, 7-year old author with big dreams and a bigger heart, and Milo, a fearless 13-year old coding expert ...   Show more

The Mompostor Syndrome

Do you ever show up at work and feel like a fraud? Like you have to pretend your job is more important than your family? And then, when you come home, like you have to be a supermom? This one is for you.  This episode Kaanji and Tara get real about facing imposter syndrome, pay d ...   Show more

We are Survivors

One in 8 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.  This week, runner, mom and coach, Shaluinn Fullove, shares her previvor story and talks about having a Champion mindset.  Coach Shal's story of strength and courage teaches us all about navigating ...   Show more

Talking Politics and Puberty w/ Child Counselor Jenny Gomez

Talking Politics and Puberty w/ Child Counselor Jenny GomezWith just over 2 weeks before the election, the news cycle and social media are dominated by partisan issues and rhetoric and our kids notice.  How can we engage them in positive, meaningful discussions? This week, Kaan ...   Show more

Mommy Wine Culture

This week Kaanji and Tara discuss Mommy Wine Culture and how each of them views the sometimes hilarious, other times problematic messaging that women receive about the role that alcohol plays in their motherhood journey.  They each share some of the funniest memes and marketing t ...   Show more

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